Police freed exiled youth from captivity


A special squad of Nepal Police successfully freed one exiled Bhutanese from Sarlahi district of Nepal where Nepalese nationals made him a hostage for five days.

Radha Krishna Neopane (Picture courtesy : His Facebook)

Police have identified the Sanischare-based youth as Radha Krishna Neopane, an eleventh grade student from Nepal Darsan Higher Secondary School at Urlabari.

Police raided a house owned by Rajdev Chaudhary at Barathwa of Sarlahi and rescued the youth, arresting accused abductors Birendra Kumar Yadav, Suresh Chaudhary and Rajdev Chaudhary.

Yadav, who presented himself as a husband of Neopane’s resettled sister Sabi, was threating the victim’s family after he knew that his alleged wife was resettled in America some five months before.

Yadav also reportedly claimed that he had developed an affair with Sabi while he was working as a supervisor in one of construction sites in Sanischare, and later adopted her as his second wife.

However, the Nepaopane family refuted such accusations saying Sabi didn’t have any kind of relationship with Yadav.

The victim also informed BNS over telephone that abductors tied has limbs for over 24 hours, even not allowing to attend the nature’s call. “They provided me plastic bags for passing stool and urine, instead,” Radha Krishna said.

While, one of his relative said Yadav had been treating and demanding a huge money since longtime. It is learnt that he was even making frequent calls to Sabi, whom BNS couldn’t reach for her comments.


  1. Chaudharys and Yadavs (Indian clans/titles) acting as Thugs in Nepal are projected to be NEPALESE NATIONALS and the Nepali man Radha Krishna Neopane shown as poor CAPTIVE in their power. What a scene! How long will it go that way?

    Thanks to the success of Nepal Police this time. But how long will they (Nepal Police) retain this power to be able to deliver Nepali captives from the clutches of Indian Thugs in Nepal? Who brought this curse on Nepal and the Nepalese people? This shows that Nepalese people have to revert back to Monarchical tradition even by seating Monarch from among loyal Ethnic Nepali National as President for lifetime… Is there other better way as workable solution for safety of Nepal and Nepalese people? ….