PM praised at Columbia University


The Prime Minister of Bhutan Jigmi Y. Thinley has been highly applauded at his address at the World Leaders Forum at Columbia University in New York yesterday.

PM Thinley.

Addressing the mass, the PM spoke on ‘Well-being, Happiness and Leadership’ amidst the group of over 400 at the function that was organized by the University.

The World Leaders Forum, which was established in 2003, is an internationally-recognized platform for world leaders and other thought leaders to address urgent global issues. Notable past participants, among others, include President Clinton, President Putin and President Sarkozy.

The Prime Minister Thinley arrived to New York on the invitation of the president of the University. The president also hosted a reception to honor Thinley who also interacted with the students and faculty of Columbia.

Prime Minister Thinley has been scheduled  to visit Penn State University where he will receive the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Lately, the Bhutanese Prime Minister has been seen visiting different places in and outside the country to share his views on happiness to highlight the concept of Gross national Happiness.


  1. OOPH ! What a hell it is. Yet another DRAMA of Bhutan.See,What a nice smile on Thinley”s face,which signifies him as one of the assets of GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS, while thousands of people within Bhutan are still surviving with limited foods and clothings today and more particularly,over a lakh Nepali origin Bhutanese citizens have been evicted from the country and are retaining Regugee-life under the wratched plastic roof since 18 yrs in Nepal.
    I wonder,how silly is Mr.Prime minister and what a crazy cabinet exercizing in Bhutan. Had there been electricity in every villages,roads connected with every interior parts or atleast hospitals in remote places, it could add something to the meaning of GNH to some extent undoubtfully. But everything is being disordered gradually inside his country,where there is no mutual understanding and proper tolerance among themselves,as for instance,the incident with a gang fight of some monks in Thimphu was highlighted recently. Imagine this,if such monks,who all learn the principles of Buddha have such a hot blood inside and fight one another,then how about other ordinary people? Many questions and queries can arise,isn”t it?
    Though, I am sceptical to Mr.Thinley that,what kind of heriotic deeds he has done or what kinds of reforms he has introduced in Bhutan,so that he is being feliciated with the Distinguished Alumni Award at Penn State University ? Any way, all the best Mr.Thinley, let your acting be more reliable to betray the International community further in the days to come.
    Ohooooooooo, one thing I nearly forgotten,by the way I live in Norway where there is scarcity of metals and I knew that,you are getting Alumni Award and by the name only, I guess that is made up of aluminium, and it says, something is better than nothing,although gold or silver would be the best for making a finger ring to me but it is okey, Aluminium one is also preferable here,so can you spare me a piece of your award,Honorable P.M.? Ha, ha ,ha

  2. It is Excellent , Gagan ji.However, I have nothing to support one or oppose another but as, I being one of the regular visitors of this web site, after having seen the article and its comment, I couldnt control my fingers clicking on the keyboard hurriedly. As a result, I have come up with my concern and assignment.

  3. Congratulation Honourable Thinley! It is indeed a great honour for you both at Columbia University and your Penn State University’s Distinguished Alumni Awards. I do not want to doubt that GNH is a good measuring tool of people’s happiness and an important concept that Bhutan as a small contry is able to contribute to the international community. That is a commendable work.

    I would also like to urge the Bhutanese System under your and King Khesasr’s leeadership of being honeset to the world and to your own Bhutanese citizens what you are saying and doing. Humanity does exist and there is a greater force above all of us that binds us to live an ethical life with due consideration to humanity. As people have been writing, there are people living within remote parts of Bhutan who live a difficult life struggling to make their ends meet and fighting for survival. There are also a large section of people, your own Bhutanese polpulation, the refugees are certainly not happy where they are. So it is important for Bhutan to make efforts and try to do something about this unhappy lot as we promote the concept of GNH. I wish you and the all Bhutanese success in the grand efforts of making the world a better place to live.

  4. PM thinley, please do not deceive yourself by putting up that fake smile on your face. We know it is not genuine. Your GNH is foreign even within Bhutan. You target only a few countries abroad – USA, Thailand, Japan etc why? Because they are the ones who listen to you. Go preach GNH in Somalia, Rwanda, Palestine, Gaza Strip etc – you will have done a wonderful job if you could help one person bring his peace back. Go practice it.

