PM Thiney hints to expel more citizens as he wraps up Nepal’s visit


Prime Minsiter Jigmi Y Thinley, who returned home after completing a three-day trip to Nepal, hinted to expel more citizens from the country.

File photo : PM Thinley

Organising a press meet in Kathmandu on Saturday morning, he said that his government would do nothing if people choose to leave the country. He was responding to a media query on probable eviction of more Nepali-speaking Bhutanese citizens.

“If they want to leave the country, the government can’t do anything to stop them,” he told.

The PM also said that India has no role in this regard saying Nepal and Bhutan need to solve the long-standing refugee stalemate.

“Governments of Nepal and Bhutan are responsible in dealing with the refugee issue,” PM Thinley told reporters at the Hotel Yak & Yeti before leaving for Bhutan.

Meanwhile, he hinted that all refugees in the UN-administered camps are not Bhutanese citizens saying Nepal and Bhutan need to sit for discussion to verify those people. But, he didn’t say when would that happen.

According to Nepalnews, the Bhutanese PM also held discussion on the bilateral issues with UCPN (Maoist) chairman Puspha Kamal Dahal. However, he didn’t elaborate.


  1. Poor THIN LEY if u say the people in the camps are not Bhutanese I can say u that u r also not Bhutanese. ur history in Bhutan began in late 18th century but those innocent people have the history of early 16 th century in Bhutan nearly 300 years before than urs….dont worry ur face seems dark and going to cry but u belong to the country where the street dog smiles… that is right … in bhutan only street dog smiles because u never let those innocent folks to smile till date…

  2. I think BNS chose a wrong heading! This is how media sometimes plays a bad role. Read in between the line. The PM said, ” if they want to leave the country, the government can’t do anything to stop them”. The key word is “if”. If my grown up son leaves the home, I cannot do anything to stop him. If he is leaving of his own, than it is not considered eviction.

    Peace out!

  3. Ophs ! It”s so horrible to hear such an irresponsible addressing of Mr. Thinley.It is evident world-widely that, Bhutan has already evicted around a lakh citizens from the country and converted them as Bhutanese refugees in Nepal from early 1990″s. As in the early phases ,they lived so pathetic lives in bank of Kankai Mai and further in those seven camp, where several of aged and children had to take their last breathe due to lack of proper nutrition and medical access mercifully.
    But final phases of refugee lives suddenly enlightened in gloom as and when, they got dexterous opportunity to resettle in a third country beside Bhutan and Nepal apparently. Now almost half of them have got resettled in various core countries of resettlement, where they have already got adjusted with far better comforts and luxurious, i,e, nice houses to live in, appropriate jobbs as per their potentialities,good cars to drive, proper provisions of education to their children,medical access, provision of PF and Pension etc. All the way, almost all of the remaining people in the camps have filled up the forms and are processing for the third country resettlement process destinated to different countries, where their dreams are awaiting to be fulfilled. Most of the people from both sides as resettled and resettling have no intention of repatriating to their homeland due to various reasons as for instance, they have better living standard in western world, peace and stability, whereas its absolutely opposite in Bhutan. That”s why, even if Bhutan is really not interested to call back its people, there is no problem for them, who have already swallowed ironic bitten rice exercising themselves to tolerate any sorts of obstacles during their 18 yrs stay under plastic roofs. Indeed, they are far happier in the western world than they were in Bhutan some 20 yrs back. But Bhutan should not act so wild to evict any more of its Nepali speaking citizens further as in the way PM Thinley has explained to mass-medias in Kathmandu recently.Instead Bhutan should negotiate with Nepal seriously about opening the door for remarkable number of Returnees from the camps. All the best.

    Gagaan Gurung.
    North Norway.

  4. Jigme Thinley is mad. He is a crook. He is personally responsible for playing with the lives of exiled Lhotshampas. He is the mastermind behind delaying refugee repatriation. He is the one who led most of the repatriation talks but conspired not to let it happen. He thinks he is too smart but forgets that if time can change for dictators like Saddam, Mubarak and regime like Taliban, his time can also be up and he will regret one day for what he did to refugee lives. Bhutanese people should realize that they have a crook as a prime minister who has done nothing to address the issues of poverty and unemployment since he became PM in Bhutan but whose aim is only to pursue the bad policies of Jigme Singye Wangchuck’s regime and please this man. Donot let this man win next election in Bhutan. Lhoshampas all boycot election next time. Donot elect those who conspire against you and your family members. Sharchhops donot give a damn to this man and his party.

