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PM Thinley praises Lanka’s peace process

Lauding the ongoing peace process, Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinely, who reached in Sri Lanka on Saturday, expressed that terrorism will not rise again.

PM Thinley shakes hand with Sri Lankan President

PM Thinley, who is in Sri Lanka to participate in the ceremony of the president swearing in the post of presidency for the second term, reiterated that a terrorist background will not be created in Sri Lanka under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

“Sri Lanka is achieving rapid economic development surpassing other countries in the world,” Thinely said while addressing a meeting briefing in Colombo yesterday, “I am pleased to come to a land filled with peace as the head of the SAARC region,” the Nation reported Sunday.

He further added, “It is always a pleasure to visit this wonderful country and in this occasion my pleasure is doubled to witness that I have returned to a peaceful country. President Rajapaksa and the government are to be commended for this accomplishment.”

Thinley, who is scheduled to fly back to Bhutan today, was accompanied by his wife, Education Minister Thakur Singh Poudel and Bhutanese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Bap Kesang.

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