One day volleyball in MA

Playing volleyball is favorite pastime for Bhutanese resettlers

Coming a long way from other end of the globe, the Bhutanese refugees brought along sports, culture, talents and value systems to their new home in cosmopolitan cities of the USA. Soccer and volleyball are two sports and favorite pastimes for all ages of Bhutanese folks, which are gradually taking roots in the sports arena of US cities where Bhutanese are resettled.

Playing volleyball is favorite pastime for Bhutanese resettlers
Playing volleyball is favorite pastime for Bhutanese resettlers Photo:CM Nioula

Continuing such a tradition, Bhutanese community of Massachusetts (BCM) organized one day interstate volleyball tournament August 9, Saturday in Gill Hill park Worcester MA. Six teams from Worcester, lowell and New Hampshire contested the tournament.

Talking to BNS, Nandu Mishra, President of the community organization stated, “Our people feel loneliness, traumatized and are having hard time to cope up with the fast pace of life in this sprawling urban community. So, in order to have refreshment and interaction, we organized this tournament .”

Volleyball in action
Volleyball in action/Photo: CM Niroula

“The youth want gathering for sharing, and we need youth participation for social undertakings. By means of engaging them in the social service, we can easily bring positive changes in community. Therefore we organize such games to engage them and bring out more talents,” said Ganesh Gurung, the executive director of BCM

“Keeping ourselves at home, we may think of being alone, which result to some kind of bad thinking. But if we organize such kind of events regularly, at least people can socialize and get chance to engage in creative activity”, Mishra added.

Concord NH won the final to Worcester MA with 25-23, 22-25 and 25-23. The president and executive director of BCM thanked the volunteers and players.