One is pronounced dead, other still in coma


Train accident update: Of the two boys undergoing treatment in the University hospital, one Nagen Thapa (popularly known Navin) is pronounced dead by the hospital at around 4 pm, Thursday.

Even though he was not showing any signs of life, Nagen was put under life support system in the ICU.

Nagen Thapa (Picture courtesy: His family)
Nagen Thapa (Picture courtesy: His family)

The doctors were waiting to perform the last test of his brain to confirm his death Wednesday.

After they get a consent of removing his life support system from the parent, Nagen was moved out to Ratterman Home in Bardstown road this evening. Arrangements for his funeral shall be made by the community tomorrow.

Kismat Mishra, who is the lone survivor now, is still in comma. He is showing some active signs of life and the medical team says that he is not getting worse at least. He was in the left rear seat when the car was hit by a moving train on the right side, killing those riding that side.

Nagen is the only son of Nar Bahadur Thapa and has recently dropped out of Iroquois High school for helping his parents. Both parents are unemployed.

The accident took place Saturday on the rail road crossing where there was no bar to stop the car although the video of the accident shows the red lights  flashing. The boys had just moved out of the parking lot of a local Nepali grocery store, still munching on the spicy mix of chatpate‘, according to a witness at the store.

The soccer-loving boys had earlier spent the day watching European football game that was played between Barcelona and Eibar.