Open Letter to PM Thinley


Dear Thinley,

This is in response to your profiled speech on Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness that you delivered in New York earlier this month. I am very surprised and pleased to hear a fundamental truth as told by you.  I don’t know whether you were aware of the fact that you were refuting this time to a long-term lie the king was emphasizing.

Dear Prime Minister, I loved the way and the very truth that you have said in response to a questioner who asked on the application of GNH to the regime created refugees. To quote your answer, “it is the effort of the Bhutanese government which forced it to take actions that have resulted in a situation that you (the questioner) have just mentioned”. Yes, the refugee problem is indeed the result of effort and actions of the Bhutanese government.

Dear Thinley, the king has never accepted that we were from Bhutan and that his royals including you are responsible for creating refugees.  If the same questioner   have further asked on the type of efforts and actions taken to evict them, I do not know how your tyrant self would have narrated the atrocities committed on these Bhutanese farmers, who finally fled the injustice. It is not surprising for us to hear lies that are a decade-long tactics used by the regime to cheat the world. But, the world might listen to the cursing dog because we did not cooperate to fight the injustice and the world is innocent of our suffering. Next, you are the same person who had encouraged students of northern origin to gang attack southerners, of course, with the assistance of another democrat in your own words, Zangley, back in 1991, on December 17 in Sherubtse College, Kanglung; the result of which ultimately resulted in this hell of sorrow.

Dear Prime Minister, you as an element of sorrow and one of the most loyal servants of the fourth king Jigme, are responsible in implementing policies of denepalizing Bhutan thereby talking to the face of the world about the shroud that cover the sins of demoralizing human. We are helpless here to see and do nothing!

As I continued to view your video, hatred filled me; I went on listening to the lies and shrouding GNH. Indeed, I was compelled once again to summarize and recall those atrocities very vividly in my mind and sat to write something about to the best of my capacity. I know, whatever one writes or says is never sufficient to describe the inherent cruelties.

Dear Thinley, the Buddhist methods of atrocities must be brought to light as this will help the world to remain alert and safe from ambitious, rude and unfathomable cruel rulers like you since you pretend as savior and human friendly, but the realities are exactly opposite. The world is gradually learning that GNH is the promulgation of a shroud to cover your ill doings on the citizens. Everyone needs happiness but there is difference in meaning to happiness, which the world is seeking, and what the Bhutanese tyrants are floating.

Dear Prime Minister, while the world seeks happiness on grounds of humanity and total democratic norms, every Bhutanese knows what it is for them; it is not to complain of injustice, not to oppose those in power, to believe southern Bhutanese as traitors, to bow before any government official and to smile at and not to tell the atrocities committed by the authority to any foreigners. This is it!  In fact, every Bhutanese knows to whom the real happiness is meant. Also, a section of people around the world has already discovered that Bhutan has a machinery to inculcate a sense of above listed postulates of gross national happiness to its people except to those of eastern and southern Bhutan.

Dear PM, I curse myself and moan over my own living by questioning that I have lived to see and hear these principles of cruelties foster and the death and decay of human values, history and dignity. I also know very clearly that all this has happened due to our own false belief towards your regime.

Dear Thinley, you haves told the reason behind the third country resettlement. You must be ashamed in saying that the third country resettlement was due to the justification that the cruelties as just and our plead of justice was unjust. Indeed, you said it boldly, and nobody dared to dispute!

You also remembered to mention that Bhutan was alarmed at the rapid growth of the southern Bhutanese, but failed to acknowledge that the government formulated policies to call for unrest in the south and take the opportunity to take actions to decrease the southern Bhutanese population through rape, torture, murder and eviction. To me this is a fundamental truth that resulted in unrest in the country. During one fine night, the master of the drama, the cruelest of the cruel, a curse and burden to the nation by the name Jigme, dreamt that southern Bhutanese were traitors. He woke up to implement his dream of denepalizing Bhutan and he did it because he was powerful and the poor farmers were very helpless in every sense.

