Thinley says, Lhotshampas are economic refugees


Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley has tagged exiled citizens as “hordes of economic refugees” stating that the Lhotshampa were or are not Bhutanese, that they came.

PM Thinely

Speaking to reporters in New York on Thursday claimed that Bhutan became an attractive destination to people driven from their homes by ecological issues, economic and political instability, mostly coming from one particular country, Nepal, online edition of Inner City Post reported today.

Thinley further told reporters that that it’s “showing signs of a durable solution, Nepal and Bhutan are engaged in dialogue on how the should share the responsibility over those people located in refugee camps in the event these people have no options.”

Meanwhile, in a surprising tone, Thinley finally admitted that many including himself are not happy inside Bhutan, contracting the actual slogan of Gross National Happiness (GNS) that claims that the entire population of the country is happy.

He was addressing one of the UN press meet programs when he acknowledged the other side of the GNS, saying that remaining happy was not an easy task.

“Because of the frustrations and challenges that I face in a country with limited resources, with all kinds of constraints and where a good section of our population tries to survive in conditions of poverty, it is difficult to be happy,” the Businessweek quoted Thinley as saying.

Watch press meet video :


  1. Given the statements made by this man over the years, the continuous contradictions in his words in regarding to the talks with Nepal, the neglect he shows for international pressure and the disregard he has for historical facts, it is not an easy task to value his words on the exiles thrown in diaspora by his government.
    Given the Bhutan government data on the lack of Gross National Happiness and this man’s words that even the dogs are smiling in Thimpu it is impossible to take this man seriously. His words are usually un-believable and that is exactly what anyone with a sane mind will do knowing the facts of history.
    It will be impossible to see any repatriation and reconciliation in Bhutan with this man in power. The question is of course how long the Bhutanese will except the deceit by their own government. With Bhutan being relatively well off economically compared to it’s neighbours it is to be doubted wether the situation will change any time soon.

  2. Jigme Thinley has been doing his job since long and he has been rewarded for that for too long. He knows it very well that he is not telling truth and feel guilty for telling blatant lies to such forums. One fine morning he will realise and seek apology.

    There is always a limitations to everything and to hide one lie one needs to create hundreds lies. What type of fake buddhist are you Mr. Jigme Thinley? Could you please watch this documentary again for your enlightenment?

  3. @ Gurung

    Hi gurung you coward either nagalong or sharschop disguised as gurung do not have to teach us what wee need to do. Look at the mirror yourself first and ask the magic question from where you come from. Did you run from Tibet after stealing the kharsapani? Where did you come to Bhutan from? Did you flee from Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Arunachal pradesh, Japan, Mynmar from North eastern states of India? from lhadak, Singapore? I think you fled from North Korea? You have similar custom, tradition, habits common to the people from these above mentioned countries.

  4. Are you kidding me. Here in the country, people are dying in pain with lack of pain medication. Fellow Bhutanese(1/6 th population) are kicked out of Country. People are suffering the rupee crunches. Poor are getting poorer, and rich people are more rich. In fact Gross National Happiness is all fake! It should be Royal Family Happiness (RFH) rather than Gross National Happiness (GNH).

    Come on, hatting our fellow Bhutanese in western country would only makes our country only worst, not better. Is not it a shame, to say we are the happiest country in earth when our 1/6th of our population is re-seattled in western countries identified as refugee from Bhutan.

    Better use the money and resources for our needy people here in the country, rather than preaching fake mantra of GNH.

    Remember people who ignore peaceful protest would for sure need to face terror protest, and it is more worst.

    Enjoy this carton, it makes more sense.

  5. I agree with Mr. Sonam that JYT know well that he is not telling truth to the world which can be read through his face. Donor countries and UN should really set up a unit how they can measure this happiness of the people of Bhutan.
    How does UN and other countries in the west help Bhutan to promote this policy of GNH without doing any research about what it carries within itself as they are well know about the refugees from the happiest country of the world getting resettled around the world?

  6. @gurung is not a real Gurung, coz he is a hidden identity of Jigme Family. Friends, remember, We Sharschop are in same problems with this bullshit king and this bias government, so please do not blame our community. The foul game player is Jigme Singye Wangchuck.

    He suppressed other’s culture, values, language, and custom, but only promote and preserve his assets and dynesty. It is the truth. So, please no hate on Sharshop community. We are also against this king monopoly in Bhutan.