  5. Mr Flower,

    I guess you have some ADD or ACHD, if you understand a sentence just think logically, next person also understand it. What I mean to say is you needn’t have to clarify what it mean and the sentence PM said is already is already credited using proper citation.

  6. Good for Prachanda.This time was his honey moon with Bhutanese leader.Guess how many kilo grams of gold and how many millions of rupees have gone into Prachanda’s store of wealth.He was the only Nepali money minded leader left with out having gone for honey moon with Bhutanese leaders.And do you think that JYT would elaborate it?
    Good luck Prachanda for having such a good deal.

  7. By going through Mr. Thinley’s answer to press, it is very obvious that his essence is those who were evicted from Bhutan since 1990 left the country voluntarily.He also stated possible eviction of some more Nepali speaking Bhutanese in future. If not so, who said they want to leave country?

    Same to Mr. Thinley and regime of Bhutan who don’t have little humane feeling.Others are welcoming them to their country where as you savage are still talking of evicting? Such a patriot are in the refugee camps who are denying to go to third country despite pathetic situation in the camp in the hope of returning back to their homeland one day. They are sentiment and moreover innocent and those who are opting third country settlement are practical. These people love Bhutan more than You Tibetan Bhutanese do.

    You might were enjoying with whisky and beer in the hand while those innocent people were digging road to connect Phuntcholing to Thimphu. Still their blisters in the palms are not healed. You poor never know how hard is the life in the refugee camp. Go eat boiled rice under leaking roof and dig field then will realise how much you suppressed those people and think yourself where you belong, heaven or hell.

  8. Bhutan will never be sincere for solving the refugee issue without involving Delhi………. this will be another bullshit talk between Bhutan and nepal…

    Nepal must understand this.

    if Bhutan would have shown the real interest to solve the issue, it would have been solved long time back, people wouldn’t have to suffer till date.

    After 20 years too,there is not an inch shift policy towards southern Bhutanese. people are still stateless… thousand are deprived of citizenship………many innocents are still in jail.

    we have valid documents to show that we are Bhutanese but who will see those documents…..????????????????

    i know few people like lotus disagree with me coz he is the one who is enjoying the looted properties of innocent people….


  9. This is not the new thing that the Bhutanese government have been saying. we can be preety much sure that it never gonna take any Bhutanese at any point and will sometimes start telling that there were no any Bhutanese citizen if they were, they would never been opt for the resettlement. it is crystal clear. so it is an old wine in new bottle. it is the time for the Nepal govt to change the trend if it is really interested in resloving this longlasting issue.

  10. Its the face of Cruel team at Thimphu, i am not surprised by his saying. Look at the UN report of Srilanka Govt. killings of thousands of innocent civilians in the name of fighting with LTTE. Look at cambodia history they have kept skulls and bones of human in Museum. Look at Burma the millitary crushing the other tribes.
    The buddist govt any where are cruels and like to killed other tribes. They have spoiled the image of bhuddism and buddha dharma. A fellow a american told me once why Bhutan did so bad in 1990, when it is Bhuddist govt and lives in doctrine of peace and not killing? i told him him this what Bhuddist govt do any where, tell something and do something….
    they would loved to lick ass or even offer wives in diplomacy than to bring single lhotsam from nepal…There is no hope as far as me …any thing would change in Bhutan in 21 century…

  11. The history of the so called bhutanese refugees based in the camps in nepal are a creation of teknath rizal and few other criminals who misguided the public for their own interest.
    These were the people who misappropriated huge sum of govt money when they were in service and resorted to such false propaganda to cover up their crime and would have landed in jail.
    So dont blame the bhutanese as the general public of bhutan are aware that no southern bhutanese were chased away from bhutan as claimed by the refugees.The PM of bhutan rightly said what he said recently in nepal and any bhutanese will be so proud of their PM.