Police arrest over a dozen of asylum seekers from Beldangi


A special squad of Nepal Police from Damak arrested over a dozen of Bhutanese asylum seekers, who were staging a peaceful protest, from Beldangi-II refugee camp this afternoon.

BNS File Photo : Nepal police personnel arrest Bhutanese asylum seekers

“We are being detained at Damak Police Station,” the group’s Coordinator, Purna Gautam, told Bhutan News Service, from the detention center.

According to Gautam, police intervened into their peaceful protest and seized banners and placards before arresting and loading them in a police van.

“No means will stop our protest for refugee identity,” added Gautam, who also accused the police authority of seizing their mobile phones.

Repeated attempts from the BNS failed to reach out to Inspector Hari Khatiwada for his comments on the arrest.

Some 174 asylum seekers have been demanding recognition of their refugee status, as enjoyed by their fellow countrymen.


  1. Its so disgusting to know that some consider BECOMING REFUGEE and having that identity recognized as a privilege. Is it a BIG THING both to recognize and receive such title as REFUGEE?

    While some became REFUGEES because they had no other option, others choose to take this title of humility of statelessness by force, demanding for the status!!

  2. Dear Jigme and Ram Bahadur Lamchanay Gurung!

    I know you people are advocates of Wangchucks. What you idiot have to say about Tibetan refugee. Do you think many Chinese have faked to become Tibetan refugee?

    Please feel the sentiments of poor Bhutanese! Don’t be biased.

  3. Ramesh,

    Why you are angry ? if some body brings the facts in the public/media. You can not deny that, there are fake refugee, you can not say that , genuine refugee are not selling refugee documents to Nepali citizen in order to go abroad.
    such facts are published in news papers as well as Bhutannewsservice..