  7. Gurung ! I have guestion for u. Are you human being or ghost? You don’t have neck and nose?

    Bhutan is land of immigrants. People are from every neighbouring ares. The original bhutanese is the rock and moutain of bhutan if you go through the history. If we are economical people why ur king provide us citizenship our parents?

  8. i am just an ordinary guy like you with long neck, and i dont mind people calling them and be called by this nick name. if you dont know from where i came to bhutan please read the history. I came from nepal in search of food as laborer and i am very thankful for bhutan that they fed me like a dog. now iam happy to be bhutanese, iam not a disguise but people like you who became bhutanese. please read the history and be grateful dhost.

  9. Hey @gurung, are you still in jungle? Watch your mouth, what are you barking? Watch your language. My dear you stupid and narrow minded people, here in Bhutan are making the situation more worst than ever.

    I am a real Gurung and I also know the Real History of Bhutan. You fake gurung, you are discrediting the attitude and respect of our Gurung community in Bhutan. Brain of people like you and Jigme Singye Wangchuck do not understand the importance of Multiculturalism and diversity.

    You jungalli are still living in the forest of Amazon being a beast.

    Do not ever try to humiliate the values of our Gurung’s community here and around the world!

    Just Chill!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dear P.M.
    Being elected by the people it is shame on you to say Lhoshampas are economic refugees in Bhutan. Do you know your own history ? When did you northener come from Tibet. Do you read and analyze things ? Have you seen any country comprised of only one tribe of people?
    So Lhoshampa friends in Bhutan be cautious. Jigme Y. Thinley still points you as economic refugees and not the citizens of Bhutan. If you still bear this unjust statement from your elected PM, you are wrong. You act now or your and your childrend’s fate will be the same as ours ( exiled bhutanese) in near future.

  11. i am real gurung who came from nepal as a labourer long time ago, my parents were tortured by you people when my parents refused to be in your group as a terrorist to the country. But now we are settle peacefully unlike you evil-minded people. you guys went back to your country then and few of us who refused to join your terrorism are now settled as bhutanese citizen. now you are true,that we love our king from our inner soul that we are so dedicated!!

  12. how many times should i tell you people? ask your granpas about your histories. everytime i go to bed i ask my grandpa and he narrates how you terrorist mistreated our parents in bhutan. (nepali people in Bhutan) Your forced and then tortured those innocent who doesn’t want to join your terrorism. do you remember? as we were faithful we are now bhutanese and happy to be in a paradise like a new home. Also i know that you that you guys are too happy to be back in your country though. Common people, now stop stop blaming each other,

    if you dont know history ask your grandpa while going to bed, thats why we nepalese bhutanes hate YOU GUYS AND PUPPET OF CHINA!!!!!!!

  13. Do you know who started the Green belt policy ?
    Do you know who enforced and compelled to practice, one nation one people policy ( or do you understand its effects and conspiracy ?
    Do you know the conspiracy of 1980s census in South?
    Do you know what makes people to be terrorist? Let me answer this question for you-

    When peoples’ peaceful protest are not listed, they choose violence and people in power would confused you with the term terrorism. I do disagree with terrorism, but remember, terrorist design by our 4th king were much more dangerous than our people in protest.

    Do you know who assigned those chamchas and spies like you to destroy the peoples’ movement for rights and freedom in the country?

    If you do not know the answer, ask you Grand pa. If he tells you the truth, you will be shocked. If he lies you, than you will be as always in confusion. I am sorry for you.

    Try to appreciate the beauty of diversity and multiculturalism, it is far more amazing than your narrow concept of one nation one people. Sorry my friend you are still in jungle.

    Real Gurung

  14. do you difference between bhutan and nepal? does it sound same to you? do you think these people are same? go to bed and ask your grand parents..this is your homework for today.

    you can care about your Nepal and Baburam jii not my country. you have got nothing to do when whole world knows who you are? once again do your homework ……like me …as i said my grandpa vishal gurung always reminds the horrors.

  15. Your comments sounds stupid and non sense, my friend gurung. Just by watching your comments every single reader would differentiate your intension and your identity.

    You better stay calm and safe there at Thimphu. Other wise, Boys from”United Revolunetery Front of Bhutan” would make you realize the real fact of our country.

    For me you totally sounds like cousin of Jigme Singye Wangchuck. You are no real gurung. You are designed gurung. You stay safe man!

    Sorry, my friend!

