PDP finally clears state loans


The party in opposition said it cleared all pending debts this week, and accordingly notified the Election Commission that has been reviewing the party’s status to determine its eligibility for the general elections.

According to People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President Tshering Tobgay, his party cleared the government loan of more than Nu 20 million.

“The funds have come from all allowable sources,”Tobgay told the Kuensel.

Tobgay also clarified that the party was able to raise that sum from its members. The party has around 250 registered members throughout the country.

His basis was that such a huge amount of money came from general and annual membership fees, and generous contributions from some members.

“Political parties shouldn’t be permitted to take loans, especially since campaigning is financed by ECB,” Tshering Tobgay said. “Political parties must operate within their means. They should spend what they earn.”


  1. Dear Tobgay,
    I was dismayed by your comments previously and the way you were conducting as The leader of the opposition – I thought you had badly failed but now I can see that you are waiking up. However, I don’t blame you entirely for the failure of your party . May be it had something to do with Mr. Nidup and the Royal affiliation ….may be?

    now that you have paid your party debts and the elections are just round the corner, you must concentrate on obtaining a majority this time. Go nation wide with agendas covering the entire population – you might do well. We are desperately waiting for a change in the politics and the leadership. It is shameful, don’t let the world feel that there is no other person capable of running the country save jigme thinly.

    Things must change my friend – try to live up to the expectations of the people as the leader of the opposition. You must give an alternative now.


  2. Dear Akash Dai,
    No body in Bhutan welcome your suggestion in regard to politic and election in Bhutan. Coz, you people living abroad failed to maintain unity within your refugee community .
    So my suggestion to you is, plez maintain unity in your own refugee family ,help poor people who are still suffering in the camps in Nepal.
    Enjoying luxury life in abroad and sitting with laptop will not solve our problem.