PM labels refugees as illegal immigrants


Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley has labeled Bhutanese refugees as “illegal immigrants” who were lawfully evicted in the early 1990s.

PM Thinley.
PM Thinley.

In an exclusive interview with 101 East at the Aljazeera, Thinley stated that the Bhutanese refugee issue should never be interpreted in terms of “ethnic cleansing program,” which in his words has been made to understand. He further stated that Bhutan should never be branded as perpetrator of human right’s violation. Stating that the vast majority people in camps are not Bhutanese, Thinley further said that it  is wrong to say that they are Bhutanese.”

“People in the camps in Nepal are the victims of humanitarian situations caused by demographic explosion, ecological disaster and economic depreciation,” said Thinley, adding that the eviction of people has been misinterpreted. He also stated that Bhutanese of Nepali-origin entered Bhutan as a result of political agreement with India that enables free movement of Nepalese across India and Bhutan happens to be in side of that population migration route.

The Prime Minister argued that one-fifth of Bhutanese population still consists of ethnic Nepalese origin. “One-fifth of our parliament consists of Nepalese,” said the Prime Minister, adding that the Bhutanese survivors are champions.

According to Thinley, Bhutan is the only country in the world that safeguards people’s happiness and believes that happiness is in the end what matters most.


  1. What made Jigme Y thinley to speak??? We always have a soft cornor for Bhutan. She is our motherland. We are born, grown up and educated in there. Cant he keep mum??? Why does he try to make us furious??? Let Bhutan not act that way. The consiquence wont be good.

  2. It is ridiculous to declare “Gross National Happiness” in Bhutan. Mr. Thinley !! where did u see Happiness and good believes inSIDE Bhutan .Inadditions , there are still discrimination against Our Bhutanese nepali speaking Brotherhood .Why you always talkative to show your fake ideology ? Open the pages of Universal Declaration of Human Rights AND GO-THROUGH it rapidly……

  3. Humanitarian disasters and ecological disasters hit everyone equally. Unlike the acts of governments, dictators, religious fanatics or ethnic chauvinists, acts of nature or even economics do not discriminate on the basis of political inclinations, culture, ethnicity or skin color.

    BUT, Thinley says “People in the camps in Nepal are the victims of humanitarian situations caused by demographic explosion, ecological disaster and economic depreciation.” How did these ‘situations,’ ‘explosions,’ disasters’ and ‘depreciation’ manage to affect ONLY the 100,00 or so ethnic/linguistic/religious minority in southern Bhutan from among a population of more than a billion in the south Asian region?

    Contrary to Thinley’s assertions, people of Nepali origin did enter Bhutan because of a political agreement, but NOT with India. The political agreement was with Gorkha, now a part of Nepal. Afterwards, the entry was into a region Bhutan did not effectively control – southern foothills. The people of Nepali origin cleared southern Bhutan and made it habitable long before the Ngalong royalty decided to exert authority.
    Bhutanese government issued citizenship documents to all of the current refugees in the late seventies and the early eighties (first time for the entire nation actually), only to evict them through torture and intimidation on the early nineties. Why? ONLY because some among the southern Bhutanese lodged respectful complaints against increasingly discriminatory laws being enacted and demanded greater representation in governance.

    So, it is simple: You loved and pampered us as long as we were your tools in the controlled development you were pursuing, the primary focus of which was the political/economic empowerment and advancement of the ruling community (while depriving the southerners and the Sarchhops.) We became a liability when we started demanding some REAL representation in governance. Your solution? – Arrest, imprison, torture, rape, harass, intimidate, confiscate properties and then evict people at gun point.

    Mr. Prime Minister: Many of us are not really looking forward to coming back to Bhutan because we know the Ngalong elites and its bought out shenanigans are too hard-hearted and too evil to let us back in. But, records have to be set straight and truths have to be told. Just because we are being resettled in the west should not mean that Bhutan goes scot-free. We will be speaking out truth to your horrendous deeds while you hide behind the false blanket of Shangrila and compassionate Buddhism. You, Thinley, your government and your King are a shame to both these concepts. The idea of Gross National Happiness you pimp around is pretty gross when it is trumpeted around by the very perpetrators of human rights violations and torture. You, among everyone else in the government, have been the greatest defender of the most sadistic exercise Bhutan has ever engaged in, while parading the false credentials of ‘happiness.’ You should be ashamed of yourself. How do you go back home in the evening, look at your children and feel fine with the senseless inhumanity you defend during the day, while telling lies to the whole world all the while?

    Sometimes we really like to believe that perhaps you really were not aware of the way our parents were tortured, the way our fellow villagers wept as they were forced out, the way we let our cattles loose while our neighbors dared not bid us goodbyes for fear of being targetted next. But then we know you knew all of it as it happened. So, now, most of just think that you guys who unleashed all of it on us are just evil people and nothing else. Some day, some place, you will pay but we hope your inhumanity dies with you and leaves behind a better generation with which we can patch up differences and return Bhutan to what it was – a beautiful country where we lived in peace, irrespective of what we looked like or what we spoke or who we prayed to. Your generation was too ignorant to see all that, what with being blinded by the godliness you attributed to the King who was all the while plotting at strengthening his own clutch on power. He failed (thus you are the PM now). You too will fail, and we will be in peace even though we will be far away.

  4. Mr. Thinley you are absolutely correct the forefathers of Nepali Origin Bhutanese came to Bhutan throuh India from Nepal. Do you know where from your forefather came into Bhutan? Our forefathers came to Bhutan with power to enhance glory of Bhutanese diversification as per the Zhabdrung, but your forefather came to Bhutan as refugees from Tibet.

    Try to question to yourself before you blindly say Bhutan is only a country in the world to protect the people’s happiness. Do you know that Bhutan, the same Bhutan is the biggest producer of Refugees in the world? There is no country except Bhutan which has blatantly evicted 20% of the citizens despite their innocency and patriotrism. If the blatant massacare of the citizens with speakless torture, harrsahment, rapes and killing are the indicator of the Gross National Happiness, then I would like to recommend Mr. Thinley as the nominee for the upcomming Noble Peace Prize.

    There may be happiness prevail in Bhutan, but that is limitted to the creul royal lords and feudal canibals. Mr. Thinley your allegory of the cave will be soon welread by the plato in the world of out Bhutan Diaspora, so please start making your opinion to defend that. Mr. Thinley, when you are advocatiing for the national happiness in the country, I am seeing a dream !!

    A dream where less than 20% of the citizens have the happiness and that has become the National Happiness. A dream where 20% of the citizens are blatantly evicted which laid the fundation of the Gross Nationall Happiness. A dream where absolute power vests in the hand of the autocratic ruler in the 21st century has become the model of democratization in the world. A dream where king tone rule is saved to enlighten the vivid vigors of brutalities to the discendents.

    What happens in the dream then??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

    The civil wars are inevitable, so deadly !! 20 % of the people will wage war against the 2% of the people and other 78% of the citizens will have kathersis to life. I see Comrade Cheguevera mobilishing Bhutanese, I see Carl Marx leading Bhutanese, I see Mao nurturing Bhutanese, I see Comrade Prachanda patronizing the Bhutanese. The Dream that tag war is bad, the dream that tag revolution is bad, the dream that tag terrorism is bad, But this is the dream that will com in Bhutan very soon, Less than in a decade.

    The king fathered terriorism with the turing will empower the Comrade Vikalpa led revolution to unveil the real secne of National Happiness in Bhutan in the comming deacde.

    Mr. Thinley, Lt. Dago Tshiring led the fundation of National Happiness evicting 20% of the committed Bhutanese Citizens despite their Patriotism in 1990s. Just after 20 years you hardly can tell what you were told and think what you gonna tell. After twenty years, you may be subdued by the sketches of civil wars, and one like you will be hauling that Bhutan is the only Country in the world that safeguards the People’s Happiness. I will be compelled to write next commentry that the real Bhutan is outside its borders which has the death toll of thousands as the victims of Domestic terriorism.

    I wish I didn’t have this dream, I am inferior because this has beem dreamed by the King two decades ago before he beacme the scapegoat of India’s greater impearialism theory.

    Mr. thinley, you must feel that Bhutan now is explored with your ettiquettes and peoples sentiments to the world. Think for the sake of truth, before you woodwink the international communities with the contempt of your farce words.


    GOODLUCK !!!

  5. I hate this man who thinks he is too smart but in fact he is nothing. He is like “Andho mein Kana Raja” a one eyed man is the king among the blinds.He lives in a world of imagination and dream and has little shame to address refugees who are very much Bhutanese like him as “illegal immigrants” simply because he is brainwashed to tell this story by his boss, JSW. He should know that his story of GNH is as hollow as his claim of democracy in Bhutan. He and his king are but Indian puppets. If India refuses to provide money even for a single year he and his king will be on the street. And they will know GNH is nothing but a sad story of total dependence on Indian aid. First learn to stand on your own feet and show Bhutan is truly independent. Your story of illegal immigrant is too outdated as no body will believe it any more, not even people inside Bhutan.

  6. Very bold responses for the utterly meant remarks. But, they have been told a several times, at several occasions far and wide. The result is that they actually do not mean anything to Bhutan. It knows well what it is, but it has been its tool for defence. This is the only thing Bhutan can stand just in explaining the exodus of the people. And, this is the only thing the world cannot question Bhutan about. And, this is also the only thing that the refugees cannot agree with. And, the only thing that the dissidents have failed to understand Bhutan government is that Bhutan was actually trying to stabkize itself in the region with its ‘One Nation One People’ policy. The only thing that the Nepali people do not know is how to have the royal government feeling safe about Bhutan’s border situaion with India. The only thing that the northeners are feeling threatened with the southeners is that the south was growing economically rapidly, and the educated population of the south was growing the same way as well. Resultantly, the royal government had ever been feeling unsafe with the south.
    Now, the refugees are shy to be labelled as ‘illegal-immigrants’ while the royal govenrment is shy to admit cruelty to the people on its part.
    So, sadly but truly, the only solution to the 20-year problem is ‘third country resettlements’. However, both the parties to the conflict are not happy: Bhutan government is not happy that the evicted people are becoming rich, while the displaced people are unhappy that their counterparts in the tussle are winning the debate.
    So, the solar storm in December 2012 is the final solution to the problem, if it occurs.

  7. It is extremely ridiculous and shameful to read and learn what Mr.Prime Minister of Bhutan has stated to the media about a lakh exiled Bhutanese refugees.On behalf of his false statement, I agressively condemn him and his ideologies about the Issue of Bhutanese Refugees in Nepal.What a hell! What a nonesense! He speaks.He has not a bit shame to say so but it is evident to learn that,he is compelled to speak a lie due to pressure from just above because it is consizely understandable that,PM is just having the gun on his shoulder but the trigger is under the control of the king. Mr.Thinley as you said that most of the refugees in Nepal are non-Bhutanese but I comment on your contrary adding that,100 percent people are truely the bonafied citizens of Bhutan.Further,Bhutan is a perpetrator of human rights” violation.Prior to my conception and analysis,Bhutan is playing a magical play to trick the foreign communities,whereby,the autocratic monarch is a producer,PM is a director and all those sly ministers of the cabinet are versatile characters,who all collectively conceived the theme of the story and are now playing on the street occassionally. But be aware,truth can never be hidden,sooner or later the curtain will be removed and you all will be caught up nude.Then just imagine, what will be a consequence?

  8. I am a teacher by profession and did M.A. in History, but never read nepalis role in Bhutan history of war n politic untill the year 1950-60.Nanglong,sherchop,Trongsap,Bumthab,Khen,Kurtep,Brokpa,Doya,layap were there where they are living today and played major role for the ONE NATION ONE PEOPLE under the leadership of Kings Wangchucks. All the regional leaders put their seal and sings on 17th December 1907 accepting Sir Ugyen Wangchuck as King.
    I have neither read and seen any such seal/sign of nepali leaders having invilved in Bhutan political matter.
    The origin of nepalis in Bhutan are from Nepal during 1950-60, they entered Bhutan as road construction labour under GREF (INDIA).

  9. Mr. Deepak !!

    I am personally proud of you, because we have one more historians in Bhutan. meanwhile I am very worried that you gonna spoil the history of Bhutan. you have said that you didn’t find the roles of Nepalese origin Bhutanese in the history of Bhutan before 1950s, that compells me to ask you which grade you have in your MA.You must have your MA with out even openning the histroy of Bhutan. Did you study the histroy between 1880s and 1907? Can you prepare the presentation about this period of time?

    Mr. Deepak, please waek up and go to read the history about the official migration of Nepali people as Bhutanese citizens from Gorkha Nepal in 1624 AD.

    do you know why the official language of Bhutan was Nepali before 1970s? Which was the fisrt mode of communication in Bhutan in your research? In which language the first news paper exist in Bhutan? Which language has the highest percentage of people in the history of Bhuatn? In which language the agreement between the super guru Rimpoche and king of Gorkha, Ram Shah was written? Go ahead and study the letters that the Third King Druk Gyalpo Jigme Dorgi wangchuck had written to the rulers of Sikkim in the history. Go ahead and bring out the truth why Lt. Mashur Chhetri was put to the river Sunkosh being ensacked in 1952 AD. Go ahead and research what percentage of people were Nepali in the conscription of physical labor to the construction of the histroy of Bhutan. Go ahead and study why Mr. Rizal has become the chief of the roayl advisors to King Jigme Singye Wangchuck in 1980s? Go ahead and read the book “Bhutan hijo ra aaja” by historian Mr. Balaram Poudel.

    Mr. Deepak, your MA is not sufficient, Please have time to visit Kathmandu. I as one of your welwishers will help you to meet Mr. Indra Adhikari in Kathmandu who will taech more about Bhutan History to you. He is a Journalist as known, an Econimics Student in Master Degree but has many times better knowledge than what you hypocrate lord of Histroy has about Bhutan.

