Police arrest Nepali-turned-Bhutanese


Damak, October 14: Damak-based Nepal Police arrested five persons including former camp secretary of Beldangi-II camp, Deoraj Pradhan yesterday evening from a local lodge.

Police arrested Pradhan along with Makar Bahadur Gurung of Beldangi-II sector I-I/78 and three other Nepali nationals registered in Gurung’s hut.

Inspector Nabin Karki told Bhutan News Service that a special task force arrested Phadendra Gurung and Rudra Bahadur Gurung of Dhankutta, and Uttam Gurung of Gongabu, Kathmandu from a lodge following a tip-off.

According to police sources, Pradhan played a leading role in registering those Nepali citizens in Gurung’s hut and are receiving ration since eight months.

By Arjun Pradhan


  1. Sending Non-Bhutanese to western countries in the name of Bhutanese refugee has remained a lucrative business to some selfish Bhutanese for over a decade. Few such Bhutanese with the vested interest played a duel role of refugee leadership and an agent to send Non-Bhutanese to the western countries in the name of Bhutanese. Such an illegal approach from some evil minded Bhutanese in the past had tainted the legitimacy of the Bhutanese refugees in the eye of the international community.
    Since the very beginning RGOB was watching the activities of the refugees from every corner and found this loophole longtime back and claimed that all the refugees registered in the camp are not the Bhutanese. In fact, what RGOB claimed was true; as such the facts are coming out. It is not apt to point out somebody’s mistake if we ourselves are not in the right track.
    Finally culprits are on the police net and more should be in line if money does not play foul with the law.

  2. Hey!!
    This is something people need to recollect of the past. I cannot point out now who might have tryied to convince the innocent ones that Deoraj and his close alies were projected as good people. He used to play cards and otherwise wait in the wineshop in his work hours to let his supposed to be clients (whatever amount they may present though) come and deal with him (all fraud to do). People with difficulties, meaning those who are not ligal or who have failed to attain the legal process would certainly come to him for his negotiation. His advantages were excessible hand with Dr Rai who runs a clinic at Damak and some others , we may talk in later issues.

    I have come across meeting him few times during my visit to his camp, sat with him several times. My reading on him may not cover all but he is something to study if people want to be educated with frudgery. Woh!! You will do your PHD if you can dig things from Deoraj. It will be a better degree . I agree that he deserves to go and go under bars. He is telent, get to agree.


  3. A wolf in sheep’s clothing must be penalized so as to expidiate the smooth
    walk ahead.they should be made aware of the fact that tha thing is illegal to
    everyone who has no experience of the horrible life in the camp.the camp managers are to be elected so purely that they don’t betray their fellow BHUTANESE whatever N whenever.we should look for clean people to assist
    our people.Politics in the camp must be stopped coz that is not going to help us unless we stand on our own.we appreciate n thank the gov of Nepal
    for their great job to arrest the illegal activists.they must be behind the bar so that others may not dare to go ahead with the same story.DON’T ever try to get PHD degree from Mr.Deoraj for he deserves to go behind the bar N our degree will be invalid for good.