Police intervene hunger striker women


A special squad of Nepali Police from Damak today intervened into hunger striker women and “forcefully” lifted three of them up into AMDA ambulance following their denial to admit in the hospital.

Nepal Police personnel apply force on hunger striker women in Beldangi-II, Sunday

Those hospitalized by the police including team Coordinator Durga Devi Bista, Ira Maya Khatri and Tulasha Dhakal, Armed Police Force (APF) Inspector Bijendra Rimal confirmed.

“We were compelled to hospitalize them forcefully considering their deteriorating heath conditions,” Inspector Rimal said. “We requested them to get hospitalized but they refused, compelling us to book them into an ambulance forcefully.”

However, exiled Bhutanese and agitating women have accused police and APF personnel of forcefully intervening into the situation to bring the ongoing protest to an end.

“We are here to die. We don’t want the authority to fool us in the name of medical treatment,” Bista said, as she was being taken in the ambulance, Sunday afternoon.

Talking to the Bhutan News Service over phone, Coordinator Bista vowed to continue the fast-onto-death despite challenges the group has been facing.



  1. Hoina yo nepal ko police nai hun ki kunai chor, bhut, daka hun? When i watch this vedio it makes me shocked especially when child cry a lot . They forcefully took the womens that’s out of limit and out of law. I know there is no any law even they have it nobody follow.

  2. Good! I appreciate the work of police force… It shows that the patient’s autonomy is violated but beneficence, maleficence and social justice seem to be prima facie… Yes euthanasia has not been passed by law in Nepal so they are right to intervene in this circumstances.

  3. this is an totally unjust-ice by Nepal government by using power this video show that how the situation of Bhutanese refugee in camp. instate of giving right of their identity they are forcefully banning the movement ,where is democracy of Nepal,where is human right origination,where is camps youth ,where is literature person of camp and people we in aborts ,where is UNHCR ,i would like to convince all my friends in foreign country to rise the voice against the injustice and help our fellow countrymen to get their right and identity.

  4. I always stand for longings for living rather than dying for demand, now here I presume the use of force by Nepali police seems right from a moral perspective of living a life. I have watched the video and the sobbing child too, but when his/ her mother does not remain alive who is taking inition to rear him/ her. Is this not a concern?? Again, the mother’s best interest is violated but what about the do no harm to people, right to live, policy??
    I do support for what has been doing but in the name of demand fasting to death shall not be an option.

  5. Biki, a traumatized child let loose his mouth on the situation of hopelessness as his judgment failed to rationalize between the action of his mother and the police force on duty. If he knew to take side with the police, he would cheer to see his mother dragged. The child’s attachment to his mother however made him feel helpless on witnessing the struggle against the police force on duty that his mother was losing. Do you have to chide OUR GENERATION because of this state?
    Is this not the evidence of RUST on the CROWN and the state of dilapidation on the THRONE OF JUSTICE that caused the problem witnessed in the video? I think the responsibility for this situation should rest on the cause: THE BHUTANESE REFUGEES CRISIS to be more specific. If that were a humanitarian situation, the party that was responsible for its creation would settle with willingness. But this is a political problem that took its form by political will of a sovereign state in which this child and his mother are victims, letting the slogan of happiness going uninterrupted back home.
    Do you still rebuke the helpless child retaining his senses and our generation, in his name? The child may not have known whom to blame but “Mari dinchu, sala…. “ seem to be the last resort to solve the problem. Now even a child that suffered as VICTIM knows it.

    Dear BNS Moderator, please treat this one as edited form of the earlier ones and retain rejecting the earlier ones.
    Thank You.