Online Survey: Valuing your great idea

Dear valued readers and well-wishers,
Thank you very much for relying on the information we disseminate online through Despite several hurdles, we have now stepped on fifth year of our anniversary. We proudly say that due to your continuous support, guidance and wishes, we are now an established and one of the most trusted news agencies—both in and outside Diaspora.

As we are strictly guided by standard set norms and ethics of journalism, we try our best to serve you with true information. We will continue to run through the same track. Honestly, it is never possible to do all these things without your support and guidance. We have decided to bring some attractive and significant reforms in our news dissemination process including the outlook of the site, thus, we kindly request you to participate in this survey. Your ideas might be very helpful in our news generation process; thanks in advance!

For your kind information, the answers you shoot will be kept confidential. We highly encourage you to come forth with your original identity along with your “true” e-mail ID. We might follow with you about your ideas in case if needed, thus, kindly mention your existed email ID.