    Your words some times cost your reputation when preserved in the history !! You can’t wipe what is written in the history !! Please, think about these matters before you become the mokery of the nontheorizing part of the jigymeism.

  10. I am pretty sure Mr. Deepak has earned his MA in Dzongkha from Simtokha. MA in Dzongkha was established just decade back and the syllabus in the MA Dzongkha does not go that far back. So I feel Mr. Deepak wrote what was covered in his MA syllabus. Hopefully this will open his eye to go for real MA in history.

  11. I think Mr. Thinley is probably right in his statement. I have recently come across a facebook page where one of the refugee leaders have uploaded his picture ..let me not say what kinda picture, but if you search in facebook and type ‘deo datta’ you will see. you can than interpret his picture…

    Have a nice day!

  12. There is no point in arguing against persons like Deepak who knows nothing about history of southern Bhutan. He should know Nepali laboureres were recruited to construct roads both from India and Nepal after development plans were launched in 1960s but Bhutanese Nepalis had been living there for centuries before development plans were launched in the districts of Chirang, Samchi, Phuntsholing, Dagana, Samdrupjonkhar and Gayleghphug. There is documentary evidence that some of them attended the coronation of first king Ugyen Wangchhuck with gifts and pledged their loyalty to Bhutanese throne. Sharchhops were living in Tashigang, Mongar, Pemagatshel, Lhuntshi,Shemgang and Tashiyanghsi and Ngalongs in Thimphu, Punakha, Wangdiphodrang, Paro, Haa, Tongsa and Bumthang. Thimphu was opened in late 1960s after Thimphu-Phuntsholing highway was completed. So donot confuse Bhutanese citizens of Nepali origin with Nepalis hired from other places.

  13. I really feel pity for those residing in the Jhapa camps in Nepal seeing their living conditions . it was perhaps the destiny of god for what you have done to our country and you all deserved it very well…may be you never belong to Bhutan and god has made the right decision. we are called Bhutanese and people living in Bhutan are called Drukpas “true son of Bhutan”.
    we never humiliated those guys residing in Jhapa camp while their stay in Bhutan. Not only humans born in Bhutan are lucky but also the animals born here in this small Mahayana country is absolutely privileged because everyone is treated equally, Bhutan is the only country in the world that has no racism and where humanitarian rights are observed highly.
    In fact those devils posed huge threat to the sovereignty and security of the country in the 90’s. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    As the peaceful resort fails Bhutan finally took arms against those ?????? to secure the security and sovereignty of the country. Bhutan took the measures what every country will take in that situation.
    may the sun of peace and happiness shine on the people forever….


  14. What TrueDrukpa said above is wrong. It’s not God who created the problem for refugees but it is the lust and greed for absolute political power, xenophobic minds of people like Jigme Singye Wangchhuck and Dago Tshering, evil ambition of ethnic domination by one community over others that led to the exodus. He talks of sovereignty but forgets that history is the proof that the sovereignty of Bhutan was sold to British India by first king Ugyen Wangchhuck by signing the treaty of Punakaha in 1910 who handed over security and foreign affairs to the British. He forgets that the presence of the office of Brigadier General of Indian army in the center of Thimphu is not a breach of sovereignty. He forgets continuous plying of Indian army vehicles on Thimphu-Phuntsholing highway creating traffic congestion is not an encroachment over Bhutanese sovereignty. Refugees are no threat to Bhutanese sovereignty, they are not demanding separation but want to exercise their most fundamental rights to return home. And to distort this fact by labelling various allegations against them is but a product of evil and insane mind.

  15. Dear catlika,priya and mani,
    Just to justify the facts about nepali migrants in Bhutan, I have posted two articles in this forum, but I realize that, it is only for the person/s involved in anti national activities not for people like us who are trying to speak truth.
    My post has deleted twice with in few minutes by the moderator. I believe, you can not bully innocent Bhutanese in particular and international community in general any more. Due to wild false allegations made by you , the international community came forward to help you but later reliaze that, infact you are not the genuine citizen of Bhutan.
    If you all feel that, you need to read my points,plez tell this guy to respect the media rule and human rights.If you have right to express your feelings through this forum why not me ? I am also victim of circumtances caused by so called anti national activities. I could not get college in Bhutan,I had to study in Darjeeling.

    Editor’s note: Dear Deepak sir,
    Thank you for regularly browsing our news portal from Bhutan. As both of your comments were very offensive in nature, we decided not to approve them. We honestly request you to post healthy comments with loyal and civilized language. We discourage destructive comments, which lead to the defamation of one’s personal image. Thank you once again for relying on the information we disseminate.

    Editorial Team, BNS

  16. While, PM. Jigme Y. Thinley’s remarks forced Mr. Hari Acharya to exposee the bitter truth and reality. I think Deepak lack some information and resource to read.
    Deepak you may not know there are History Books on Bhutan by, World Known Scholars Such as Michale Aris who was (Once) a Tutor of King Jigme. Read “The Raven Crown”. by late Aris. Another UK based Scholar who is Professor in position has published another book on Bhutan and recently Second Edition is on the market. Find out and See “Un becoming Citizen By Michale Hutt”. Read the Book NIRBASAN” by Amnesty International’s Prisoner OF Conscience Mr T. N.Ri zal. Read “Movement in Exile” a Book by Young Scholor Mr. Christopher Co- authored by Visiting Professor of Harvard University Dr. D.N. S Dhakal. Read the Reaserched article on “The Voice of Refugees” by Australian Citizens Mr. Carl and Ms. Nomee. I feel pitty to see that a teacher with M.A degree has very poor Historical references and fact. Perhaps,you might have read STROY not the History. That too FOLK Story, presented as History. Please be more comprehensive and open. You will see the real world and judge where is Our Beloved Motherland. What present Medieval Mind Set rulers have done.

  17. It is very awful to announce the scenery of Happiness in Bhuatn. As, Palden Drukpa Gaylo’s comment was very filthy. Being a human being you can’t says such a sen tence which caused in universal. Think first before you make your speech.Now ,after few years,there are no Bhutanese people in the Camp at Nepal.Your comment is absolutely untrue and shitty.

  18. Dear editor,
    Thank you for your concern about offencive language,destructive comments and one’s image.It is really nice on your part to respect each other. I offer my apology for using name of few people,but I was compelled to do so by catlika and maini coz they have mentioned their name.
    But what action you have taken against the authors who have been using offensive language against me?
    Any way I would like to justify the facts mentioned by Catlika as under:-
    Guru Rimpoche was/is a great religious personality all over the buddhist world.He visited many countries in the world including Bhutan ,Nepal,India and Tibet.The visit of people from neighboring countries on religious trip was/is very common,therefore, entering Bhutan at that time does not deserve citizen claim.
    The agreement between Guru and Gorkha King was purely on personal capacity to promote religion not for political purtpose.More over Guru Rimpoche was not a
    Bhutanese citizen.
    The use of nepali language as official language before 1970 is true.It was used in some southern part of bhutan coz, large number of nepali migrant were residing there and working for road construction works.The nepali language was used for easy communication with the nepali migrants and make them aware about
    the Law of Land and Govt.policy to prevent unlawful activities.
    Catlika has mentioned about the presence of nepali during 1624AD,1880-1907AD.I have read many names of Dzongpons/Penlops/Chipons/Debrajas(regional leaders) in the history of war and politic of Bhutan but could not find nepali name,therefore I request Catlika to kindly mention name of few nepali Dzongpons/penlops etc.
    ????????????? I would like to conclude with a request saying that,plez enough is enough,20 years is enough,where is better future ?Our leaders are divided,they have ego problem. So plez save our mother land from becoming another Sikkim,wherein, indegenious people became minority and finally Kingdom of Sikkim sold to India.

  19. Dear Friend Deepak,
    Kujujampo !!

    Thank you for your kind justification and I appreciated your contribution to the concerns that I have propagated. You seemed very pretentious in your previous comment that is why you got the tug for tug. But as I read your reply to my concerns you seem a bit ignorant. My friend, there is vast different between stupidity and ignorance. There are lot many stupid individuals who are intellectual in themselves but acting very dim-witted in their presentation. What you have written in your justification seems very appreciating one but you still have lacked some very basic milestones in your justification.

    When you read the prehistory of Bhutan, you will definitely find some significant contribution of the Nepalese in Building to what Bhutan is today. One point you approach nasty is you argue that the deal between Guru Rimpochhe and Ram Shah was mere religious, you may be correct to what you have been sermonized but the deal was all the way political and dedicated to the re-modulation of Bhutan to modern Bhutan. Bhutan by then was mere skeleton of what we have today. We have the document preserved in Bhutan, if you have the access to the preserved documents in the royal palace in Bhutan you can read that still. Please, Deepak Ji ! mind your words, it was never a personal deal because they represented their respective country while they had signed the agreement. If you have studied the formative ethics of History, you know it in detail what it means when represented the nations under their rule.

    I agree you that Guru Rimpoche was not the citizen of Bhutan because there was no provision of issuing the citizenship document in Bhutan at that time. Do you know even the King Ugen wangchuck didn’t have the citizenship document in his name? Even the kings living today don’t have their citizenship card issued in Bhutan in their names, are they Bhutanese citizen then?

    Mr Deepak, you are correct that Nepali Ethnic Bhutanese have mere political representation in Bhutan before 1950s because they were growing and being empowered by the Indian pampered Druk Rulers. When you see Barak Obama in American history 60 years ago, can you call him the American citizen today? But today, he is the president of the world ruling nation not only USA. If Mashur Chettri was not obscured into river in 1952, he would have been ruling Bhutan as one of the countries like Vatican City of the world today, and we would have 10 times better Bhutan than what we have today. If we were not divided we would have one of the deserving Prime ministers in Bhutan than a mere charlatan like Thinley today. One thing you as a historian should understand that the autocratic rulers had very nasty projection for the history, which we can’t find unless the history is over turned. That is why; we have good intellectual figures like you. Now it is our duty to find out what was wrong in the past and we are deviated backwards from our national parade to modernization. Where was the problem and how we can equivocate that so as to sketch our national vision to better build up our nation.

    You have said that Nepali Language was the medium of Communication in Bhutan so as to facilitate the communication between laborers and rulers. It was not like that. The truth is the third Druk Gyalpo was a very kind statesman rather than a power centered lust like the Fourth Druk gyalpo. He knew that the vast majority of people were Nepali Speaking in Bhutan, that is why he made Nepali as the official language and he studied it with dedication and commitments and so was done by the later kings including the present child King Gasser, the other reason was Nepali was only language having own script and grammar in Bhutan by that time. Later in 1970s the script and Grammar in the so called NAtional Language was developed with Japanese aid and support. You know one of the critisizing men wrote is his comment that you have done your master in Dzongkha histroy. We know that the master degree syllabus in Dzongkha is not there in Bhutan. And when Rajib Gandi visited Bhutan for 10 days in 1978, he implanted suspicion into the mind of Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the fourth King encapsulating his mind towards the master plan to launch ethnic cleansing from Bhutan. Only after that, the hypothetical minority phobia was developed in Bhutan by India so as to retaliate the Sikkim’s Nepalese Indian Citizen. This is the strategy that India has vested in Bhutan so as to restrict Bhutan in its Grip. Dear Deepak, do you believe that Bhutan is an independent nation today? It neither is never Independent nation today nor was yesterday. The advocacy you have proliferated about the indigenous community in Bhutan was a key that Indian used to lock our sovereignty in its grip. Man, it is the time to weak up and locate where we are ourselves. We are not divided ourselves Mr. Deepak. We don’t have any problem with in ourselves not to mention we don’t have any political, linguistic, religious, ethnic and other problems by ourselves. So called present crisis are all denominated by India taking the weak stand of our power lust forth King. The reason behind that was to retaliate Sikkim or Darjeeling, but we were childish and failed to have over jawed the Indian harassments by our ruler because he was mad in his lust to keep power safe. Please read King Jigme’s appeal and concerns discussed with the Dimond king, a ULFA leader while his meeting with the king. you can go the and read ULFA hitmna’s dairy published there and you will see how much the king was worried about India’s intervention to Bhutan’s soverenginity. We know our reputed intellectual minds like Mr. Deepak are brainwashed inside Bhutan if not brain drained to exile or to the abroad in various tactics and treacheries. What have been done to Bhutan in the past three decades are very awkward in itself and very embarrassing to our history , my dear friend.

    Dear friend Deepak! I am very happy that you have analyzed enough is enough, 20 years is enough. Thank you very much for your intact justification in favor of our brotherhood and patriotism. This privilege will help us make our land a safer heaven in the future. One thing very open truth is we are never happy to be out border Bhutanese Citizen that will prove in the future that Real Bhutan exists outside its border walls. We want to come to Bhutan as soon as the situation improves in Bhutan. And we will make our mother land as one of the safest destination to Heaven through unity, understanding, brotherhood, democracy, human rights, and other all components of our national happiness through national contentiousness.

    Let me cite our major problems responsible in diving our unity away that centers to the royal lords and favors to our Imperialist neighbor, India.

    1. Our king has become the puppet of Indian roadmap to make Bhutan another Sikkim. If the present problem is solved through the national reconciliation, we will save Bhutan from Sikkimization to India. If we fail to reconcile as soon as possible India might have been planning to lead next batch of eviction from Bhutan, Other communities like Sarchops including additional Nepali origin Bhutanese Nationals will be the victims of that treachery. As the result of that civil wars starts in Bhutan which will then empower India to overrule our independency and sovereignty that she has maintained at the background today.
    How can we work together so that we will stand together with unity, brotherhood, understanding to save our motherland from external aggregation? Mr. Deepak let us start to think in these grounds!!

