One arrested for threatening


Beldangi-I, October 2: The camp-based Armed Police Force today arrested Bir Bahadur Mainali, 23, of Beldangi-I camp sector F-3/277 for threatening Nandalal Ghimire of sector C-2/169 this evening.

The APF In charge in command, Gunaraj Baniya, told Bhutan News Service that Mainali was caught red hand while he was threatening Ghimire of stern action against him for processing resettlement.

“You can be the next K.B. Khadka,” Baniya informed BNS quoting Mainali as saying.

With a suspicion of his involvement in Khadka’s murder, APF arrested Mainali and forwarded him to Damak Police Station for further investigation.

By Arjun Pradhan, Beldangi-I