Padam Rizal missing, Police on the look (Update)

Rizal posing for a photo during Mission Pittsburg Conference held by Bhutan News Service in 2016. Photo/BNS.

[UPDATE] A briefing session was held yesterday around 11 am in Harrisbug to release the latest update on the search mission by Susquehanna Township police department. Community leaders of BCH interacted with police, fire, local elected officials and commissioners Patty Kim and Tom Lee.

According to the briefing, the police is investigating the missing of Padam on both lines of being endangered and criminal investigation procedures.

However, the police department also mentioned of not having any clue in the search area, and that could divert the investigation to other possible areas. They admitted the low temperature of the area have hindered in some way to complete the search operation.

Padam’s daughter, Krishna,  was said to be present at the briefing.

A detail of the briefing session can be found in the BNS facebook page, both in Nepali and English.


[UPDATE] According to a latest post in the Bhutanese Community of Harrisburg (BCH) facebook page, search operation for Padam Rizal is taking place in full force. The facebook post also mentions that Susquehanna Police department has announced the case to be on number one priority.

The representatives of BCH are in close coordination with the law enforcement officer and called Governor’s advisory commission today, states the post.

Also, it mentions the direct involvement of State Representative Patty Kim and Dauphin County commissioner Hartwick for local law enforcement.

BNS shall coordinate with local community organization in Harrisburg for any newer updates and post accordingly.



Padam Rizal, originally from Dagapela Bhutan and resettled in Susquehanna, PA, has gone missing since February 21. According to the police report of Susquehanna Police Department, his vehicle is found at around 1:30 am today on I-83 overpass south bridge of Susquehanna River.

He was expected by relatives to meet him at 7 pm yesterday evening. It is learned that the family filed a police report after he did not return home late at night.

The police department is seeking all kinds of information on Padam Rizal’ s current status. The department can be contacted at 717-558-6900






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