One of the children returns home (update)

Sita Baniya. Photo/family
Sita Baniya. Photo/family

Alta, Norway: Sita Baniya, one among the three children returned home late Monday evening from University Hospital in Tromsø.

The misfortune occurred when Diwas Chhetri, 12 accidentally fell down into the water as they were playing and taking photos of each other riding bicycle. “I jumped into the water and tried to rescue Diwas. I could not know where he was”, Sita said.

Accident Site. Photo Source/
Accident Site. Photo Source/

Police does not exactly know how all the children fell down. “Currently we have just a guess on how the accident occurred.  A theory is that one fell down and subsequently the others tried to rescue him”, said police superintendent Knut Arvid Sætermo at Alta sheriff’s office to VG.

Three Bhutanese children were found in swimming beach in Lahori in Alta, Northern Norway late afternoon Sunday. They were immediately rushed to University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) in Tromsø after they were rescued. Diwas Chhetri is still under treatment in ICU in Tromsø while Devi Chhetri is in Kalanski Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. The situation of the children is reportedly improving.

By Ramesh Gautam/BNS


  1. First and foremostly, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to this website,which has enrolled in informing to all our people world wide about this terrible accident,which inturn inspired all to pray for the Almighty in fast recovery of these three children.I,being a close relative(uncle) of all injured had been accompanied constantly with them in the hospital until yesterday. During the first 24 hours of treatment,the condition of those two others except Sita was too critical and hopeless. But thank God ,forwhich they are lucky enough to have attained the immediate medical access to fight and defect their deaths and now regained their lives ultimately. Now,both of them are safe from danger as Devi, the one who is currently being treated in Sweden has come back in sense and soon going to return back to UNN Tromso and Diwas, her brother is awaking slowly, i.e. opening his eyes and shaking his body rarely and it is expected, soon he will be able to recognize people and talk with them softly as,in the way his sister is doing in Stockhomes currently. We all are deeply credited by all RESCUERS at the spot,POLICE,people of Alta, DOCTORS and NURSES and other MEDICAL EXPERT of UNN and the Health Volunteers of Stockhomes, for extending their helping hands from every possible corner to safeguard our children. I want to express my GRATITUDE to all of them and I SALUTE to all those helping hands with everlasting LOVE and RESPECT subsequently.