    What I think is, we should work for the national reconciliation with the citizens outside Bhutan so that we can collectively exert our intellectuality to build Modern Bhutan as one of the most powerful nations to garner satisfaction to the citizens.

    2. The other problem is our leaders are self leaders. They become leader by themselves; they lead themselves and for just themselves. By reading your justification, I can say that you know our leaders, who they were? What they did? And what they have become today? For me we had a good leader, he died prematurely and the other is not yet born in the land of Bhutan.

    Dear friend Deepak!! We need a good leader like the third Druk Gyalpo. All this present group of selfish and egoistic so called self leaders is substitutive to one good leader for the nation. Please, let us start to search our leader who will work for the nation and citizen. S/he may be in Bhutan or outside Bhutan now, let us start to work today, and we may be able to find our leader after 10 years. Then we will have no worry to struggle so as to save Bhutan from threats and grips. Otherwise chances are there, you guys who are boosting about Bhutanese Citizen when we folks are weeping for the same will together become Indian Citizens in the future.

    3. Whatever we have been hoodwinking to the world are all farce and fraud, a kind of political scam to the citizens and deception to the nation Bhutan. The GNH being proposed today is a policy to bury the deadlock of the in Bhutan and out Bhutan citizen crisis. Until and unless we end up with national reconciliation with out-Bhutan citizens we will never have any happiness in Bhutan. Instead we will have the bitter episodes of Civil wars in Bhutan. My concern is: My dear friend Deepak! Are we ready to hold Guns to shoot each other in the name our king’s philosophy so as to engrave our brotherhood and intellectuality??? If we are not aware of what has been done against us, you and I will be carrying guns to shoot each other and we will bury our brotherhood we have had since time immemorial in Bhutan. We have not lost much still; let us not wait to be what we were yesterday and starts build our Motherland in the safest mode.

    Thank you for bearing optimistic mood with me in this discussion. You are a great friend of Mine.

    “Long Live my friend Deepak Ji”

    AAp hamara ek achha dost hae !
    dosti ke salam karo !!
    Dosh ka enkallap jindabad !!

    !!! Hamara Bhutan Jindabad !!!

  20. Dear editor,
    Once again thank U for not deleting my mail.But I fear that,this forum is not for healthy discussion and you r failing to perform your duty. The example is the authors like Catlika,Priya,Dragonfire & Mani has used many offencive language against our Kings,PM and the officials .
    Dear catlika ,
    you have not replied answers to my question, I feel that, editor will not allow me to use the languages you all are allowed to I would like to put forward few question again,plez do send reply.What you have wrote is story not the history.

    I have read the names of many Dzongpons/penlops in the history of Bhutan,but could not find name of nepali,plez do tell me the name of nepali leaders.

    If our friends in Japa consider themselves genuine Bhutanese,why they brunt down our national dress ?why they destroyed schools/health facitity and bridges at the villages in Bhutan ? Why they kidnapped and killed fellow citizen branding as Bhutay Ko chamcha(Drukpas supporters) ?

    Why you all do not respect Tsa-Wa-Sum (King-Country & People).We have many caste and communities in Bhutan with different languages and dresses,but why only the nepali refused to wear ou national dress and went against follow the Driglamnamza(tradition & culture)?

    Why only nepali were against the ONE NATION ,ONE PEOPLE ,policy?

    You must be confussed between Zamdrung Nawang Namgyel and Guru Rimpoche, Guru had no any political role in Bhutan.His presence were every where in the buddhist dominated Countries, including china,Mongaila,Tiwan,japan.Ofcourse,many religious scholars and devotees from nepal/tibet/Bhutan visited many other countries accompanying Guru Rimpoche. Do you know Guru Rimpoche had many Khanduom(Wife) and one of them from nepal Royal family.

    You have mentioned that, there were no system of citizenship documents during Guru’s visit and even our king does not possess citizen documents.It it not wise to compare people like us and leaders. Plez, note that, an agreement sealed and
    signed by the Deb rajas/Dzongpons/Penlops (regional leaders) on 17th Dec. 1907 is one of the testmony of fact supporting King Wangchuck Dinesty as King of Bhutan.So it is more than citizen certificate in favour of King.

    Why I and my family do not trust so called self styled nepali leaders ?,coz they work for vested interest,they failed to give us better future during the past 20 years. No-1 cunning leaders settled down out side camps doing own business,No-2 cunning acting as self styled leaders and enjoying refugee fund,No-3 cunning people finally leaving for third countries and….poor guys are suffering in the camps.

    So my request is plez come up with facts and healthy discussions, we are already divided in thoughts and this forum may be watching around globe, so stopped making joker to each other. During the past 20 years, international community has learnt about the facts of nepali problem with Bhutan and no more interested in this matter.

    My uncle was brutally killed by anti national people brandsing as Bhutay ko chamcha during 1990 .

  21. Mr. thinley you have no right to tell that only refugee are illegal immigrants . First off all you must see your forefather from where they come to our land .If iam not mistake your father enter Bhutan from BOmdila Arunachal pardesh. still you have your relatives in Arunachal pardesh. Dear thinley keep it in your mind that if real democracy will prevail in Bhutan i will be a person to make you quit Bhutan.

  22. Deepak who is definitely an advocate for the Bhutanese government should know refugees are not anti-national but more national than Thinley or his kings. Those who formulated the retrospective citizenship act of 1985 and master minded 1988 census resulting in the refugee making are truly anti-nationals because it is they who were responsible in destroying peaceful Bhutan on racial and ethnic grounds. The Nepali speaking Bhutanese were simply doing what they need to do when their citizenship rights were being violated arbitrarily. They were the true Bhutanese and sons of the soil who had the guts and determination to challenge the most notorious and brutal regime in the world. It is no crime to oppose a government which violates one’s rights and freedoms. Those who sold out Bhutan’s water resources in last two decades jeopardizing country’s fragils echo system and environment are anti-nationals. Those who have grown rich,powerful and lived in lurury in Thimphu at the cost of simple and illiterate Bhutanese masses are anti-nationals. Those who have allowed foreign forces on the Bhutanese soil are anti-nationals. Those who continue to cheat the Bhutanese masses on false promises and hopes are anti-nationals.

  23. Chhhh..Chhh…I feel pity on this Thinley. While I found some of the comments above enlightening as far as the history goes, I refrain from arguing with him. Sometimes, I avoid dull heads for they really get in to my nerves! . The way he commented surely reflects that he has some bookish knowledge that too of some cheap definitions. Not the least, Thinley is learning BUT if his preparation goes this way, I am afraid, he will land up below 35 %.

  24. Hello All Colleagues,
    I may not be perfect but we fail to understand the steps taken by Bhutanese PM. Why we are making fuss of one interview he gave in the Middle Eastern media? He has done more than this interview in 1994 through his book, “Bhutan A Kingdom under Beseize” in the international platform, now, he is merely repeating his old mantra.

    Until now, we are emotionally bashing among ourselves about this interview. I think he probably did this to wake up us.

    Instead of all the big voices here in BNS, the ideal thing to do is write as many of these comments to the media who hosted the interview and explain the fact-we fail to do this since we have to resource. Next, why cannot we seek the interview in the same channel or the rival channel in the same region.

    Our policy should be “tit for tat, if there is interview in one channel, our people in the reason should pick up another channel.

    Expressing our own 20 year old frustration here will be less effective or will have no effect at all.

    If we can, let us follow this, if not, we only waste time and emotions.. or unless we provide the interview to all the MPs of our host countries, VIPs and settlement providers and diplomats, so they are on loop for next time on what the PM may say.

    I may be wrong but this is What I think may be worth exploring.

  25. Those of us who watched Jigme Thinley’s interview know he is not convincing at all, he choses words cautiously as to not get caught for lying, his face says it all. The Editor of Bhutan Observer was very uncomfortable when cornered by the reporter regarding Bhutanese refugees,he said we left Bhutan volunteerily, at one point he says” this is what we have been led to believe by the Government”, truth came out without him realising. Poor fellow must be in trouble already.

    TrueDukpa,everybody know that you guys came from Tibet, the native people of Bhutan are “Doyas, Totas from Samchi and Mangdips from Tongsa”, who are not recognised by the Bhutan Govt. and left to fend for themselves. They are the most illiterate and backward people of Bhutan, Govt. has done nothing to uplift them. Truedrukpa, you are as immigrants as your Lhotshampa brothers and sisters. You don’t become a true son of Bhutan Just because your forefathers immigrated to Bhutan earlier than Lhotshampas. I feel sorry for you Drukpas, you guys think other people don’t have access to information on Bhutan. There are tons of information about Shabdrung, Drukpas, Lhotshampas on the internet.

  26. Dear meera,
    I have read names of many Dzongpons/Penlops/chipons/Deb rajas(regional leaders)representetingSherchop,Haap,Parop,Tongsap,Doya,Brokpa,Layap,Khen,Kurtuep,Bunthap,Wangduep,Yang-tshep,Dagap in the history of war and politic in Bhutan before 17th
    December 1907.
    Can you please name few nepali leaders in the history of war and politic in Bhutan ?
    Yes, I agree that, few nepali people entered Bhutan during the era of Zabdrung
    Nawang Namyel from nepal to work for statue making and ofcourse porters of British Missions.

  27. Dear all,

    Let me quote “People in the camps in Nepal are the victims of humanitarian situations caused by demographic explosion, ecological disaster and economic depreciation,” said the PM of Bhutan. Perhaps you guys could in all your sense of fairness (if you have) think for a while whay he said what he said. As a leader of a sovereign country, he has the make clear his government’s stand on the so-called refugee issue. But you guys here did not like what he said. Thats fine. You dont like what he said but the Bhutanese people are proud of their elected PM who could articulate the feelings of the Bhutanese people. Mr. Parsu referred to the Bhutanese PMs book titled ““Bhutan A Kingdom under Beseige”. I think the book was well written. It was not like books written by so-called refugee leaders wherein facts were twisted. The book analyses the threats faced by a sovereign country due to demographic explosion.

  28. Deepak, first of all , there is no need to use a fake name in this forum.

    What Bhutan you are talking about before 1907 ???? Bhutan came into being in 1907. Before that there were warlords fighting among themselves claiming particular area of land.

    People of Nepalese origin was invited by the first king of Bhutan to settle down in southern boarder for two reasons; firstly, to develop the wilderness into productive land so your King could collect revenue from the land which they did, our people still have Tax receipts from 1915. Can any Drukpa come up with Tax receipt from that period. We can send those receipts to display in National museum of Bhutan in future. Secondly, to guard the boarder from the British occupation. Where were your Drukpas then ??? they could have settled there and guarded the boarder. Can you tell me if there were any Drukpa settled in southern Bhutan in early 1900s ???. The first Drukpas we saw in southern Bhutan were personnels from Bhutan Police in 1960s. First King of Bhutan had given letters with his official seal to Garjaman Gurung of Samchi and Om Pradhan’s great grand father of Neoli with a permission to settle the people of Nepalese origin in Southern Bhutan, there are names of places too where they could be settled. Don’t use the history for your convenience.

  29. Let’s stop arguing. Let’s do something concrete to hold Bhutanese government responsible for human rights violations in southern Bhutanese during 1980-90s. Let them face the UN or internationasl tribunals and 100,000 Lhotshampas living in different countries of the world can be the witness. Those of you in Europe can file a case in european court, those in US can file a case of human rights violation and discrimination Bhutan regime as defendant and also Bhutan regime supported terrosist organization, those of you in Australia can consult lawyers, let’s not leave these people go unpunished. It’s too much of talking and we are doing nothing to hold these violators of human rights accountable for destroying southern Bhutan and its original inhabitants. Let’s demand from the world community if Bhutanese regime can be spared from international justice system. Let’s seek a legal resolution. Forget about who is Deepak. He is nothing. But make sure the Bhtanese rulers are held responsible within the UN and international laws on human rights. They must be punished and held accountable for killings, torture, rape, intimidation, forcible seizure of properties and eviction of southern Bhutanese. Our souls will not rest in peace until they are punished for what they did to southern Bhutanese and Jigmi Thinley and his Kings must be brought to face the law in USA, Europe and in any other country which upholds the fundamental rights and freedoms of any people anywhere in the world.

  30. I am born in Chirang now Tsirang 68 years ago.My father was also born in Chirang in 1905 in the land that I am possessing now and passed away 20 years ago.My father’s birth shows that we were here before the birth of Wangchuk Dynasty in Bhutan. During my child wood(60 years ago)I saw nepali speaking old villagers who used to tell that they have already spent 40 yrs. 35 yrs. in the same village where I am now.And during the period 1990,91 and 92 I saw the children and grand children of those old people being uprooted including my elder brother and other relatives.Their properties like cattle, food grains from the granaries,houses,land,cardamom are looted by the army and police.They were beaten ,forced to sign a form ,evicted from their birth place and propagated through out the world that they left Bhutan on their own will.They also were termed as terrorists by the demonic RGOB where in reality the govt. was the

    I also know that Dharma Raj Gurung and Ratna Bahadur Tamang were killed by the then Royal Damphu Jr.High School in 1991.During those days the main architects of such crime against the humanity were the present prime minister of Bhutan-Jigme Y Thinley,The then army chief Lam Dorje,Home minister Dago Tshering,Present police chief,present army chief,present chief justice, the then Dzongdas of southern districts and the forth king as the chief commander.

    Now I see my new neighbours who are forced to occupy the land and houses of my old neighbours who are there in the refugee camps in Nepal and many in the Western countries. And I feel sorry and sad seeing the pathetic condition of the “Justice”in the land of forced GNH.