Dear Prime Minister, the world know that if any outsider is interested in Bhutanese GNH and plan a trip for learning the ground realities, I bet, you will never allow such an outsider to have an access to every part of eastern and southern Bhutan. Your government will instead arrange some songs and dances during such visits, try to lure visitors with whatever your bureaucrats can, arrange for artificial public, but prevent outsiders from contacting the sufferers. Therefore, such outsiders need to steal their way out in Bhutan to learn the truth. If you believe on what I am telling, everyone who tried in that manner in the past has failed. Doubtlessly, the days of dictator like Hitler are a history to the world but Bhutanese are silently suffering this treachery.

Dear Thinley, you have lied to the crowd of high-level dignitaries. You lied on their face by repeating that southern Bhutanese are Nepalese economic illegal migrant who have migrated to Bhutan in and around 1960s using the porous border. This is a total lie. The brave, hardworking, loyal and master obedient Nepalese were invited to Bhutan in two phases and history has clearly mentioned it.

Dear Prime Minister, if I need to remind you the history of Nepali-speaking citizens, the first lot was taken to Bhutan in 1624 AD when Shabdrung himself requested the then Gorkha king Ram Shah for masons and engineers to build fortress for his new founded land or the present day Bhutan, and the second is an invitation through a decree issued to Ugyen Dorji, the father of Jigme Palden Dorji or the Queen Mother’s brother by Jigme Namgyal, father of the first king in 1898 AD to settle Nepalese in the southern border. It is not a coincidence but this invitation and the subsequent settlements have occurred in a time where the British were ever heading towards the Himalayas.

Lastly, you as the Prime Minister of the youngest democracy have once more taken the good occasion to tell another lie in the face of the world about the origin of the southern Bhutanese who, indeed, have coined the name “Bhutan” to this dear land. The Tibeto-Bhutanese or the group of people who mistakenly think that Bhutan is theirs and other races are their slaves and that they have limitless power over the other groups, call Bhutan as ‘Druk’, rather a nasty and non-Bhutanese name, for dragon or Druk is not unique to Bhutan but is a terrorizing symbol used in many Asian countries, and undoubtedly it is linked with the cruel intension of the ancient rulers of those lands.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Jagannath Mishra
Richmond, Virginia
United States of America

Editor’s note: The views presented in the article are entirely author’s expressions and do not necessarily reflect the official stance of the Bhutan News Service.


  1. @Jagannath Mishra
    Richmond, Virginia
    United States of America…..what a freaking crap is this, you talk about histories? only 5 people were brought as a fragile and useless slaves to bhutan but they found difficult to adapt bhutanese way and they ran away back to their homeland. after that nobody was invite to bhutan…..

    iam happy taht you are in usa now because of bhutan’s help…be happy and thank our dogs……

  2. dear jhaga,
    It is nice to know that you have some knowledge about history. But being a citizen of Bhutan, a country having “Gross National Happiness” is that how you perceive other? You may not know that African were also brought to the US as slaves. Are the African-American treated second class citizens in the US as Nepali- speakers in Bhutan? Your comment reflects how you respect people’s views, but I am sorry if it is your culture.

  3. To,
    Jagannath Mishra,
    Richmond, Virginia
    United States of America

    I appreciate your courage to write the truth. Your writing will irk those many that are out to quench their thirst by drinking the blood of Bhutanese farmers and children. You retain information that there are always few sycophants with the Buddhist king of Bhutan who survive with the terror throne.

    Bhutanese people are under the evil rulers since 1907. It is a long time we Bhutanese were unable to express our voice; inside Bhutan still, the people cannot express their opinion. The so-called Buddhist kings and their few sycophants have soiled Bhutanese image. The stage-managed Jigme Yonten Thinley, The Prime Minister of the Bhutanese king is infected with Wangchuck virus which needs to be treated. We just hope your letter will help J Y Thinley correct himself and become a good prime-minister.

    You will encounter many foes and friends while carrying out your noble works but, surely you will win because you are true. Bhutanese irrespective of our racial backgrounds must choose civilized path as a replacement for of cold-blooded rules of Bhutanese Kings.

