Parliament session ends


Dec 11: The fourth session of the First Parliament concluded on Friday, having passed few bills and debating on many. 

The closing ceremony was attended by King and representatives of the international community, defense and government officials. 

As usual, the parliamentarians expressed their gratitude to King ‘for the noble initiatives taken towards the relief effort for disaster hit people’. 

Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley expressed appreciation to the people, donor countries and others for accelerating the relief efforts for the victims of the earthquake and other disasters.

In his concluding address, on behalf of the Parliament, the Speaker JIgme Tshulthrim thanked king for granting land kidu.

During the fourth session of the parliament, the National Assembly adopted Standards Bill of Bhutan, 2009, Royal Monetary Authority (Amendment) Bill of Bhutan, 2009, Tobacco Control Bill of Bhutan, 2009, Civil Service Bill of Bhutan, 2009, Marriage (Amendment) Bill and Entitlement and Service Condition Bill for the Holders of Constitutional Offices of Bhutan, 2009. They are sent to upper house for deliberation.