  5. Good Job PM JY Thenley! Bhutanese people are benifiting both within and outside. People in exile are happy because they are in the developed countries and that they dont have to worry about their future and their children’s future.They posses good foriegn cars, owe houses and even started running bussiness. Those severe ill are given world class treatment.

    People in side Bhutan are damn happy because they dont have an unemployment problem, they have sense of security, they have foreign cars, they are enjoying seren environment and so on.

    So GNH concept fits well for every Bhutanese! Long live GNH

  6. Thinley should concentrate more on bringing about concrete reforms inside the country to end discrimination based on family origin, social status, wealth, race, religion, language and culture and to promote and protect fundamental freedoms of every individual rather than lecturing to a group of people who have no idea of how discrimination looms large in every aspect of life and how gross inequality is promoted by the state, how only the dzongkha language is promoted, only drukpa kagyu is protected, how only one dress is promoted and how southern Bhutanese children born in Bhutan are not allowed to study in their mother tongue,the most basic right of a child born in Bhutan to leran their language. To me talking about GNH makes no sense unless and until discrimination exists in Bhutan.

  7. iam really surprised that why the international community easily trust and run after the fake drama created by the government of bhutan .how is it easily acceptable exiling thousands and thousands of innocent people and being considered themself as a country of gross national happiness?are the international communities still seems unknown about the issues of the innocent bhutanese citizens???????

  8. Congrat!!!!!!!!!!!! Thinley for receving Distinguished Alumni Award in USA. But…….. never forget to think before going to your bed, why the people of USA are so rich and generous?????????????.
    First for your Award and secound for settling so many Bhutanese refugees in USA.

    In my opinion this is the award for the cost of 60,000 Bhutanese refugess coz USA always recoznise human as vital asset and resource, whereas Bhutan classified same people as ‘terrorist’, antinationals and recently you(PM Thinley) alleged refugees as ‘illegal immigrants’. Thank you for giving us so many names…………

    PM Thinley ……..Commercially your award cost maybe more than many many billions of US Dollers.

  9. Congratulation to PM Thinley. I actually saw the address in Bhutan Times video and it was really really amazing; you actually proved that being small in size is not always small in thoughts.
    For my supposedly Bhutanese immigrants who had to leave Bhutan I would say that at least in the name of the counry you should be happy if not for Mr. Thinley. I agree there may be some genuine Nepalese origin Bhutanese who had to leave the country due to the faults of majority of illegal immigrants. You should not have cooperated with those immigrants just being Nepalese to revolt against the government and its people. There were Nepalese propoganda to establish greater Nepal in the region and your parents got influenced by these Nepalese propoganda promoted by Nepal. The Nepalese in Bhutan created history of violence in once very peaceful country. Now Bhutan without these immigrants is again regaining its peace and tranquality. Now you are settled in foreign country do not repeat the mistake made by you parents in Bhutan you will be behind bar not in Nepal this time. When there are rules to dwell within family and if you do not follow one in the country the peace and harmony will be distant dream. I wish you guys good luck. Be positive at heart to be healthy; frustation can only drive you crazy which cannot lead you anywhere, forget about making any difference to Bhutan.
    Of course Bhutan may not make every single countryman happy larger section of the people are very happy and if you do not trust ask Nepalese Bhutanese in Bhutan.

  10. Long live Jigme Y Thenley. He is the real hero, man behind the development of Bhutan. He is trying to project Bhutan a unique country, a country survived from external aggression. Bhutaese in exile need to have patience. Bhutan will open up slowly. But they will not open up for those refugees who have vindictive mentality. Long live the Kings and long live PM JY Thenley.

    Mr Sharma, USA

  11. Pinky Thapa,
    I am also a Thapa. Don’t blame refugees but blame JSW and DT for disturbig peace in Bhutan. Their policies were nasty and inhuman and targetted against southern Bhutanese. Refugees are not greedy but your KING AND LYONPOS who gave away our lands to outsiders from other areas in the name of royal kashos. This system of kashos must be stopped. iF YOUR KING IS TOO GENEROUS THEN HE SHOULD GIVE AWAY HIS OWN LAND AND LAND REGISTERED IN THE NAMES OF HIS FAMILY MEMBERS AND OUR LAND. ok.

