Police recover AK 47 cartridges from exploded check-post


An investigation team of the Royal Bhutan Police has found four empty cartridges of AK 47 riffle, with effective range of 400 meter, at Kharbandi check-post. The check post was reportedly explored by the United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan (URFB) on Friday evening.

The police team that cordoned the check-post for investigation into an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) explosion on Sunday concluded that an “unidentified group” exploded the device after opening fire at security constables.

The bullet-injured police personnel is being treated in the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital in the capital city Thimphu, according to reports.

According to initial findings, the explosion “blew-off a part of the office’s walls and pillars made of bamboo sheets”.


  1. Security personals never stays alone in the cheek posts especially in night duties. Infact there were four police personals during the attack which three of them killed on the spot by the URFB cadres and one got serious injuries. RGOB is trying to misguide the media.


  2. @ Karma
    Its not bad as such to have determination on fighting against injustice meted on Bhutanese citizens by RGOB. Everyone knows very hard life people are passing here and handful of people(elites) enjoying the vast resources.
    But, the way how you have defended the incident at P/ling and still telling your cedars killed three police personnel and injured one. What justice you wanna give to the people by killing those policemen?. They are serving the nation as per the order they receive from above. Why don’t you compel those in power to listen your intention? For sure there was only one injured and is getting treatment. I do pray for his speedy recovery. Do you too? For ‘wounded solder is no more enemy”.
    So if ever you wanna be a leader of people please do stop killing those innocent servants of the nation. Fight directly if you can with the regime and bring them to the public.

  3. How in earth could you compel those in power to listen your intention- ? It might be possible in a fiction, not in reality.

    Armies and police of people are there to protect people, but those of regime are there to safeguard and protect the regime!


  4. Congratulations to the cadres of United Revolutionary Front of Bhutan for hitting the blind rented servants of one of the world’s most brutal regime. Tens of hundreds of such attacks all over Bhutan continuously may lead the regime understand that this problem if not solved can complicate its own existence. It is clear that the exiled Bhutanese will work for the overall benefit of their home if they are given justice. All the real advocates of democracy, equality, justice and the rule of law should teach the lesson to make an environment of co-existence. BNS I hope will serve as our first great media to disseminate information on the developments of this sort.

  5. Mony y u say no good? It that should be happen in in Bhutan and will happen.
    We try many times to back in our kingdom, we did not aganist the king at the te
    But he did not want to allow us to be in our country.
    Now he is the king but sure they will not In future if they doing so coz world knows
    The reality and the victims are getting the help around the world.

  6. Non violence movement of Gandhiji and Sir Mendla is respected by the world community.
    Violent movement is called terrorism and Binladen was killed like dog. I fear Such henious crime committed by ULFB may lose international support for refugees settlement.

  7. Do not always chant the mantras of Gandhi ji and Mandela, we know they were heros in their situation, but it doesn’t mean that their principles always success in every situation!

    In-fact we are the solid example to prove that!

    How much have we had waited for peace, understanding, and bilateral talks ? 20 +years —–, So far what was the outcome? JSW is still in the palace, Dago Tshering is still alive.

    Still today, a fraction of population have power and control over the nation. What about the rest of us? What about our Sharshops and other minorities in the East, and West part of the country. What about those refugee friends from South ? Aren’t they our people, which is our 1/6 th part of population ?

    That is why, it is time to decide to march, and while marching for revolution, both strategies- peace protest and violent protest should be implemented observing the reaction. Otherwise the mantra of Gandhiji and Mandela would make us fail.

    Go ahead ULFB – We pure SHARSHOPS are always for change and freedom!


  8. Gobsmacker,

    If you have brave man you should come forward. The killing of innocent fellow citizen,destroying public properties is a coward act, thats why we are stiil at the same place we where in 20 years ago.No body support us.
    We are acting like terroriest/criminals.. and such act will bring bad image to the Bhutanese refugees in foreign countries.
    I fear that, increasing of killings and bomb blast activities in the name of bhutanese refugees may force host countries to send back refugees from their countries.

  9. My friend, appreciate your response! However, do you mean we all need to still agree with what our Wangchuck Dynasty are provoking in our country? Do you think Wangchuck Dynasty is only one dynasty to protect and prosper our country. We all Bhutanese are equally important for the country.

    Only thing we are asking is to be free from the dynasty system of government. All we need is freedom and Human rights.

    How come hunting a snake protecting the palace is coward act? How come destroying the Wangchucks’ property is equivalent to destroying public property?

    The fact is if this system of Dynasty ruling ends from our country, and if power is given to people there is nothing to scared and concerned about revolution or people movement.

    My last question why are you being so kind to those Bhutanese refugees in western country? Be open minded my dear, those people never ever would be kicked out by host country. Because they respect the people freedom, people demand, and civil rights.

    please do not divert the concept of people revolution to ill minded concept of killing and bombing activities only. It is all about people want for freedom and civil rights.