  16. well, my gurung family in bhutan has been tortured by you people and in anyway i dont want that kind of torture again.
    I thnink just the nepali bhutanese ethnic is enough for your kind. Since then I dreamt to be a commander then,

    lets save our races!
    cheers dhost.

  17. Hi all of you..
    Bhutanese inside Bhutan and in exiles,
    I think we Bhutanese should rise now and teach lesson to these type of rulers in Bhutan.
    I am sure oneday Bhutanese youths must raise arms to destroy evils from Bhutan.
    To destroy terrorist type of government and evils from the country is legal and it is allowed even by UN and most powerful countries like USA has shown the way to the world.
    I am feeling the situation is building up and if it goes like this very soon Bhutan will be freed from the grip of dirty rulers.
    Mr. J Y Thinley is a robbot I feel sorry for his condition.
    Poor Prime Minister. He is educated in US and I know he knows my feelings.
    Anyway we have important works ahead, so all Bhutanese be prepared for the work and whenever there is need we should support the noble movement,
    Bye Bye.

  18. hey people, if you have dirty minds like that we welcome you with grenades and bullets that out blow off you skinny face, which pose threat to Bhutanese people and sovereignty.

    of course we don’t give shit to googleworld. The whole world knows about Bhutan and its people and origin. It is good that you understood you are Nepalis from Nepal or India.

    Hail to great king and Bhutanese people. I bet we will crash those who tries to meddle our GREAT BHUTANESE WAY. Let the dragon country roar always ferociously in harmony!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Woo.. woo .. ngi gi charo.., tubey; chey labni di tik tikey embay..
    Thank you for supporting my views. Oneday you will also lead a part of national movement.
    Ohi Charo.. tshey di fuelling minds emmay… not remedying the problems.

    Bhutanese who are inside are can bark at own shadow but not out to world.
    If you want to live free and respectful life you have to fight this evils.
    Your support is required.

    We are not coming we are inside near your Thimphu.. mind that.
    Bye. We meet when time comes.

  20. oh….gadha ….keybannou bayou? boothno bayona taa? moo poney nepali bhai taa hoo?
    good i like your reply, very good we welcome, we are looking forward to send the foreigners back to their home, they will soon follow their grandpa’s way, they will leave for their home..good bye,

    meanwhile we are alert and already installed intelligence….all it takes is single crap to meddle, all will be done and people shall get golden opportunity to go their home. now armies can shoot if suspect anyone,….heheheh kancha becareful

  21. Ok. ramro hos huncha vaney.
    tara Malai tero kunai kura dekhi dar chaina..
    Hamro Lama Karma lai mareko jasto don’t think ok.

    Hami manchey marney, lutney, terrorist Bhutan ko wangchuk govt. ko manchey jasto hoina.
    Bhutan ko sarkarko jasto manchey marney terrorist bhaye aaj samma Wangchuck ko gothala haru ra wangchuck ko halat Saddam ko jastyo hunthiyo.

    Anyway, you are not our problems you are a poor dog fed by wangchuck so you will bark from his door.
    Once you get roti you will bark from our side.
    You r not real bhutanese.

    Good Bye.

  22. Be patient, we Sharshop are also being prepared to kick you Wangchuck’s family back to Tibet. We want you craps out of this country, then only we all real Bhutanese will feel proud on our nation. Other wise, these crap will keep on enforcing their dam shit dress code, language, and values, and culture over all other minorities. Now, they are saying no cable TV and Western Movies! WTF?

    We Sharshops, Lhotshampas, and other minorities in these country need to be united to eradicate this bullshit cancer from our country. Sooner or letter, Wangchucks will be in our dark history!!!

    No offense, plz.

    United evolutionary Front of Bhutan!!

  23. Out of 100 People ,how many Drukpa are studying Master? How many are politician,doctor ,engineer ,businessman and so on……hEY !!! HAD YOU ever though about that ,R U Thinking about UK And Span, It has a King but how is the country??????????………..THE GOVERNMENT OF BHUTAN IS viper which suck the blood of ITS CITIZEN, Yes The KING USE Japanese CAR, American Doctor, Canadian Honey, British cement and brick in His palace and INDIAN Dirty deplomat.. What are you getting Dorji???, Nema???? Pemba??? Dawa???? ………. Innocent people Nothing?????????? BUT , let us prey keeping us patience The LOrd Buddha will Punish THE CRUEL KING…. For his SIN