One killed in attack from junior bloodmate


Sept 21: One refugee in Morang-based Sanischare camp, who was critically injured in attack from his own brother,  died due to lack of adequate finance back-up to push him for head surgery, which its claimed has been expensive and complicated in nature.

Late Dhan Bir. Photo/Arjun
Late Dhan Bir. Photo/Arjun

Police source informed BNS that Birkha Bahadur Tamang, 22, of Sector D/1-04 stabbed his own brother Dhan Bir, 35, by random physical assaults with bamboo sticks and rod.

Dhan Bir, who sustained severe injuries on head, was rushed to BP Koirala Hospital in Dharan, but to no avail.

According to his relatives, they were compelled to bring back Dhan Bir to temporary hut in Sanischare camp following the advice of medical assistants and doctors involved in his treatment at Dharan-based hospital.

Dhan Bir, who was discharged in critical condition, died in his own hut after doctors at the Dharan-based hospital were said to have cited the head injury as intricate and expensive too.

According to police source at the Urlabari Police post, they have already arrested Birkha Bahadur, who has admitted the crime.

Confessing the crime, Birkha has said the incident occurred while he was in a drunken state. However, the truth behind Birkha’s motive to kill his own brother is not yet known.

By Arjun Pradhan/BNS
Damak, Jhapa


  1. Oops !! what a unbelievable and unhumane behaviours was the crimes committed by his own cruel brother. I think he has not taught the lessons about love and life to respect the fundamental rights and duties of individual human beings.I really very much upset by this inexplicable crime and murder uplifting like a mushrooms day by day within the Refugees Camps. Culprit must be dragged near to the door of concerned court of law.

  2. this is really sad to see all these happening……i luved my country no matter wat i mean seriously i was born there but not as much as other pple but i do have feelings for the country and its pple and its very depressing to hear about the news…..but the thing is y r pple behaving like this now… long is this going to last???….i hope peace returns in nepal!!!!!!