    There fore,I am sure “Deepak” who is writing all none sense here is a murderer of the history paid by the RGOB.And the other thing is,he is not a Bhutanese.In his mentally retarded writing, he has never tried to mention any thing about the early 1900s and on wards inhabitants of the six southern dzongkhags.As a self proclaimed/declared hypocrite historian, whom the world has never seen before and will not see, has one question mainly_tell me the names of a few Nepali leaders in the history of war and politics of Bhutan.But he never thinks that the nepali speaking bhutanese were never interested in civil war and, in politics they were not at all given chance.In addition to this,the true history of the nepali speaking bhutanese is never revealed but buried by the previous govts. and the predecessors of “Deepak” like historians.

    Now one thing “Deepak”,where is your origin? Tibet or Arunachal Pradesh like that of JS Wangchuk and Jigme Y Thinley? For your information “deepak”, there are three main groups of ethnic migrants in Bhutan.
    1.Tshangla speakers in eastern Bhutan-they originally are from Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh and near by areas and some from Tibet.
    2.Dzongkha, one of the 19 Tibetan dialects speakers in northern Bhutan are from Tibet and some from Sikkim.
    3.Nepali speakers in southern Bhutan are originally from Nepal.

  31. Hi meera,
    Finally you have accepted that,nepali migrated into Bhutan to clear the jungle,construct the roads and finally settled down in southern part of Bhutan.Your statement clearly says that,nepalis are not indegenous people of

    You have mentioned that,you saw Drukpas in souhtern Bhutan in 1960 only i.e was also Police personnels.May be true,coz large number of nepali migrant labourer came into Bhutan during 1960 to work for road construction and you must be family of one of them .

    You claim that,nepali guarded Bhutan boarder in south against British occupation.
    We drukpas fought war with British troops many times in southern border before 1907.Please, mention name of few commanders/leaders of nepali origian in the history of war between British and Bhutan.

    Therefore,I would say,nepali migrated into Bhutan for job.Govt. provided them free education,free health,free land (sukumbasi) etc.But good gesture of Royal govt. took as weakness of Bhutanese Govt. by the nepali.They undermined the leadership,they underestimated the capability of Bhutanese leaders.Finally ,like old says goes”AWOLA DEDA DOURALO NEELNAY VAYOOO”.(offering one finger but wanna take solid hand)

  32. There is no reason to fight over something that will not yield anything. In a few years from now all refugees will be resettled in third country -thousands of miles away. They will never get to see Bhutan again. The noice they are making around the world right now will eventually fade away with time; it will be only for couple of years -say until the end of first generation abroad. The younger or emerging generations will never pick on what their parents are doing right now for several reasons:
    1. They will never have emotional attachment to Bhutan; therefore, will not have interest in Bhutan
    2. They will never have time to think negative of other countries. They will be engaged in their professional life and think more about providing for their family
    3. Since they will be growing in a more developed countries their mentality or the thought process will be different from their parents and people who grew up in the camps in Nepal
    4.The environment they live in will teach them positive thinking about politics in oppose to dirty politics that their parents and other refugees have learnt from Nepal
    5. They will live in a country where they will be bound by the law in oppose to lawless Nepal their parents and other refugees lived in
    6. They will never be issued visa to visit Bhutan unless they are reborn with a different look -no matter what country’s citizen they become of.

    Given all these facts, Bhutan is in a very comfortable stand. And, always remember, politics is a number game. Drukpas comprising of 90% of Bhutan’s population gives another reason for Bhutan to give damn to noice these refugees make around the globe.

    Peace out!

  33. Hey Deepak/Dorji,we never claimed that we are indegenous people of Bhutan, we have always maintained that we are people of Nepalese ethnicity. You are stupid to make a false statement like that. Actually, you Drukpas are claiming to be indegenous people of Bhutan while brushing off Doyas, Totas and Mongdips.
    It is no point talking to a person like you who destort the facts to suit your purpose.

  34. Jigme Y Thinley in collaboration with Jigme Singey alongwith some chauvinist drukpas has committed a serious international crime of zenocide for which his future generation will have to pay with a harsh and bitter situation when Bhutanese in American, European and the Australian colour will label him an “axis of evil”. The Bhutanese must keep the memories alive in any form.

  35. I would like to add yet another comment to this poor creature “true Drukpa” to remind him that he should remember it is more important that a human being should be privileged to remain a true human being and not like him who is actually living a four footed animal’s life being interfered in every walk of his life by the stooges of his Master – Jigme Singye. our people in the camps are much more privileged to see a better world outside in line with the noble and broad world community. Don’t worry, your territorial perimeter is not something which will remain isolated for a long time. You cannot even take breath if the world community does not spit on you.

  36. Lotus Flower please read the recent human history where dictators were always found guilty and punished for crime against humanity and gross human rights abuses in UN tribunals and in courts of civilized and democratic countries. We will raise our voice so effectively and so loudly in every part of the world where refugees will be resettled that the international community will be forced to launch an international inquiry into crimes against humanity and human rights violations during 1980s and 1990s.It’s only a matter of time before all criminals mentioned above by Tsiranghpas are brought to justice. And Lhotshampas and their future generations will never rest no matter where they are but will seek justice to ensure violators of human rights in Bhutan are exposed and punished. Propaganda by persons like Jigmi Thinley can’t stand against truth and truth will always win. No body should ever try to tell us history of Bhutan which is written as per the directives and orders of rulers who never permitted freedom of speech, expression, media and print in Bhutan. Even after so called democracy in Bhutan was introduced people are still afraid and the most dreaded and draconian law of TsaWaSum still is in force. Unless this law is abolished Bhutanese people will always be in royal chains and a few near to royalty will continue to rule at the cost of poor and oppressed people. There will be no TRUE FREEDOM in the land of Buddha and peace.

  37. Dear meera,Tsirangpa,shaym,Raju,Dragonfire,
    It seems that , you all are a new generation guys bron after 1990.Your contents are hearsays not the history and story.

    Meera.. you does not know who is neolee babu ?You said Om Pardhan’s great grand father…ha ha ha…plez..note that he was Om Pardhan’s father and his presence was visiable only during 1960.

    Tsirangpa…you have mentioned one side of the plez read the another side .

    The destroying of schools/Health facilities/Bridges and kidnapping of fellow citizen and killing ,branding as Bhotay Ko chamcha(Drukpas supporters) in the villages in Bhutan by the group of vested interest so called nepali leaders.

    To save the public properties like schools/hospitals/bridges and lives of innocent villagers,the royal Govt. was compelled to called Army/Police.The situation was out of control as nepalis were armed with ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    They brunt down our national dress,refused to follow tradition and culture….DECLINED TO accept ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION POLICY.Although there were/are many caste with different language and dress in Bhutan,WHY only nepali refused accept it?

    Regarding Origin of our King and PM family ….plez read history of
    Bhutan……their great..great grand fathers fought many wars ,they were land lords,leaders before 1907.

  38. Deepak, so, you guys have four Queen Mothers ??? One King has four biological mothers. At least give respect to the real biological Mother of the King, this is how Bhutan thinks they can fool their fellow Bhutanese and rest of World as well.

    Do you guys even know how much perks and allowances your Royal Family get, how much does the Govt. spend on maintenance of the Royalties??? Can a counrty like Bhutan who is heavily dependent on foreign aid and donations to meet the Govt. and development needs afford to spend a huge amount on maintaining a large number of Royalties ??? Four Queens, 12 sons and daughters of your King, when they are married their spouses and children will be entitled for the same maintenance allowance as other Royalties. Pretty soon Bhutan will have hard time keeping track of royalties which will be well over hundred. Good Luck with that !!! I suppose you can vouch that foreign donation is well spent.

  39. We should stop spending money on royal family. Every body must work and not live a luxurious life on the cost of others. We should spend money on uplifting the lives of poor Bhutanese people and stop wasting on royal expenses. We have already spent too much now let’s put a halt to it. Bhutanese people need not fear the royals now because their rights and freedoms are guaranteed by the constitution. It is no need to bow before any one. It is no culture but slavery. In a democracy people need not fear if they do not bow before any one. We must practice true liberty and need not fear no body in Bhutan. No body bows before any one in USA and they are the most powerful country and most developed. A culture should aim to liberate people not to put them in chains.

  40. Meera,
    you are shame to called Bhutan as your mother land,you all should called opportunities,not the son/daughter of soil.

    We genuine lhotshams are still living in Bhutan with equal rights and previlages provided by Govt. you can see lhotshams every where,. We have lhotsham ministers,lhotsham businessman/women,lhotsham doctors/engineers.We are equally treated by the Royal Govt. of Bhutan and fellow citizens.


    You are behavibg like mad dog,trying to bite every body on the not rty to bully innocent people .

  41. Hey Deepak, this is the truth about your Royalty, you guys are in denial. You know know the gap between the haves and have nots are widening in Bhutan. Some people in Kheng and East don’t have a proper meal a day while your Royalty, Ministers and Rich people in Thimphu eat imported food from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia. Keep bowing to these people to preserve your feudal culture. Bowing to these people is feudalism not culture, it was opposed by the people in power. This is the very reason why there was a revolution in China which led to Communism. It is evident from the comments in Bhutan Times forum that majority of Bhutanese are against the feudal system.People are not happy that money and power is in a small group of people who are connected to either Royals or a circle of a small powerful people.

  42. Deepak where is your equal rights? Do they allow you to read and write Nepali language in southern Bhutan schools? They have made Dzongkha compulsory but banned teaching of Nepali. They tried to destroy a culture, language and identity of Lhotshampas and you still speak on their behalf. If Lhotshampa dress,language, culture and tradition were always accepted in Bhutanese history and never considered a threat but part of Bhutanese national culture why on earth it was basnned in 1980s? I want to ask this question to your king Jigme Singye Wangchhuck. What made him reverse all the policies introduced by his late father Jigme Dorji Wangchhuck who always considered Lhotshampa culture, language and identity as an integral part of Bhutan. Stop blaming Lhotshampas and calling them anti-national blame your king who actually is an anti-national who started anti-Lhotshampas policies. And you want us to keep quiet like a dumb animal when your culture, language and identity are being destroyed because Jigme Singye Wangchhuck thinks and believes this is no good for Bhutan. He is absolutely wrong and his policies are destructive for Bhutan. Lhotshampas must be treated with respect and not as second class citizens. The Lhotshampa ministers are but puppets who can do nothing. They cannot open their mouths in support of their own language and culture. What you can expect from them. They call themselves as the humble servants of RGOB. In a democracy every body is free and equal, no body is no servant to no one. You are born free and democracy ensures and guarantees that right to you as a free individual and if a democracy can not ensure and protect that then it is no real democracy, it is just a sham and an insult to democracy and its cherished principles of equality, freedom and liberty. I hope this answers your questions.

  43. Dear meera,
    Really nice to meet you again and again,thank you for shareing your thoughts, but I realized that, you are misguided youth of mordern world.You have very less knowledge about the politic.

    Any way….I quote few nepali saying to reply you.”JAS..LAY MO..HA KAD..TSHA TAS.
    LAY..HAATH CHAT..TSHA”So it is happening all over world,the boss is always right.

    In the search of better future you are suffering in refugee camp in nepal for the past 20 years.

    With the dream of better NEPAL,our innocent nepali friends have been suffering with killings/lootings/kidnappings and loss of properties for the past 10-15
    years.”SHAGARMATHA KEENA ROYUO, NEPALI..LAY, NEPALI..LAI KEENA MA..RUO ?”Have you observed any positive changes for the majority nepali citizens during the
    rule of Communist Govt of Nepal?In place of better future..political situation in Nepal is becoming bad from worst every day.

    Our problem and Nepal problem was created by handful of self style leaders for
    their vested interest, nothing more.we poor are not going to get any thing.

    PAIHLA..KAN TSHAMA,KAN TSHA..KI..TSHAINA ANEE..AGADARI–PADSHARI–DAIYA–BAIYA HEERA KAK TO PACHI DOURNAY BATOO RAMROO TSHA KI TSHAINA”(Crow has taken away your not blindly run after the crow you may land in a big gorge and may not be able to come out for ever. remember crow is flying in the sky and you are at land. Firstly check your ear, then see front–Back–Left– and right and ensure that way you are supposed to run after crow is safe”

    Nothing happened and it has been happening to the innocent people all over world in the hand of self style leaders.
    So having discussion between you and me does not bring any positive changes in our future,except loss of money for this internet service.
    So good bye…lood luck…

  44. Meera,
    There are haves and have nots everywhere, even in the richest nations. But you must realize that Bhutan of today is quite different from 20 years ago. If you are referring ‘Kheng’ and ‘East’ not having enough food to eat 20 years ago, than it is not a good recipe for acuracy. Bhutan has developed immensely over the last two decades.

    It is good to sometimes think positively. Development does not come at once in all places at the same time. Some times people choose to not bring development in their villages, to protect and preserve their native culture. In American state of Arizona, native Indians chose to live life in their old traditional way. They still drink water from the pond, still use lamps to light their house, use traditional toilets…It’s not that the US government did not afford to bring development in this place but because the Indians chose to live their life that way.

    It is true that people are expressing their grievances through the use of media. With internet and TV coming to Bhutan, the social environment has certainly changed. However, a few disgruntle people cannot change the whole nation. Your argument that people are not happy in Bhutan does not hold any water. Please ‘google’ in the internet and find out that Bhutan stood 8th and 13th happiest nations in the WORLD in a survey conducted by two renowned independent research institutions. Please learn to appreciate what others have achieved.

    If you are seeing comments in Bhutan Times it is because we have some leftover family members of refugees who disguise themselves as genuine Bhutanse who are genuinely concern but it is not “majority” as you claim in your post.

