PF appeals resettled folks to help educate children


The Punya Foundation (PF), which initiated scholarship and empowerment programs for exiled Bhutanese and their host communities of Jhapa and Morang districts from last year, has appealed the resettled people to extend their helping hands so as to give a continuity to its ongoing programs.

Bhutanese children born in refugee camps

Releasing a 15-minute long video, Ujyaloko Khoji, depicting life of children in camps, their education aspects and efforts the Foundation initiated in 2011, PF has asked every resettled Bhutanese to be a part of their mission. The video was produced in partnership with the Bhutan Media Society, Kathmandu.

“The scholarship program would have been impossible had there been no contributions from resettled folks,” Foundation’s Executive Director, Lakshmi Prasad Dhakal, said in the video message.

According to Dhakal, the Foundation expects to double the scholarship quota this year and has been approaching to various individuals to cooperate in its fund raising initiative.

The Foundation said it provided four scholarships of US $ 200 each for exiled Bhutanese students in their 10 plus 2 two level. Similarly, it supported four Nepalese students from the refugee-affected community of Jhapa with Rs 5,000 each, according to Dhakal.

PF is a not for profit charity based welfare forum registered in South Australia. The foundation operates on the principles of universal declaration of human rights with the vision of “seeking justice through education and empowerment”. It operates without inclination to any religion, culture, ethnicity, caste and gender.

Editor’s note : For submitting your contributions to Foundation’s scholarship program, click here.


  1. Supporting four students financially doesn’t look like all the refugee student problem is solved.So sorry to see the poor children playing with the dust at their study time.Why not this foundation encourage these ignorant parents for resettlement at least for the better future of their children instead of affording few students for their study……?

  2. Hi PF,
    First of all God bless this team for doing such a wonderful job. Next it would be the best idea if PF would advocate for the resettlement of these children before the resettlemment process stop. There are lots people who want to adopt them in those resettling countries. Education is good for them but their future is always at question as long as their citizenship is quaranteed. Heads up PF.