  12. Hi Every body.If I have to say frankly, Dasho Jigme Y Thinley is qualified but a bit proudy prime minister,Bhutan has ever faced in its entire history. Although,innumerable thousands of Nepali people were evicted from our kingdom by the former Dasho Dago Tshering but the present P.M. should have compromised with the Nepali Govt. about the refugees to bring back them in Bhutan.Afterall,they too could adjust with us,as we have abundance resources to feed all of us self-sufficiently. But now see,it is too late,the refugees have been resettled in third countries,where they have access and opportunity to pinch the Govt.of Bhutan frequently for its misdeed.OOPHS!It is really horrible.

    Tashi Wangchuk,Thimphu.

  13. To all those pretenders and parasites,please live and let live. Now that you guys are in the USA, Austrilia and European nations, trying finding happiness in those countries because for you guys happiness is about how much wealth you can accumulate, its about material desire. Now that you guys are in free nations, why don’t you spend your valuable time and energy chasing after those abundant wealth available in those nations. Why don’t you preach your children about your philosophy of happiness -to fill their brain with negative thoughts about everything other people do or does? If you guys are smart enough, why don’t you come up with your version of happiness and spread all over the world like viruses and have the world leaders listen to you like they listened to PM Jigme Thinley?

    To criticize other’s work is easy but doing your own is quite another. Do you think the people who gathered in Columbia University are no brainers like you and therefore gave standing ovation just to please the Prime Minister? Do you think the President of Columbia University invited the prime minister for the sake of having him? Standing ovations does not come cheap; it is done to show approval of what is being said or done.

    No matter how much noise you make, Bhutan’s persuit to happiness will continue and it will prevail.

  14. I feel truly elated that the concept of “Gross National Happiness” is garnering such interest in International community and the closer look it is inviting. Perhaps, Bhutan can lead by example and tell the world that the basis of happiness in not in economic modernization or free speech or luxury but of contentment and finding meaning in life.

    In retrospective, my experiences so far have installed in me the believe that “Gross National Happiness” is the only tangible and meaningful gift one can have and share to make societies more happiness oriented.

    Ironically, GNH is depicted as a concept coined and flaunted by Bhutanese Government to hoodwink the International community of Bhutanese Refugee crises. And I don’t believe it because — it doesn’t have to. Deceiving ourselves and believing that the Bhutanese government is promoting “GNH” to shy away from its actions in past is simply naivety and is without basis.

    The people of Bhutan should be glad and try to contribute by being happy and patriotic. Sadly, I can get the glimpse of what the opinions will be like and it is: blatant criticism thru implication of refugee problem which contradicts the concept of Gross National Happiness and out-right denial of the fact by asserting that since the byproduct of GNH is unmeasurable and therefore unpredictable; its basis is simple unrealistic.

    America with all its allure has its flaws too as evidenced by the near economic collapse, increase in unemployment rate and social ills like crimes, divorce, drug abuse and obesity. And can not one argue that it is failing too since the aforementioned ills can only produce disenchantment and unhappiness. Therefore, is not Bhutan in the right direction by making the “happiness” of its citizen its priority and guiding principle.

    Our struggle so far has only been that of politics of disengagement and criticism and maybe by us showing acceptance and love for our country in its entirety can open the gates for reconciliation. We, all Bhutanese, resettled in Third countries owe it–first to our conscience–and to people who still hope of repatriation to Bhutan.

    Bikash Chhetri

  15. Big people will always have big and influential people/friends around the world and it becomes a big and important news even if they tell lies and hoodwink the world.This is today’s political world.Who cares or listens to the words of small people.Has any one really measured the GNH of Bhutanese people?What result will one get if one really measures the GNH of Bhutan?The result is almost negative.GNH is limited to Royal Family members,ministers,big business men and high ranking dashos only.Real measurement of GNH in Bhutan by any outside agency is not possible because of its being in-accessible to almost aLL parts of Bhutan.And, it is a word coined by the King just to lie the world and the world has simply believed it without any facts.In order to fool the world,one has to learn the art of telling lies in English language so the world believes that you are really an educated man.Can anybody be really happy without basic necessities of life like food,clothing,shelter,medical,education,communications ect. and measure GNH of the whole people just by sitting in the capital, and say that GNH in Bhuta is very high,almost 100% ?GNH in Bhutan is only 10% and the 90% people are unhappy but they have no rights to express their feelings openly for fear of being prosecuted by the army of the king.And that is the truth.A few people who have good government jobs are happy and support the government,rest are uneducated,innocent and they don’t know what GNH is and believe that the King is the representative of the God from Heaven.The rights and peviledges of the Bhutanese people are locked up in the strong box of the King of Bhutan.