  45. Lotus flower please don’t brag about level of happiness in Bhutan, you are being too unfair to poor and deprived Bhutanese people. Please be truthful. You are trying to give the impression as if every body, every family in every part of Bhutan is happy but that is very very untrue. Do you know how many people in Bhutan donot have a means of living? Do you know how many Bhutanese do not own any businesses or lands or have a job? Do you know how many Bhutanese are leaving the country for greener pastures abroad becasue there are no jobs, no income and no future in Bhutan. You can meet Bhutanese almost at every street of New York doing lowly jobs from as far as Mera Sakten. You can’t compare Bhutan with the happiest countries like Denmark, Sweden or others. They are self sustaining economies but Bhutan a totally dependent country on India which even finances its military and police forget about meeting other expenses. Can Bhutan survive without Indian aid, grants and loans? I want to know the answer from you since you brag so much about happiness. True happiness should be measured in terms of economic and political sovereignty and achievement of economic self reliance by a country and not that you go to New Delhi at the start of every budget and beg for money. And you want to believe the world that you are the happiest country. May be the royals are happy, lyonpos and dashos are happy and all those with government jobs and contracts awarded by government are happy but not every Bhutanese. I want to see Bhutan as the happiest country in true terms but not as a hollow propaganda ploy by government whereas the reality is totally different. The truth : Bhutan is totally dependent on foreign aid particularly from India (99%) and it is being misused and abused for the luxurious lives of royals, lyonpos, dashos and those close to power and the rest of the country lives on poverty, illiteracy, backwardness, superstitions,disease and are made to believe king is above humans and whatever poverty, disease and backwardness they have is because of thier past karma. It is not true. America is big and powerful not because of its people’s past karma but because of their hard work and the respect for individual freedom and liberty. You cannot achieve happiness in a feudal and dependent society.

  46. In about next two years, all refugees camps in Nepal will be emptied, and almost every Bhutanese refugee will be gone to USA or other countries. That will bring an end to ongoing hostility between Bhutanese Government and Bhutanese refugees living in camps in Nepal.
    I hope that day comes soon and both parties will forgive eachother. World today, needs peace, not hatred, killing and violance.

  47. Lotus Flower wrote, ” Bhutanese refugees resettled in USA and other countries will never be issued visas to visit Bhutan”. I disagree with that statement, because I know for the fact that all poor countries love to welcome US citizens because visiting US citizens bring US Dollars with them to spend in their countries. Bhutan is one of the poorest countries in the world, and I think the Government of Bhutan,eventually will allow US citizens of Nepal/ Bhutan origin, in its efforts to improve its financial shape, and economy.
    At present, US citizens are allowed to visit Bhutan, but they are not allowed to walk around freely in Bhutan. A guide must be with them all the times.

  48. Shahid, you need to update your knowledge about Bhutan’s development and it’s economy. Poor country is considered when country’s GNI is less than $400 (like that of Nepal) Bhutan’s GNI rose immensely; it is around $3000 as per the latest UN report.

    I agree that one of Bhutan’s source of income is from tourism. But it’s policy -low volume high value -is intact. Bhutan definitely need more tourists coming in but not Rizals, Adhikaris, Timisina, sharmas or the likes. No matter what country’s citizens you become, your mentality will still be the same.

  49. “I have read names of many Dzongpons/Penlops/chipons/Deb rajas(regional leaders)representetingSherchop,Haap,Parop,Tongsap,Doya,Brokpa,Layap,Khen,Kurtuep,Bunthap,Wangduep,Yang-tshep,Dagap in the history of war and politic in Bhutan before 17th
    December 1907.
    Can you please name few nepali leaders in the history of war and politic in Bhutan ?
    Yes, I agree that, few nepali people entered Bhutan during the era of Zabdrung
    Nawang Namyel from nepal to work for statue making and ofcourse porters of British Missions.”


  50. This is to Mr. Deepak! Mr. Deepak, I read some of your valued comments and could not remain unheeded. First of all, I suggest you should change your name itself. It should be something like Dorji, something that starts with the letter D as may be most aptly put by some Nepali astrologer but something which has no relation with Nepali culture and Hindu religion! You are so damn against it so why you relate yourself in it even by your name!!
    First of all, by being against the Bhutanese refugees in the camps and recently resettled Bhutanese, you are against social and cultural aspects of human society. You were given birth by a couple of Bhutanese people of Nepali origin in the same society who have rich and distinct culture, language, tradition, faith, belief and worship, which are much more scientific and decent than your northern and ruling counterparts. I am sure your first words taught by your mother were Nepali words. The first religious and cultural activities you performed as every human being does was that of Nepali and Hindu. Your parents, you brothers and sisters, your kiths and kins, your friends and foes still uphold happily the culture, language etc. which belongs to this nationality. Bhutan govt also used the services of the people of Nepali origin in everyway they could in every field including their very security in the south. The official language they used was Nepali because they could not do with their undeveloped language with grammer stolen from Tibetan language. In this background that existed in the late 80s and early 90s, the Bhutanese govt led by the then serpant king Jigme singye wangchuk, decided overnight to evict and throw thousands people of Nepali origin who it labelled “Lhotshampas” collectively since long time back.
    It was certainly our responsibility to be with those thrown out of the country as these were the people who had settled in south Bhutan since long long time ago. It was our responsibility to be with them as they were the ones who had been part of many activities which led Bhutan towards modernisation. They were the people who had safeguarded the tiny Himalayan nation from external threats.
    The motive of the “ONE NATION ONE PEOPLE” brought by the then govt of Bhutan was to assimilate a large society of Nepali origin into that of the Drukpas forcefully with state sponsored national and international terrorism. Thanks to our elders and intellectuals and the madia, the issue was brought to the notice of the international community. A large society was saved from extinction. By being against the South Bhutanese, you are supporting the govt that is bent on eradicating a large society with distinct and rich parameters of religion, culture, etc, etc.So, how can you be a DEEPAK, when you are supporting the malicious propaganda of JIGME SNGYE WANGCHUK.
    Mind you this is a crime of large magnitude. You know now the days of the feudal lords and feudalism are mostly limited to history. You can note your own beloved 5th King has changed in his puplic appearances. He says that he will serve the people as their own family member but not as the head of the feudal institution of Royal Family. He emphasises that any matter should be looked through the lens of simplicity. Note the language now. This is not something he brought by himself. This is the demand of the day. The rule of the majority is the order of the day.You 5th King educated in England seems to have cultivated the culture of Pluralism, democracy, human rights, and through all the individual rights “GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS” – an imposition of his father Jigme Singye.
    We the south Bhutanese are not against the country, Bhutan. In fact many of us even though will not return there love it and offer our services at times of need especially if there is any external threats for its very existence. We still love the people of that country as they were our childhood friends. But we dont yield to imposition put by the govt forcefully with a malicious objective. Well for this we have already proved!
    I have many many aspects to say, but I like to stop here for now and like people like Mr. Deepak to align yourself fit to embrace the 3rd millenium values of human society and discard the pamplets of the regressive policies of the old feudal institutions.

  51. I think Bhutan should wake up and look at thinks from a broader angle and reminiscent of the fact that we live in a modern world where things can be tested with scientific forensic tests of evidences. Whether people in the camps are Bhutanese or not does not have to be dictated by Bhutan. People hold the documents issued by the same system and signed by the Bhutanese Officials.

    It is not necessary that we should believe Jigme Y Thinley who is hand picked by the previous King to rule the system that is still operated by remote control of the Palace and full knowledge and permission of the former King. The truth is that Bhutan used a highly biased census mechanism used to Southern Bhutanese by asking them to produce 15, 20 0r 30 year old documents but the rest of the Bhutanese population was not asked this as they are mongoloid, Drukpa and Buddhist. If the system had used the same uniform census tool to all Bhutanese more than half of the Drukpa population would be non-national over night the same way Southern Bhutanese were declared non-national and non-Bhutanese.

    So the truth and the fact is that Bhutan had used all possible means to project Bhutan the way monarchy wanted it to be projected including writing of the Bhutan history book that are authored by people who were state guests and spend most of their time in the palace while writing the history books. Similarly, Bhutan had always bought the media in its side to write and project only one side of the story. A good testing ground for this fact is that all state sponsored and formal tourists are allowed to visit only the northern part of the country and they are not allowed or taken to Southern Bhutan historically. What you see of Bhutan is only Buddhist and Drukpa culture and places.

    So the concept of Gross National Happiness is a projection of the same one side aspect of Bhutan. To understand the true meaning of Gross National Happiness people should travel to the remote villages in the east and south where people are really struggling for livelihood. What happiness you can expect in people’s lives when they are struggling for hand to mouth????

  52. Thinley, how dare u say that Bhuanese citizens of Nepali oriigins as’illegal immigrants”?We are here in Bhutan from early 16th century,about 300 years before the wangchuks started their kingship. Bhutan was then being ruled by Shabdrung.If we have to catagorise/decide who the recent settlers are-Ngalongs are the MOST RECENT SETTLERS IN BHUTAN.The ILLEGAL,INTRUDERS/IMMIGRANTS from Tibet They”re the minor community in Bhutan.Do you know when and from where did ngalong come to Bhutan?The Tibetans who fled off towards south during the Chinnese invasion on Tibet are these ngalongs.It is after 1850 A.D.Then they formed a militant group and attacked Shabdrung Regime.Due to intrigues and conspiracies they threw the good,staight and loyal ruler-Shabdrung and started kingship just in 1907 A.D.Now it is just 103 years.So this proves that Ngalongs are the most recent settlers in Bhutan.And Ngalongs are the International terrorists in Bhutan as the Tibetans fighting against China they came and attacked Bhutan because they had a little knowledge of warfare.

  53. Dear Lotus Flower :

    Thanks for updating information on Bhutan’s develoment.
    However, I do not appreciate your comments suggesting that Adhikaris, Rizals,Timisina, Sharmas are not welcome in Bhutan and that their mentality will never change no matter what country’s citizens they become.

    May I please suggest you start looking at persons as humans only, not as Adhikaris, Rizals, Timisina or Sharmas.

    I have some Adhikari, Rizal, Timisina and Sharma friends who are real nice people. They are Bhutanese refugees resettled here in the United States. I like them so much that I would do anything for them.

  54. Deepak vegelantee of jigme, dont present ur onesided history in nepali mask. try to read the real history and write. history is fact about past and it must be based on truth. dont try to creat baseless history and sing the hymes of royal facist,tranny jigme to gain benefit

  55. Oops! shame on Bhutanese PM.How he(with no knowledge of history) was elected as the PM of Bhutan.Shocks for Bhutan.Advice:Try to keep your eye on History.

    One reminder to all the commentators.writing comment does not mean to write conversation.So please try to be straight forward to the concern.Comment must be short and transparent to the point.

  56. Thank you, that wasvery interesting. I was born in Thailand in 1960s but my parents fled and came here in the UK. Honestly, I didnt really care much about my Thai heritage until my mum died recently, now I’ve been trying to find out as much as I possibly can. Seemed like food culture was as good a place as any to start ! Anyway, I found a thai food recipe site here that other readers might be interested in too.

  57. first of all, let me quote one of my fren from southeren bhutan said to me, ” i have 19 cows, if one dies, i will have 20″. all comments that you all have pasted here and the reason you all did that is just because you all are the puppets of the group of people who coined and use this proverb. if what ever JYT said is untrue and yours are the truth, then human right organisations and the UN could have successfully brought you people back with pride and dignity.
    thanks to Tika Ram Adhikari for proving that he is a great liar. JYT is not handpicked by the king and he is elected by the bhutanese people. His landslide victory was live telecasted even by many international media. Contrary to what you people think, JYT got the full support from the south and east and lost two places in the north and west. y to make baseless allegations by saying that southeren bhutanese are non nationals, the world can see that, the southern bhutanese are nationals and they are still here. they represent bhutan at all ranks.
    Lastly i also agree that some people might be commenting under nepali mask, if so dont do that, its a refugee mask and its dirty. any body can comment using their real name BUT it is alo wrong to think that southern bhutanese will not comment against those refugee’s comments.

  58. TO Meera:
    the differences between haves and have not is widening in Nepal, ur idol country. there was this difference in bhutan before but now its reducing. All of you refugee commentators including tsirangay(wearing bhutanese mask) are proving that ur fellow refugee commentators are lying. Eg. JB Subedi says that ethnic nepalis settled ibn bhutan in 1616 but meera fooled him and wrote that the ethnic nepalese were invited by the First king. Thats the same case that happened in southeren Bhutan in 1990s. one nepali protested against the govt and another killed his fellow nepali for not supporting. If JYT and the king should face international court for not respecting human rights, then you refugees should be brought back to face court case for killing many southern bhutanese.

  59. GNH is a key point to read the happiness in Bhutan nowonwards.We will soon know how GNH is possible with no fundamental rights, Isolation, no objection certificate (NOC) requirements, no cultural freedom, no freedom for study of native languages and so on.
    It is not that difficult to understand the cunning way of governing the country to infused fake idea of democracy to the world. Also how long the world historians, scholars and intellectuals keep on with the ideas of such fooldom.

  60. Patriots! Deepak’s MA stands for Married Again and not Master of Arts. There must be a falsified history of Bhutan he studied. If he really studied the subject the true records would be reflected in his writings.

  61. If a journalist interviewed Jigme Y Thinley, at his home as a common man he would give a completely different version on the Bhutanese refugees. Only common people know the truth, government officials are MAed to lie.

