PM Thinley due to arrive Dhaka for four-day long official visit


Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley is due to leave for Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, this Monday on a four-day official visit.

PM Thinely

“The visit is very important and significant for our bilateral relations…Bangladesh is very important to Bhutan,” local media reports in Bangladesh quoted Bhutanese Ambassador to Bangladesh, Bap Kesang, as saying.

It is learnt that PM Thinley will lead a 20-member high-powered delegation that will include the health minister, cabinet secretary, foreign secretary and leading businessmen, among others.

While in Bangladesh, the Bhutanese delegation will hold talks with Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina, senior members of the cabinet and others on range of issues including economic and political cooperation between the two neighbours.


  1. Just a missionless visit….. a series of drama…….Mr Thinley ,the real hero of the drama, says one thing and does the other.A country of GNH……your atrocities are well known to the world now.Your dictated peace will soon blast out.
    Raghu Osti

  2. hi Thinely ji
    i think u r not a prime minister elected by the people of bhutan .you may be nomitated by the so called king of bhutan.Do you know 100 percent in refugee camps are bhutanese citizens and still they wants to return their own homeland.Thinely ji try to think in broad sense which is appriciate by outside world.Thinely ji do you think there is fulflaged democracy in Bhutan if yes why you cant speak for the people representatives.Thinley ji now better to give rigination from your post as soon as possible so it could be looks good from outside world and also it is save your dignity and honour in side and outside Bhutan.