Oregon community announced


The resettled Bhutanese in Oregon state of the United States of America have announced the formation of a new community organization ‘Bhutanese American Community of Oregon’, Saturday.

The newly elected President Koirala talks to community members after the election

Around 1,000 people from two different cities Portland and Beaverton gathered together to elect their new and enthusiastic leaders for calendar year 2013-2014.

However, only 379 votes were cast due to age restriction during the election facilitated by the Bhutanese folks with the helping hands from all the community members.

David Douglas High School located at SE Portland provided space for the event. The city officials, city police, local community leaders, teachers, and intellectuals were there at the event.

Chhabi Koirala got 214 votes,  and was elected as the organization President followed by Hem Ghimire with 151 votes as Vice- President. Likewise, Deepak Koirala, Dhan Bir Gurung , Nanda Ghising, Shiva Nepal and Mani Gajmere were elected as other board members.

According to newly elected President Chhabi Koirala, the organization was formed to achieve self sufficiency and full integration into main stream society by providing informative and accessible community services to all Bhutanese families and individuals resettled and in the process of resettling in Oregon.


  1. Dear reader
    Also, Bhutanese in America need to develop Oregon’s first democratic election as a national model for forming non-profit IF you haven’t yet. I am not limiting to Bhutanese community but newcomers communities coming to this country. Kudos to Bhutanese Election Commissioners of Oregon (BECO) for marking the history on this transition to naturalization and also bringing community together in 5 years timeline of our resettlement.
    Check back my interview at http://www.eastpdxnews.com, city of Portland’s website and http://www.oregonlive.com soon.
    Som Nath Subedi
    Ex- contact person

  2. Dear Election Commission,
    Thank you all for the hard work you have done to make this historic election fair and remarkable . We appreciate your patience, perserverance and attention to detail. We all know that you handled countless election related challenges, sometime under stressful circumstances. Once again I thank you all for your commitment and contributions in the establishment of the Organization.

    Chhabi Koirala