  10. Come forward for what? We know the conspiracy of evil people, after all to put our fellow partners in life long prison, or to shoot them and dump away.

    Next, you mean we sharshops launch war and civil disobedience for 20 years and no body support us? Infact, no body support us because we keep on accepting and faithfully aggrying the order of Wangchuck Dynasty.

    Third, I am still confused why shamelessly are you having sympathy over those Bhutanese refugees in western countries? Come out of the Jungle and cave- Those host country respect- Human rights, freedom, diversity, and public demand.

    How the hell you know those people(bhutanese refugee) would be send back from those host country? Remember those people are no any more in Bhutan, so do not highlight your useless thoughts remaining here inside a isolated country. Those countries atleast treats people like people not like our country which makes its own people refugee.

    Friend, so called Bardewa, do not show you abused and corrupted face in this publication being bribed from Wanchuck Dynasty. Do not ever try to underthink people revolution as terrorism and crime.

    What about the crime done by Wangchuck Dynasty and other around the palace? What about the crime done on Southern people? What about the crime done to the several reincarnation of Zhabdrung (ཞབས་དྲུང)? What about the crime done to our Sharshop youths and minors? What about the crime done to our several monks?

    Blood of Sharshop

  11. The killing of innocent people/bomb blast/kidnapping/looting is a terroriest act and most of the host countries has become victim of terrorist attack.So I fear that, they do not entertain people having back ground of terrorist activities.

  12. Hey Bardewa, your comments reflect that you are a grandson of Jigme. If not, why did not you ever mentioned about the hareshment and torture that have been enforced towards our minorities and specially Sharshop? Why did not you mention about Jigme who made our people suffering for more than 20+ years?

    It is well know, how capitalistic, autocratic and absolute ruling power try to jeopardize and degrade the pure sprite of people revolution and war?

    And here, every one can infer that your are also in same circle to misinterpret people’s movement and people’s war as terrorism and vandalism. But remember, people are already aware about the need of freedom and dignity. So better be ready to face or defence people revolution in Bhutan, and we are ready to support them financially and socially.

    Other wise, one day you will be killed like Gaddhafi!

    Back Snake

  13. Ya, I like the idea of Black snake. Talking about human rights, democracy, freedom through revolution. Changes are sure to come as no one can stop people’s aspiration from realisation. Bhutanese people are very patritic enough to give everything to protect sovereignty, integrity and while at the same time enjoying basic human rights and freedom. The bomb explosions are only a representative of the inner blood thats already boiling within and out the country. In the post modern era of development feudalism of all nature shall be demolished and uprooted from this planet. All the Bhutanese are alike and we should not fight among ourselves in pity issues. Our common enemy is the one who thinks that he/she is ‘more equal’ in the eye of unbiased law. Our common enemy is the one who by misinterpretation of religion, culture, community and alike sticks forever in power to miuse the common property of mankind in that territory.
    The unfair feudal machanisms are exploited to increase human suffering while a handful of hooligans rule the country. So the need to establish a formal revolutionary army is a must to curtail the existence of unpopular rhetoric of the erstwhile philosophy of dynasty and monarchy. People should be freely and fairly allowed to make their own laws. This does not come spontaneously but needs revolution. Wangchuks have hurt Sarchhop community enough. The South Bhutanese have been branded ‘anti national’, ngolops, non nationals ,while those are the people have have been citizens by birth, and their only error was their peaceful expression to continue their own cultures at private places.

    We must plan well unitedly and firmly to establish a common revolutionary army to protect the general public of Bhutan.

    @ Sangay “But, the way how you have defended the incident at P/ling and still telling your cedars killed three police personnel and injured one. What justice you wanna give to the people by killing those policemen?”.
    URFB cadres’ aim is not to harm the innocent peoples’ in general. But these policeman and those in the service of the Bhutan monarchies are the pillars that supported the evil designs of the Wangchuks which evicted a full nation of people. So in any revolution we must first remove each and every pillar no matter of its size that supports the core culprit. Its take time and it is huge effort that we need to invest especially in Bhutan whose existence is not by its own people. So to make the Wangchuks, really the peoples’ kings supports must be from all sections of the people of Bhutan.
    Be aware all the supporters of the Wangchuks! Wangchuuks will be popularly loved all the people if they correct themselves even now. Your pride to construct hydro power alone does not bear meaning if you do not solve this refugee issue at the shortest possible time. The truth can never be hidden.

  14. Bardewa- Get out the hell. You are still in a cave. Get out and See the world it is dam beautiful. Life is not only about “Gho and Khira”, it is more than that, it is way different then you ever imagine.

    Agree me. If not one day you will regret as your uncle- JSW.

    Your well wisher