Police shooting in Alberta killed Puri


Deu Raj Puri,26, was shot dead by Lethbridge Regional Police Sunday night in his residence in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

File photo : Deu Raj Puri (Courtesy : Khagendra Ghimirey, Beldangi-II)

The deceased was under influence of alcohol and had disturbingly threatened to the family members with a knife in his right hand.

He also had a bruise on his left hand at the time when police came, report from Lethbridge states. The police was called by his father Dilliram, who is not very fluent in English.

When the police came to the rescue of family, Deu Raj was lying in a couch with the knife still in his hand. According to the report BNS received, the police ordered the deceased to put down the weapon, but he paid no heed to the warrant.

Two policemen fired the gun. The police defended themselves for firing citing their safety as the reason to shoot, Bhutanese living in Lethbridge say.

After he was dead, the police took the body.

Meanwhile, Hem Lal Timsina, the president of Canadian Bhutanese Society in Alberta said that the growing community is worried about such actions from police. ‘We are very sad to have this incident’, he said to the local media.

The dead body is taken to Calgary for postmortem while the Puri family is sheltered in a hotel (Econolodge) by the Family Services of Alberta as the family members do not want to return to the house where shooting took place says the report.

The Puri family which arrived in Alberta in November 2011 is still under the benefit provided by the Family Services, the caretaker of resettled refugees.

A verbal report from Alberta informed BNS that Deu Raj was caught by police for some offenses two or three times earlier too.

The family is not much educated and some members are mentally disturbed too. There is always a kind of minor scuffle in the family building up time to time, one informed BNS over the phone.


  1. hey our young folks should learn how to live. They need USA, canada etc are far different world than refugee camp. Other young folks should from this invited death. It could happen agian somewhere else. These young folks should learn these following things
    what is a felony?
    how does one felony can affect his future?
    what are the powers of the law enforcement officials?
    If a law enforcement gives a warrent what he should do?
    What can a law enforccement official do if the they found with the possession of weapons?

    There are many more such questions………….
    Young folks should learn to realize that they are no more in refugee camps, should learn to behave!

  2. terrible news ,mr puri should not have to be saade in Home giving problems in family members and also he should not have to act the way he did to the POLICE . I thank police are not in any problem because police saved their parent by killing 26 years young boy.
    But this is very terrible for puri family and bhutanese refugees in around world.

  3. I am very sad to learn this all what had happened in Canada as I understand all the trodden are luckless. It is the reality that occurred in Puri family. As per the live people the boy of 26 had a knife in his hand to demoralize him police do so what a cruel deed it means the polices are not well equipped and trained other wise armed force can rescue the victims by any mean without shooting. It proved that the police are not deeply concerned with the security of refugees who are been brought to the nation. I hope the Canadian govt. will provide relief and justice to the shocked family and would like to express heartfelt condolence to Deuraj Puri and power to tolerate the mourning to the family members.

  4. Given that he was assulting the family and police with a dangerous weapon, and not obeying the police’s command, he must be shooted and taken to the jail and court but police must have shot him on legs but not kill him, he or evrybdy who does such crime must be punished but sud be shot on legs to immobilise him and arresrt but sud not be shot dead! However its lesson for all to learn not to be abusive, be good.

  5. It is a very sad and tragic incident. I can totally understand that family and the Bhutanese community are angry and looking for answers as to what happened that fateful night. We have full faith in Canadian justice system. This could have very well happened to a Canadian who was born and brought up in Canada. Let’s not assume that it happened to Deu raj just because he is a Newly arrived Bhutanese refugee.

  6. You don’t need to be educated to know how to live in a civilized and peaceful way. The problem with the majority of our people is that they forget where they come from. Here you have a chance to start a new life earn money feed your families in a place that will give you a better life then where you once lived.

    But instead the younger youth choose to drink and cause mis-chief. The bad thing is you can do a 1000 things right and when you do one thing wrong no one will ever forget.

    This young man was hurting his own family if he was such a great person and well behaved ask your self if why his family called the police not on just 1 occasion but on several occasions. After knowing these facts do you still think this young man is innocent? Everything happens for a reason.

    *He was drinking and he was drunk. He had to much to drink his behavior got out of hand. Some people don’t know how to control their alcohol if you can drink in a peaceful way then you shouldn’t be drinking. Because he was drinking he could control himself nor did he obey any authorities. They asked him to put down the knife and he refused. Do you really think that he did not understand put down the knife? When officers normally apprehend a suspect they use hand jesters and tell them to place the weapon down. He must of attacked or approach them in a way they felt they were in dangered. This is the result for his actions.

    Instead of blaming the police and labling him as a victim try to place your self as the officers. They are there to protect and they were doing there job.

    quote” The deceased was under influence of alcohol and had disturbingly threatened to the family members with a knife in his right hand.

    There you have it he was threatning his family members.

    You don’t have to fear the police but you have to educate your children. You need to seek help for your children not to drink & abuse drugs.

  7. its not fair that police did, they should shoot in the place he wouldn’t die and verified the case.police should know he had drinks and they were not.police should have a power of holding any kind of critical events in right way. puri family wants the protection not the death of son.
    police should take him to the custody and send him to rehabilitation center that he can avoid drinking.