  62. i really respect bhutan government and king of bhutan jigme geyshar namgya.Some crazy people coming from Nepal they are making political party use to in bhutan.then Bhutan government kick out crazy people, i m so happy for that

  63. I do love all arguments. I do love the HMs Wangchuk Kings, the honorable ministers, dzongdas, honorable citizens, students of Bhutan, teachers, gups, chimis, mandals, karbaris,tshogpas, apas, amas, magmis, chumas, and beloved Bhutanese citizens.I dearly love Lynpo Dago Tshering, Gup Sonam, Dzongda Lhakpa Dorji (who mistakenly took the life of a monk in Mongar),and more on the list from the Druk.
    I love the land because I was born and brought up and partly educated there. The same govt.spent money on me without discrimination.I am very much grateful.Today I am surviving in America because of that education and awareness.I reached USA after I was proven a Bhutanese refugee by my documents issued by the Royal Govt.I was eligible for settlement because neither I suppressed any Bhutanese, nor I part took in Garganda episode nor I fought in Nepal.When I compare the past and present scenario of Bhutan, Nepal, India and USA, I am finding many things common: we all need to be polite, follow laws and regulations, pay money every where, work and earn, laugh, smile, get frustrated or jubilant,etc.etc.
    Back in Bhutan: all the same.The mountains, hills and people as pure and unchanged as they were 20 years ago. The street dogs, cows, vendors,trucks, cars and pedestrians all share the same environments.Love of the people for each other is the same.I do not see lhotsampas, Ngalongs or Tsanglas getting into conflict just because each one understands the other.
    Then, what is wrong? our vision, ego, negative attributes,or literate blindness?
    I am in exile.So what? I am respected,supported, cared, protected,etc.etc. I am world’s citizen. I explore more opportunities than a geographically confined fellow citizen. I decide my destiny as we do ours.
    I appeal exiled green card and citizen certificate holders to respect the Bhutanese inside and outside the country. We should thank Gods: Buddha,Christ, Krishna and Shiva because if we were repatriated, we might need to choose gun culture as this is what is in south asia now.
    We need to appreciate PM Thinly’s views to categorize us non-citizens of Bhutan for several reasons;
    1.His govt. amended the citizenship Act several times to make us non-citizens.
    2.No census with strict documentary evidence is held in the north because hardly anyone has documents with them.Reason: no one gave them documents because a true citizen does not need a paper to prove his nationality.Most of them know the history of Bhutan formation as a kingdom than do our rulers.
    3.No one has asked Thinley and his cabinet to prove their certificate of origin.
    4.No one has asked our King’s maternal uncles and grandmas to produce their Bhutanese documents because they are now in Bhutan and can show any documents including hospital bill, grosery bill and many more bills. If you ask them about Kalimpong, they will show all documents because it was Bhutan once upon a time.
    5.The Govt.’s law is applied to southerners only because we demanded rights more than the northers.
    6. Next, a farmer/peasant in kengkhar, Thangrung, Kheng, Shingkarlauri, Sakten, Challi, Lunana, Gasa, etc. is poorer than a Lhotsampas. But these peasants never demanded any rights.Why? because if they were made non-citizens, they have no where to go.But we Nepali speakers took advantage of our language and complexions to fight the tide.
    7. We southerners are quick to criticize others. Eg, we argue that Bhutan govt.did not permit us respectand practize our culture and custom.My question: how many of us did preserve our culture in a free camps in Nepal and now in USA? We love to imitate what others do.
    8.If Bhutan negotiates with develop countries, most Bhutanese especially educated and young would love to taste the environments of Europe and America. But in a present situation, they are bound to serve in the country and her beloved citizens.Meaning, our choices and sentiments are similar.
    9.A diplomat has to support his govt.’s stand.So did Thinly.If you were in his legs, you and I would do the same.
    Do not argue with the people inside Bhutan.Let them have a life of their own.If we do not bother them, they will have no time to bother us.Next, any citizen gets hurt when his/her country and govt. are undermined.for eg., I do not want someone undermined USA and her allies because I am her citizen-to- be.Remember, US citizen! So, why we and I bother about Bhutan and Bhutanese anymore?
    I do not see logic.I do not see that we exercise our intellects here.
    But let us learn to love each Bhutanese in Bhutan, India, Europe, Australia,Canada and Nepal because let us not be the fools to be fooled by someone’s political division on us.We know we all are victims of a political concept;
    fear of rulers that Bhutan can be next sikkim if Nepali population outdo others ,and that India might play the same game as in Sikkim to make Bhutan share the tricolor symbol,
    fear that China might step south if political instability hit Bhutan for long.
    I wrote what I thought.Sorry for that.
    Love you all with tashi melam
    Bhai Sharma,USA

  64. This what Mr. Jigme honestly deserved one day :
    Mr. thinley you have no right to tell that only refugee are illegal immigrants . First off all you must see your forefather from where they come to our land .If iam not mistake your father enter Bhutan from BOmdila Arunachal pardesh. still you have your relatives in Arunachal pardesh. Dear thinley keep it in your mind that if real democracy will prevail in Bhutan i will be a person to make you quit Bhutan.

  65. Pasang T. Gyembo,
    What i have heard is totally different (ie) one of my friend who was a nothern bhutanese. He told me you have 19 cows if one dies you will have 18 cows but i will get one free of cost. I asked why? my friend replied “well SB never sell dead animals but we devour it, that’s all simple”.


    A FORMER SURVEYOR, SURVEY OF BHUTAN-THIMPHU (Present Address) 669 RIVERSIDE AVENUE-BURLINGTON-VERMONT-05401, PHONE-802 658 5436(United States of America)[email protected]
    All my trustful friends , seniors, observers and the intellectual bodies would be grateful, if your minds turn for few minutes towards my life story from the initial stages(i.e. from childhood) and being a patriotic citizen of Bhutan into my original birthplace Tshirang Country Bhutan,Gopeni(Dunglagang Gewog), land record no.(Tham no) 79/116.Consequently it carries a whole of my life story with varieties of activity and people and my visits within almost of the Districts including Capital of Bhutan as an impious surveyor under survey Department and vast indications by self-observing the geographical locations of Bhutan and physical scenarios of the CAPITAL, DZONGS-MONASTRIES,and some parts of fixed International boundaries of Bhutan, which annexed with India and China. I had involved of every walk of my different life situation (might be implausible for some people, but it is true) one after another according to the times of contemporary situation to which, I hope, it could also be defined clearly with substantial proofs, as a true citizen of Bhutan in the past.

    As I were born in GOPENI,DUNGLANGANG GEWOG TSHIRANG DISTRICT IN the country of Bhutan. My village was very remote and different clan of people were living together in the same villages. First of all, I would like to enunciate and brief in short, about the clans and its name: as BRAHMAN-BAHUN and others many more.Actually,I were from Bahun clans, specially SHARMA, BRAHMAN-BAHUN and UPADHYAYA or PADHYE was used to define for the same clan of people in the government records. My father’s name Kulananda Upadhyaya-sometimes padhye were recorded in different government records and my mother’s name was as Chandrakala Pokhrel which is last name or family name, as a whole we were as Pokhrel’s family from our starting generation to the Country of Bhutan.
    In the sameway,I had begun my dramatic life by the above beautiful villages and I moved forward from the childhood by the gateway of entering into modern education. My first education was Sanskrit which I had joined Sanskrit Pathyasala in Gopeni at the age of four. The Pundit Pashupati Khannal were the first Sanskrit teacher of that pathyasala.I have studied Sanskrit up to one year with the above teacher. Thereafter the formal English school had been opened in every remote villages and Gopeni too.Mr.Dawa Penjore,education Director(later he was became Development Minister) was visited for the establishment of the schools.Since than I have admitted to the school of primary education. At first There were two teachers ,namely K. Pradhan , K.b.Sunwar and started beginner classes, like kinder garden classes. Having completed primary education in Gopeni I had gone to Damphu Junior High School which was located in 3 hours journey from Gopeni on foot.Damphu was l like a main town of Tshirang District, but that time there was no road communication and no towns were planned, only junior High school was constructed and near about 300 students from whole Tshirang were studying in the same school and teachers namely Mr.Lingden Lepcha, Mr. Bhagawan Das(head teachers) Mr.Vashney, Mr.R.P.Sharma , Mr.K.G.Nair,Mr.Damu Nair, Mr. K.P.Niroula Mr. Norden , Mr. Dorji Lopen and Mrs.Merry all of them were the teachers taught in the said school.Although,I were studied there nearly about three years.Later,It was proposed to send to different places for the secondary education by their(student) own transportation fares to the different schools, like Kalimpong ( India) and some of them Paro , Thimphu etc. Thus many were started to Kalimpong and myself assigned to Paro High School. Usually, I had also begun my first journey from my native village to Sarbhang ,which takes eight hours walk on foot. From Sarbhang, I had to take alternative bus services up to phuntsholing plying within Assam and Bengal territories to reach Phuntsholing Bhutan. So I reached Phuntsholing and arranged to halt in Deki hotel of that night, my old friend Jitu helped me a lot there including for the reservation of bus tickets upto Paro Bhutan. PHUNTSHOLING BHUTAN

    (Phuntsholing is a gateway of Bhutan located very near with international Indo-Bhutan border of West Bengal (India).Indeed! the Phuntsholing Bhutan was such a small town, even it had no black top road around the town, very few building were there and it was just beginning stages of development for the future townships. Next side there is also a small town, namely Jaigaon India which is very close with Phuntsholing Bhutan. There is one custom check post in boundary line between two towns for the visitors or whoever from outside the country entering into Bhutan) Tomorrow early in the morning I rode the bus services and headed towards Paro Bhutan and reached Paro at about four P.m. which the days was likely to be dusk. It was just amazing that I have seen the admirable sceneries of the Dzongs and other buildings and panoramic views of the valley and it’s steepness greeneries of pine trees and land locations there. Now there was no guide for me in these new destination, however I could accomplished to reach up to the education Director Office which was located at the bank of Paro River , not so far away from bus station. Office was already closed , though I could met one of the employee and had explained my purposes to reach there. He took me to the residence of the Director, Namely Parshuram Sharma. I had explained everything about my education and the admission of Paro High School, now the days was gone, he allowed me to halt that night in his residence with the suggestions of admission to Paro High School.

