PF kicks off crowdfunding to support secondary education in camp

Some of the foundation's scholarship recipients from Nepal (Picture courtesy: Punya Foundation)

The Punya Foundation U.S.A., a nonprofit that has recently obtained its 501 (C) tax exemption status, has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign  with an aim of garnering US $10,000 to fund Bhutanese refugee secondary education, stated the foundation’s president, Sudip Adhikari, Wednesday.

Some of the foundation’s scholarship recipients from Nepal (Picture courtesy: Punya Foundation)

According to Adhikari, the foundation has felt a dire need to support around 200 ninth graders, who will be starting their secondary education beginning May 2017 in local public schools in Jhapa and Morang districts of eastern Nepal.

“As the ongoing third country resettlement program wraps up, these children are being planned to be transferred to various local schools, and therefore we decided to step in to fund their admission fees, tuition fee, stationeries, exam registrations and uniforms,” said he.

According to Adhikari, the funds would not only motivate the refugee children to excel better academically, but also help establish a dedicated partnership with various aid-agencies involved in the Bhutanese refugee education program.

“Our plan is to initially support the ninth graders. If we become able to raise more funds, we aim to continue the support till these children complete their Higher Secondary levels.”

The foundation also stated that it has been exploring options to implement this scholarship program by creating a strategic partnership with local agencies.

“Our plan is to find a reliable partner in Nepal to implement this program,” added Adhikari, “Caritas Nepal could be one of the partners, but it is too early to confirm this. The good news is that Punya Foundation Nepal has recently been officially registered in Kathmandu, Nepal.”

The non-profit has appealed all generous individuals, organisations and the Bhutanese diaspora to be a part of this fundraising campaign.

“I am very optimistic that the Foundation will be able to reach the goal of US $10,000. I want to wholeheartedly appeal my fellow Bhutanese and their community organisations to contribute and become a part of this fundraising campaign,” further said he.

Adhikari further mentioned that the Foundation would also work towards launching scholarship programs in near future targeting recent earthquake victims in Nepal, and refugee children from Africa.

“The foundation is already doing this in a small way through its established internal and international network but it is targeting to increase the reach to more number of children by Punya Foundation USA joining this effort. Please come forward and be part of the noble initiative in building the lives of young people.”


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