    Our courage, determination and planned aim will definitely help us to erect monuments of immortals – in Bhutan so that our next generations whether we are in US or in refugee camps or in Bhutan will not repeat the mistake of being country-less, homeless and refugees in quest of destiny, in an alien land with alien people. “We must remember that a lie on the throne is a lie, still, the truth in a dungeon as truth, still and a lie on the throne is on the way to defeat, and truth in a dungeon is on the way to victory.” There are many options left at our disposal but the ONE AND THE ONLY ONE OPTION to re-characterize ourselves is through total solidarity with the Bhutanese people and a unanimous resolution to erase barbarism in Bhutan from the vocabulary of the International Community. “We Want To Build Our Bhutan” must reverberate in the hearts of all the Bhutanese committed for good Bhutan and to identify themselves as good Bhutanese vis-à-vis wherever we live.

    I once again appreciate you and encourage contributing for the cause of the Bhutanese people.
    Thank you.

    N B Giri

  4. Jagannathji, a good one. Do not bother about people like Jhaga, would rate the Lhotshampas as ‘jagas’. He should be actually ashamed to use the word as Bhutan relies heavily on India. And Lhotshampas are not of Indian origin but from Nepal. So the Jhaga comments are really crappish and is still displaying the racial / ethnic hatred. A testimony to the ethnic cleaning decades ago in Bhutan.

    I feel pity at their short sightedness for the country Bhutan,

  5. @jhaga
    For your information, “Rulers of Medieval History reflect that Men made Majesty and majesty gave money to the men. Money makes man mad. One out of five people in this country is mentally unbalanced. Think of your four closes friends; if they seem OK, then you’re the one.”
    Mishra ji keep it up. People need Justice.

  6. what is the diference betwwen india and nepal…you are from same ethnicity and from same country before you got independence…
    the world has known that there is no nepaliese ethnic in bhutan untill the goverment allowed only FEW as a labourers on the agreement that they will return back to their country after 3 years…

    ask your grandpas…

  7. Mr. Jhaga! I know actually it is not actually your problem. Just imagine- First television was broadcasted only from 1999. However, our country is still being isolated for its purpose.

    More interestingly, most of our fellow Bhutanese inside Bhutan still think- Bhutan is only a land to prevail and preserve the life style of Wangchucks’. And you are no other than that.

    I regret, in this 21st century still our people are kept isolated and socially locked. My friend when will you understand the beauty of Multiculturalism and diversity in your neighbour-hood? Or, still you can argue your pond is your world.

    You still believe, a country is only a property of one ethnic. Is not it a believe of stone age ? Common man it is 21st century. Get out of your small pond.


  8. Who got independence ? I think you have never read the world history, because your education system is totally controlled by Wangchucks to keep you guys isolate.

    Better ask, if you don’t know. Some one will help you to understand what actually the world look like.

  9. Your biased thought have no meaning at this juncture of Bhutanese movement.would you please read Unbecoming Citizen by Hutt,.There you will get some enlightenment. Mr Mishra As a journalist you need to have more truth and neutrality,not just baseless thought.

  10. .Mr mishra. Your. Opinions. Have no meaning. At this. Juncture. Of. BHUTANESE. MOVEMENT. YOUR THOUGHT. ARE BASELESS. AS A COLUMNIST. YOUR. NEED. TO BE UNBIASED. AND TRUTHFUL. BUT IN YOUR LETTER. YOUR OPNION ARE BIASED AND WITHOUT fact. Would you. Please read ..”Unbecoming. Citizen”by. HUTT. THIS BOOK will give you some. Enlightenment. Your. Letter has 80% lie.and 20% fact. It could be wise if you could reverse. this

  11. Chandra Subedi ( you totally sounds like an agent of Jigme), So did you ever comment on your government censored Kuensel news ? They are 100 % bias. Better use your precious time, to correct your Kuensel.

    Mr. Mishra is expressing his opinion in this open letter, and you ( Jigme’s agents) are not asked to judge his opinion. Here you are bias because you judge.

    Unbecoming Citizen by Hutt ? Is not it bias than? In fact, it is weapon for you to hide the hinious crime of Jigme (The ethnic cleanser).

    So, you are 199% bias here.

    Finally, you hide your identity so you lie 299%.