    PARO DZONG Accordingly, tomorrow early in the morning, I went to the School and met the Principal there. He had admitted me in the School with some of the boarding facilities- to be there as a student.(Most of the teachers were from Carela,India)In this way, I had continued my School there with many friends, like me etc. in the Hostel .( It was the season of February, some of the ice clads was still gleaming in the valleys and regular frost in morning time) Actually, I was from hot climate and it was little bit difficult to survive there, because of the chilly cold.Eventhough I had existed and could compete with others for normal activities in the school, and end that session .However, there was huge problems behind my economics, like that of daily expenditures to buy fundamental accessories, and many other essential daily needs. In other hand to arrange the bus fares to and fro journey.Reluctantly,I was being recalculated and figured out all those problems and the poor condition of my home. For the next session of the school, I again approached to the education Director representing all those things in his office. For instance, he stared at me, and dial the phone and talked with somebody. After few minutes he gave me the direction to go to Thimphu,Capital of Bhutan. (Which is the distance of sixty kilometers) As suggested me to meet dasho Lok bahadur there who was a close neighbor of my home. On the same day, I had followed direction and rode the bus services at 2 p.m.. and reached in Thimphu about 4.30 p.m. Though it was some confusion to reach in his residence, consciously I followed the direction given by education director and could easily succeeded to reach there. I met him and explained everything for the journeys unless I was reaching there. “He nodded”, and suggested to be there for some time.(Lok Bahadur & Kesang Thinley were the first Ramjams who wear white kabney with red stripe in the middle of the kabney or the same as Jr.sub-Divisional Officer in audit Department, Thimphu in the year 1971).
    I were so excited and surprised having been first time, in the new scenarios of Thimphu,Capital of Bhutan with energetic new hopes progressed in my heart intuitively. I had been there by sharing the same residence , which was located just below Dadi Makha, Police Station near general auto workshop of Thimphu. It was the spring time, like ending March and entering into the month of April,eventhough the frost decorating the land in morning time with white color, like wheat flour strewn everywhere. I was so curious to observe the land of my capital and carrying a ray of hopes to start new businessess. The days were passing and I was supported by him for every needs until I hadn’t had any work.
    Absolutely, I had been appointed in Land record Office, Thimphu on 21st of April 1971,through the references no.F(54)-71/2296 dated above, as a Lower Division Clerk to write the land records (tham) and maintain the land taxes of the whole of southern Bhutan which the land surveyed records of every households were already filed to the land record office after the completion of survey works by the surveyor’s team. Since the land record In charge was Mr. Damcho Rinchen for overall land record system of Bhutan who was speaking Dzongkha only. (He might not be alive now) The survey records was written in Dzongkha,Nepali and English ,it had to be translated and convert into Nepali only , in the Tham of southerners . The Office had been controlled by the ministry of Finance, Mr. T.Chhogyal was the Finance Minister, Mr. Sham Kumar & Mr. Namchu were the Secretaries and personal assistants of the Minister. Indeed! Still I remember that Minister was very much cognizance, as daily visiting in the office and it’s areas stirring with one terrible stick and aware to everyone working in the office in an innovative manner. So every staff were very much dutiful and dissuaded from being made any mistakes and basking the sun during office hours etc.(TashichhoDzong and many small office buildings for different department were linked closely, with each other. A small Royal Cottage located below the Dzong and restricted areas too)
    Since then, I had started my above targeted assignments with unique method and procedures to be followed, by regular basis in the office under the supervision of the above officials and journeying my life inevitably. Most of the days, months were passing and close to be half years too. Numerous friends namely Mr.Gyaltshen,Mr. Sangey Rinchhen, Mr. Dorji and many others were very much familiar with me working together in the Office. Nearly after 2 or3 months there was war started in between India & Pakistan regarding the division of east Pakistan (present Bangladesh) and west pakisthan.Really , It had been terrible situation that everybody in Thimphu were scared by the explosion of atomic vibration and vigorous thundering, every now and then. So Bhutan Government had proposed to give the cadet training for every official staffs from all ministries and departments and take us to Dechhenchholing every day about one month and taught us for shooting the targets and bomb explosion and made us ready to go to war, If it had been necessary. Capital city was just in the first step of threshold of the strategic future development, and one main road was in the middle of the main market from Samazingkha bridge to Tashichho- dzong,another small road along the Thimphu River and vegetable market to T.Dzong, and some other areas were only sub-ways ,no black topping was made. Later on, one by one it was exaggerated. One road was bifurcated from Chhubachhu bridge to Motithang guest house and staff quarters.Fazoding mountain was one of the remarkable high peak which is located more than five thousand mtrs above. Of Thimphu City and also a mountain trekking places for tourists.
    Significantly , I were busy towards my daily works from morning 8 a.m. to evening 4 p.m. months had passed and years too. Having been working nearly two years in Land Record office, I had been transferred to Sarbhang Bhutan in July 1973 with all the bundles of THAM of southern Bhutan. In reality, Sarbhang Bhutan was the Head Quarter of all Southern Dzongkhags.Mr. Sangye Penjore,ranking as Commissioner equal rank of Deputy Home Minister were the overall administrator of Southern Bhutan, after the retirement of P.K. Pradhan (nyauli babu,father of present Om Pradhan) to which the term, called as LHOTSHAM CHICHHAB ,meaning administrator of southerner or administrator of southern lands.
    Subsequently, I had started my daily routine works under the above authority in Sarbhang Bhutan with one of my new friend, small office room was allotted for the THAM section only, many other departments were there in the same building. My new friend and myself started writing enormous THAM of Southern Bhutan . By the end of 1973 the post of Commissioner was abolished and Mr. Sangye penjore had been transferred to the Capital, Thimphu replacing by Mr.Angey Tshering who was previously serving in the District Court of Samdrup Jongkhar as a justice, brought Sarbhang and made him ,as Deputy Commissioner. Normally, From 1974 onwards I were continuing the same activities unless the period ending of that year, and starting the next year. In the year 1975 likely at the end of January, being a Dzongkhag surveyor, I had been ordered by the Deputy Commissioner, Sarbhang to go to the Indo-Bhutan boundary demarcation work of Assam-Bhutan International border from Sarbhang to Maurey Kalikhola Bhutan with the alignment of boundary line and taking over the fixed boundary pillars from the central survey team of India and Bhutan. The Representative from central government of India and Bhutan were Mr.J.M.Singoh-surveyor of India and Mr. Bal Bahadur-Surveyor of Bhutan were the authoritative persons from both the governments to handover the fixed boundary pillars to the local District authority in the same grid, which was already reckoning by the British and was fixed in 3 or 2 kilometer intervals of each points( I would summarize for some of the boundary pillars of British time. The alignment of the boundary line was followed and the design of the pillars were in the cylindrical shape and five feet long which was made 500 hundred years ago mixing with concrete cement.However,some of them were partly damaged and some of them were still in the sturdy position).
    We had followed the same alignment through the dense forest of Assam / Bhutan-from Sarbhang Luanga/Phisoo ,game Forest, Pinkhua Bhutan and at last reached in Maurey, border of Kalikhola separating the sub-division’s border of Sarbhang and Kalikhola by Sankosh river in Maurey ending the vast plain belt. It had taken about two months with thorough investigation and taken over more than 150 boundary pillars after duly signing the legality with evidences from both the government representatives.( also I would like to summarize the physical structures of every contemporary boundary pillars, those were like half circle, cauldron shape pointing arrow at the mount indicating East -West direction and fixed permanently, showing one side INDIA another side BHUTAN) Than we had ended the boundary survey works of that year and returned to our usual working places, like I was returned back to Sarbhang and continue my work there.
    In another year,i.e. 1976 again the remaining boundary pillar works of Assam /Bhutan International border of Eastern part from Geylegphug Bhutan to Daipham Bhutan was conducted and in the same way, Dasho Tashi Wangdi,Sub-Divisional officer of Sarbhang and myself was ordered to go and accompany with the central survey team of India and Bhutan in Geylgphug Bhutan. That was also the year of January 1976,we had departed from Sarbhang by the Fiat Car of T.Wangdi,he drove the car and reached Geylegphug Bhutan, which the distance of 35 K.M. from Sarbhang Bhutan and meet with the survey team including the forest Department representatives of Assam-Bhutan and Mr. Basu Bihari,senior Surveyor from survey of India and Mr.Thizang Wangdi,Surveyor from the Chief of Survey of Bhutan . The work had been started by following the Boundary line from Geylegphug Bhutan crossing the MAOKHOLA RIVER some of the pillar were falls in the middle of the river and washed away, however the fixed point is found by locating the maps and re-fixed. It took few days. We had continued through the alignment towards MANAS RIVER crossing huge forest from Lalai/Taklai villages to MANAS GAME FOREST coherently. Now we are in the amazing game forest, significantly there were different kind of animals, birds, tigers, Elephants, wild buffalo’s and others unknown adventurous category of animals, as their homes and also like a natural ZOO.
    We reached at Manas River.(let me summarize the few natural sources and physical appearances of Manas River, one branch flowing along from Tongsa-Shamgang,Districts of central Bhutan, which is called MANGDECHHU, through Tingtibi village and it’s sources are glaciers from China-Bhutan border high mountainous region and next flowing from Bumthang,main river called CHAMKHAR CHHU,the sources directly connected with glaciers from China-Bhutan high mountain border, next small river called CHHUMEY RIVER and another called TANG RIVER, all of them are trijunctioned below the BURDOG Village of Shamgang Districts. Another River DANGMECHHU flowing from Tashigang – Mongor-Lhuntsi Districts of eastern part of Bhutan, their sources also from glaciers of eastern part of China-Bhutan high mountain border. All three big rivers are made tributaries in the places called PANBANG at the lower part of SHAMGANG DISTRICT and flowing down to south and, as a whole called MANAS RIVER)
    We had been there for some days to complete the boundary works within dense mixed forest with ground camping. After the completion of said works in that area we headed towards Samdrup Jongkhar Bhutan , steadily along the boundary line and completed the works up to Samdrup Jongkhar within the stipulated periods.(Samdrup Jongkhar is also a border town of Bhutan) In an instant way, we moved along the rational boundary towards Daipham Bhutan up to Dhansiri River, the border of Arunachal Pradesh, which ended the Bhutan border in the eastern part .We had been in Daipham Bhutan for some consecutive days to complete the joint paper works and signing on it.It has taken few days and we had formally ended our works and disperse to different directions. I had returned back to Sarbhang and started my usual assignments. Since I was working in Sarbhang near about 4 years and Department of Chief of Survey of Bhutan and land records had transferred me to Thimphu, Capital at the end of May 1976.I went to Thimphu and joined the Departments. The Department was further proposed me to send to the project works. There was one big agricultural land project for about fifteen hundred acres of land to be plotted, which were proposed to allot to the military families in LAPCHAKHA area PUNAKHA District by the government. The thirty kilometers of irrigation channel was already completed from ThinleyGang River to Lapchakha project.Accordingly I had started the survey works there with some of the army Officers, namely Major Chachu,Major Passang Wangdi and Captain D.B. Rai.It has taken about two months to complete the plotting at the rate of 5 acre or 3 acre plots- for each family through plain tabling survey and map works, also numbering plot by plots in the map for the ease of allotments as directed by the army officials, which were more than 300 plots. They were observing my daily assignments and keeping records and sometimes they had spare possible supports , when faced some difficulties about the works. At last I handed over all the surveyed records to the In charge, Major Chachu and completed survey works there and returned back to the Head quarter, Thimphu nearly after two months.Instantly,I was instructed to go to survey the grazing land of the Yak (CHAMDO) in Seyu area. The places were located in the lap of chomolhari,exactly this is the border of China – Bhutan.

    (Chomolhari is very much remarkable and famous mountain in the History of western part of Bhutan, also declared the international boundary of China and Bhutan) As per the instructions, I had started my journey and reached Paro Bhutan, met an old man , namely AAP AAGEY,as a guide to let me reach the above places. He was spoken Dzongkha only, no other languages was understood, but I were the expert of Dzongkha speaking, so he liked me and happy to guide me.Next day early in the morning we had turned towards north from Paro Bhutan expecting to reach to Seyu. There was no motorable road, we had to walk more than 8 hours journey by carrying our food stuffs on the back or by pony(horse).we had to walk north along the Paro River crossing the dense forest and at last we have reached at the Seyu Camp. There was an enormous battalion of Military and border security camp to which set up by India placing Indian military training team (IMTRAT) to protect the border disputes oftenly.On that night we halted there. Tomorrow early in the morning we moved above from there towards the Yak rearing places. It took four hours to reach there.( A glance of Yak Rearing ) (places CHHOMOLARI)

    Now we have reached the destination and halted there. There was vast meadow and the things adventurous that evening time the herds are gathering around the shed bulls are bellowing vigorously and calf and the milking yak too , making unusual activities, the herds in one group
    I had seen nearly about more than 300 numbers. The herds-men made small shed by covering tarpoline for the night sleep keeping milk, cheese, meat inside it. They have no permanent style and it was easy to pick up everything from one place to another whenever needed or having after finished the grass in one meadow for the yaks. Same kind of people are living in this style from both the sides Bhutan and China , separating the border by huge mountain Chomolhari. It was coldest region and located above 7315 meters.However,Mr. Agey and myself visited everywhere within fifteen days period and recorded the CHAMDO for different places within that region and completed the work as directed by the authority.
    At last we had completed the assigned duties and have the time to return back , and we had proposed to return via GASA Dzongkhag , the journey of complete 6 hours from there. We had started towards Gasa and reached there and halted. Tomorrow morning we got down to Punakha Bhutan which had taken almost one day journey from Gasa Dzong, and we reached back to Thimphu Head quarter. I remained there for working the local survey works of nearby Thimphu areas as an when necessary for the uncertain times. Later on , the Department proposed to send two surveyors to the Geylegphug Dzongkhag for the cardamom/orange plantation survey works-Mr. Dawa and myself was declared and for the above survey works to Geylgphug Bhutan. Since, the District Head quarter was in Sarbhang for entire southern Bhutan’s Districts and after decentralization planned, the District head quarter of Sarbhang was shifted to Geylegphu Bhutan.Mr. Angey Tshering was the Dzongdag Geylegphug. We have joined our targeted programs under the Geylegphug Dzongkhag and moved towards the field works. First we went to Surrey Gewog, Mr.Kharilal was the Gup (mandal or headman) of that Gewog. We have visited to all the villages and surveyed the plantations in the forest in an enhancing way. Some villages were so remote, even couldn’t reach without riding horse and carry the luggages by pony. Overall helps provided by the headman of the villages and we had completed the above survey works on the specific time accordingly. In the same process, we moved different gewogs under the above Dzongkhag and completed the survey works entirely. We have involved near about three months and at last returned back to the Head Quarter Thimphu.
    Absolutely, the particular year was the beginning of 1977 and I was in Thimphu,Capital after the arrival of Geylegphug and working in the office unless further field duty declares by the Department. I had remained there for unspecific period. Again Mr.Manbahadur Subba,surveyor and myself detained the Sukumbasi New Settlement project for survey the land and distribute landless people in different places under Phuntsholing Districts. In accordance to the direction, we had reached Phuntsholing and reported to the Dzongkhag Administration. Mr.Tshewang Penjore was the Dzongdag of Phuntsholing at that time. He further suggested us for the survey works in different Sub-Divisions, like that of Samchi,Phuntsholing and Chengmari to go and survey the lands. First of all we went to Chengmari, which the 50 plots had to be surveyed there. We have started the works and completed within fifteen days and handed it to the sub-divisional officer Mr.B.T.Dorji who was the SDO Chengmari . We had return back Phuntsholing and reported to Dzongdag. In an instant moment, we had been ordered to move to Chongekha villages which takes four hours journey on foot from Phuntsholing( it is located below Dungna Village) with shelter and stuffs for little bit longer duration to be remained there for the survey works.Accodingly,we reached there and pitched the Camp inside the forest and started the works . It had taken nearly about two months for detail survey works, after the completion of 100 plots of land, it was proposed to distribute to the landless people urgently, who were eligible to get the land by Thrimpen Phuntsholing Mr. R.N.Dhital making lottery system for the distribution to everybody and finished our responsibilities there in presence of Thrimpen and back to Phuntsholing. We remained in Phuntsholing for some time extending local survey activities, like that of surveying the plots of town planning as and when necessary, sometimes disputed plots etc. Having finished almost of the local surveying in Phuntsholing we have returned back to Thimphu.
    Immediately after reaching Thimphu, the department sent me to CHAPCHHA/CHIMMKOTHI sub-division for survey the public lands as requested by Rmjam(sub-divisional officer Chimmakothi) Mr.Samling Dorji was the ramjam of that Dungkhag(sub-division) and I had reported to the said authority and introducing myself by enabling to prepare the ongoing programs made by them for survey the public lands. Thereafter Ramjam directed us Mr. Sangye Lhendu, head clerk and myself for the excursive directions to move from there, because the Chapcha division was difficult to move for entire areas and Gewogs. One side annexed with Kalikhola sub-division along the Thimphu/Paro /Haa chhu- which called CHHUKHA and at last RAIDHAK RIVER in Kalikhola, entering to India Assam from Kalikhola Bhutan. First of all we had moved to BONGO GEWOG which was annexed with Lamchey Gewog-KALIKHOLA SUB-DIVISION. We met Aap Gehey, Chirpen of the villages. He guided us for the total land survey works to those villages. Land location and structures was not constant, somewhere were steep slopes, regular down and up , stretching the lap of high hills and Chhukha River in deep down protecting by the natural debris running towards south. But the land was very much cultivable and productive, they have good cash crops, like orange garden etc. Though the land survey works was continued by surveying the lands in different villages including GEDEPHU, it was amazing, we had to climb too steep hill to reach that villages and also to next village TOKTOKHA to which the admirable sceneries of rocky mountain and beautiful forests could snapped at the time of bus travel from Phuntsholing – Thimphu regular high way.
    After almost of survey works were completed of that gewog,we moved to another Gewogs called Tala Gewog which the border was annexed with Phuntsholing Sub-division the same process of surveying was applied and completed the works there and return to Chimakothi. At once, we had been ordered to proceed to SEYU GEWOG , which was one day journey from Chimakothi climbing up and down crossing high mountain to reach there and its annexation of District borders were with Daga Dzong and Dagapela.We reached Seyu and met block headman and made daily schedule of survey the lands and begun. Nearly about a couple of months we could lasted our land survey programs there and came to Chimakothi and continuously moved to CHAPCHHA GEWOG which was located along Thimphu high way. This time my counterpart had been changed Mr.TENZIN,head clerk was my partner to go the Chapchha Gewog. We had expanded the survey works there in an exerting ways and ended the works formally and return back to Chimakothi. Now the survey of the lands under-above four Gewogs of Chimakothi sub-division were completed satisfactorily and the whole survey reports was submitted ,whereas, also I had been back to Thimphu after nearly five months.(it is at the end of the year of 1977)
    At last ( that was the beginning of the year of 1978) the Department proposed me to send Tongsa for the local survey works of three Dzongkhags of central Bhutan, they were TONGSA, SHAMGANG and JAKAR DZONG(Bumthang) making sub-head quarter in TONGSA DZONG under the direct supervision of Dzongkhag Aministration.Dasho Dzongdag of that Dzongkhag were former Major Passang Wangdi and Deputy Dzongdag former Captain, Mr. Dodo Tshering, right after the de-centralization of the Dzongkhag Administration. I had been there for many years, Tongsa was my best places too of that time. There were different Departments under the direct control of Dzongkhag Administration-like Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation, Health, Education , Forest and Public Works Department(PWD).Let me recall some of employees name of that time,Mr.Suklah-District Agricultural Officer(DAO), Mr.Vergeese, Section Officer-Irrigation,Mr Dakpa Gyaltshen-Superintendent,Mr. Sacha Wessel etc. , like other many more. Obviously and oftenly,I had to look after the survey works of other Dzongkhags submitting the schedule to the head quarter with the endorsement and noticing to Dasho Dzongdag before departing to other Dzongkhags. The first time, once I had to go to Jakar Dzong which was 60 kilometers from Tongsa Dzong and reached there after two hours by regular bus services(black truck) from Thimphu. It was amazing that we had to cross one big mountain called DOPHU LA in the middle of Tongsa –Bumthang road. The regular ice and snow occurred at the mountain peak for the whole year. But there was the road construction company from India called,GRREF (General Retired Regiment Engineering Force) and also called DANTAK were ready to clear felled the blocking every now and then actively .The Company had their own establishment for the construction and renovation works of every central road of Bhutan interlinked from Indian borders to China border. So Tongsa-Bumthang road was also started from (INDIA) Assam border of DADGHARI via Geylgphug-Shamgang Districts and reached Tongsa –Bumthang.
    I had reported to Dzongkhag Administration Jakar Dzong, Dzongdag was a Major from Army and Deputy Dzongdag was Mr. Tshering Dorji, Captain from Army, office Superintendent was Mr. Hissey who was my best friend, I met all of them and self-introduced with everyone in Jakar Dzong.Mr. Hissey helped me a lot to host for the purposes of my scheduled works there. Couple of days later Deputy Dzongdag and myself were moved for the survey works Gewogwise.First we had begun from Chhumey Gewog ,it was taken to survey the land for nearly more than a week.(Chhumey Gewog was the Gewog of first entering Bumthang and all the areas are plain, a motorable roads in the middle and located above 2500 m. in height, no other cultivation is possible except potato, wheat and buckwheat. Always Ice and snows occurred in December, January and February, also a moderate chills by the continuous prevailing winds in rest of the months. Natural land location was very much adorable, e.g. attractive areas for the visitors) Thereafter we moved to TANG GEWOG for the same proposes and worked there for about two weeks and ended the land survey works accordingly.
    JAKAR DZONG BUMTHANG (let me explain more about there in Tang, I were visited in a strange place s with Dy.Dzongdag and local people of there, it was really awesome, a very old Lhakhang was there located about five miles from Tang Village , climbing up by tracking a steepest hill to reach there. Its location adjusted with natural rocks in the middle of the high mountain eastern side of the KULAGANGRI MOUNTAIN ,e.g. if we had been told, “ SHANGRILA,”it wouldn’t have been wrong definition to describe for that Lhakang.We started climbing up the hill aiming to reach there. Everyone were already there, but I couldn’t .Later they came down and helped me to take there. Indeed! I hardly reached and take some medicine offered by LAMA and then only little bit O.K. for few minutes. After I had envisioned down towards Tang Villages from there, supposedly, I imagined that I were soaring in the sky .In other hand, it was miraculous that we had to walk around the Lhakang ridiculously to examine our ascetic life attainment superstitiously, whether we had made guilty and being sinners in our past life. For example, one natural made rocky hole with very limited spaces to go through it and reach to the next side. The obligatory of beliefs, that if he/she aren’t guilty and sinners in his/her past life she/h could pass through it easily. Of course, I hardly passed to that crazy hole .There were many others such type of natural things to be followed in Buddhist Faith. After few hours we had returned back to Tang. Later Dy.Dzongdag who was very closed with me had explained everything about my energy lost and other different natural weakness as well as the system of that Lhakang during our visits. It was due to lack of Oxygen)
    Usually, we had shifted to Ura-Gewog in the same adjacent border of two Gewogs and continued the land survey there for few days and again returned to JAKAR DZONG. We made pre-planned and noticed to the Gup to begin land survey in another Gewog, Called CHAMKHER that was also the last gewog for land measurements. We had begun in Chamkhar Gewog visiting all the villages for the purposeful land survey works. Although we had reached to KHAGTHANG permanent barrack established by IMTRAT(under the taking care of Indian Military) for the security of China-Bhutan international boundary declared at the mountain peak of Kulagangri in the central part of Bhutan.KHAGTHANG was located at the distance of more than 20 miles from Jakar Dzong along the way( local footpath) of the River of Chamkhar Chhu. It is always cold there and KULAGANGRI was nearer from there to be observed the disputed activities and any other sudden interferences in the boundary areas oftenly.
    (The mountain KULAGANGRI was also like Chhomo Lhari and remarkable in the History of central Bhutan. It is above 7500m altitude and higher than Chhomolhari.China-Bhutan boundary’s’ point is fixed at its peak, no doubt it was declared and documented in the Topo Graphical map of Bhutan) Bygone to after all land survey work programs under Jakar Dzong, we had prepared the reports jointly and submitted it to the authenticity for the future records. It was taken nearly about two months in Jakar Dzong for total land survey. By the way, I had returned back to TONGSA DZONG waiving bye-bye to every Dzongkhag Administration’s staff of Jakar Dzong.
    I had been in Tongsa Dzong about a year, within that time I had submitted the schedule to the Dzongkhag Administration for the land survey works under different Gewogs of that Dzongkhag. Mr. Sangye Rinchen, office clerk who was my previous friend from Thimphu and myself had directed to move to NABJI- KORPHUG GEWOG. The particular Gewog was located to the southern part of Tongsa near black mountain and gold mining areas, adjusted the district border to Geylegphu Districts. These villages had very sparse population and maximum lands were covered by the dense mixed forest and cattle rearing places. The shifting cultivation was also practiced for the maize and millet crops in different years. The cardamom was planted inside the forest for the cash crops .The people were like nomadic etc. The soil was fertile, because of the natural forest nearby. We had to walk by crossing dense forest to reach from one village to another or different villages. The land survey had been done as requested by the people of that Gewog and the necessities for survey the land pointed out by the Gup. At the end after completing the assigned works in Nabji – Korphug, after a month we have back up to Tongsa Dzong for the usual function and started land surveys to different other villages and Gewogs of entire Tongsa Dzongkhag as an when necessary and also the request made by the different people of the villages and Gups from the Gewogs.
    By the above launched program of survey department, right after de- centralization of whole Districts in Bhutan, I had been there in Tongsa for the above indicated periods.Thereafter,the department of Chief of Survey and land records issued a direction to be placed my existing surveyor position status to SHAMGANG DZONGKHAG , which was more than 150 KM towards south from TONGSA. In accordance to the direction, I left Tongsa from then(i.e. in the year of 1979) and reported to the Dzongkhag Administration SHAMGANG.I had been there and first introduced with Dzongdag. He had summarized the nature of the Shamgang Districts and made me aware to pay attention for further execution of land survey works there. His name was Mr.KHANDU WANGCHUK who was spoken Dzongkha language only, no other languages were known by him. Whereas, I was also fluent of Dzongkha speaking. He was well learned man in Dzongkha,supposed he could explain Tibetan script(chhoeke) very clearly , but none of others. Contemporarily, there were one Ramjam, accountant and himself were running the office of Dzongkhag Administration. Only Dzongkha correspondences were sent for all proposes. After my arrival there, Dzongdag advised me to work in the office as well as in the fields simultaneously. Because he had to accompany with me together for the land survey works as an observer and to make the people understand. Oftenly, he must be busy for his office works and also I had to support him for the English correspondences to deal with school teachers, agriculture staffs and some Indian people from road construction (GRREF) etc,etc.
    Despite the relevant survey works to be started, first of all Dzongda set up the programs and sent the notification to every Gewogs under the Dzongkhag Administration. And Dzongdag and myself step ahead and begun the land measurements works with the help of CHIMI(assembly member) of that Dzongkhag. Most of the people of Shamgang Dzongkhag were speaking their native languages, which called KHENG –KHA.Shamgang Dzongkhag was little bit backward and poor Dzongkhag at that time.(A Japanese man, called, “Japan Saheb” was already there-working under Agriculture Department. He was encouraging to those people by rewarding enormous farming benefits through agriculture department) We have continued our land measuring programs for a long time, visiting all the villages Geogwise.During those periods, Dzongdag also made the programs for the measurement of Cardamom Plantation at CHAPLEY KHOLA which the land was located towards the south of Shamgang and the annexation of district border with Surey Gewog, Geylegphug Dzogkhag.Dzongdag,Ramjam-Dorji,Thrimpen – Rinchen, myself and other people were moved to Chaple Khola for the said proposes by truck. It was an hour journey (approx.) riding bus to reach there. The Cardamom plantation land measurement works had been done within few weeks. It was little bit difficult to survey the land there, because of terrible forest and bushes. However the progress was achievable and completed .The possible helps were rendered by the people for clear felling the bushes inside it and made visible from one point to another to separate the several plots and recorded individually, and at last, again we had returned to Shamgang Dzong.
    (let me summarize the physical structures and panoramic scenarios of Shamgang Dzong, the Dzong is constructed at the top point of small hill, this is the smallest Dzong of Bhutan but very much attractive. While going from Geylegphu, there is one village-called Tama, the road construction was made several turning points to get down Tintibi Manas(MANGDECHHU) from Tama village. The Shamgang Dzong was seen, as a shooting point across to the next mountain, straight away from there panoramically, also we could imagine like its location is near the sky. The lands around the Dzong were too steep and several meters down , there was one river mangdechhu flowing through abysmal rocks which comes from Tongsa and going towards south.

    After the arrival of above duty and remained unspecific time unless other schedule survey duty comes in Shamgang. Anyway, perhaps, I had to cover for different local land survey works, like land disputed cases etc. as directed by Shamgang authority or Thrimpen in my leisure times there. In the meantime, I had to proceed to Burdog Gewog as per the direction of High Court Thimphu through Dasho Thrimpen with Ramjam of that Dzongkhag for the disputed land measurements. Ramjam and myself had started from there intending to pass for two days walk, first point was Dakpai via Bully-Tally villages crossing vast land-forest and reached Burdog after two days. We had been there for five days by investigating the disputed land in presence of block authorities, land owners and also the lands were surveyed, for further interventions to settle the disputes by the high court, and returned back to Shamgang with details of land dispute reports accordingly. We had jointly submitted the reports, what we found there.
    I had been in Shamgang for one year(i.e. The years of 1979- 1980) for the above indicated assignments under Dzongkhag Administrations. At last I moved to Thimphu, the Chief of Survey Department sent me a letter, stated that to report Thimphu, Survey Department very soon. Now I reached in Thimphu and remained In Thimphu for the unspecific periods, it would be in1981 working for the surrounding areas of Thimphu localities with job training and neighboring Dzongkhags, like that of Punakha,Wangdiphodrang and Paro etc.
    I would like to end my first part of life story interlinking with second second part already released and hope I could produce my remaining life story in Bhutan as well as eighteen years of stays in Refugee Camps in Nepal after eviction from my original home, Bhutan in 1990.
    Actually, what I meant to summarize here through my excerpted life stories that, having been more than SUFFICIENT of legal proofs and hard works rendered with integrity for the protection of sovereignty to the country abided by the original history, since generation with genuine evident of birth place. We hadn’t had moral supports from the authentic eye witnesses in this sorrowful world.
    I would like to give benign thanks to everyone, for being understood and accepted to my written personal past life story in different places of Bhutan.
    A Bhutan map is also herewith to the reader to find out particular references of the locations indicated above.

    God bless America,Americans,the people of Bhutan,Dzongs/Monasteries and all third country re-settlers Bhutanese people in different western countries.