BNS journo mourns grandpa’s death


The oldest member of Bhutanese community in Australia, Dhana Pati Poudel, grandfather of the editor of Radio Bhutan Online, Ichha Poudel, died at the age of 98 at Lyell McEwin Hospital at Elizabeth, Adelaide on Saturday.

Editor Poudel with his grandfather
Editor Poudel with his grandfather /Vikram Adhikari

The preparation for final rituals will probably start only on Monday when all offices reopen here and is likely to be cremated according to Hindu traditions by Wednesday.

With the death of Poudel, Bhutanese Diaspora has lost a resourceful person of Lhotsampa history in Bhutan. Poudel, who worked in East India Company offices in his age, was one of the oldest politically aware personalities of Bhutanese community. He was also a stern advocate of the social justice who always stood for the socially inclusive community in Diaspora.

Meanwhile, BNS has extended heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family of late Poudel. “We are really sorry to hear this news and we take the side of Ichha Poudel, one of our senior board members at this hour,” said Buddha Mani Dhakal in a condolence message.

Dhakal further added that Dhanapati’s death has caused a great loss not only to Ichha, but to entire Bhutanese communities.


  1. Dear Ichha Bhai,
    My heart felt condolences to you and your family. Let the departed sould rest in peace, our prayers are with you all. Your Grandpa had been always an assest to all the Bhutanese and we have lost the important icon in our community.
    We are all with you at this time of difficulty.

  2. We are deeply saddened with the news of demise of late Dhana Pati Poudyel hajurba of Chisopani village,Sibsoo in Adelaide. He lieved the life of a respectable farmer and a reverent purohit (priest) in the commuity of his days. Senior citizens back in the country, in camps and all around shall fall at grief with this message.
    Southern Bhutanese have lost a very resourceful person who knew a lot about the contribution of our ancestors in nation building.
    We pray for the rest of his soul and extend our heartfelt condolence to the family members. At this hour of grief,I request the Bhutanese community in Adelaide to help the family members conduct the last rituals with divine worship.
    Durga Giri, Munich, Germany.

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  3. Ichha daju:
    I am very socked to hear the sudden demise of your grandpa, your guardian who brought you to this position. I stand by your side at this hour. We everyone in BNS are sorry for this great loss. Let god give you strength to overcome this grief circumstances. Let me know, in particular, if I can be of help at this hour.

  4. God bless you and your family during this tramatic time.Try to find some comfort knowing that your beloved grandfather will always remain in peace in heaven which we call as sorga.Thats the place for him now from where he can watch down on us and make us free from every suffering.My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families at this challenging time.On behalf of Bhutanese living in Charlottetown and,i would like express my hearfelt condolence to your entire family.

  5. Ichha Bhai,
    I and on behalf of Bhutanese community of New Hampshire, US express heartfelt condolence to your family. Our prayers are always there to help the soul of your grand father reach peace and safe forever.

    Tika Acharya
    Manchester, NH.

  6. Hi Icha dai
    I am very much saddened to hear that your dedicated grandpa to whom you cared very much leave us forever.He played good role for the welfare of bhutanese community .We not lost Mr Dhanapati Poudel but we lost one vital page from your history .Let his soul rest in heaven peacefully.

  7. Ichha bro,

    You have my deepest sympathies on the death of your grandpa. At this moment of grief and sorrow, I would like to express heartfelt condolences to you and your family and pray the Almighty God to rest the departed soul peacefully in heaven.
    May the comfort of God help you during this difficult time.

    Tri Bikram Adhikari
    Lexington, KY

  8. It is in fact sad to learn about this death. I can imagine how you felt. We have lost a living history of Bhutan. At this time of grief, I strongly stand by your side and pray the Almighty God to provide you and your family with strenght to overcome this grief. May the departed soul rest in peace in heaven.

  9. The news has saddened me to no limit. Yet, we must say yes to the natural law. And, he did.
    The absence of such a caring guardian in your family is for sure a great loss.
    I join here with other friends to say -we are with you Ichha jii, we pray for the safe hall in the Almighty’s kingdom for the departed soul.
    And let the Almighty provides you with strong courage to withstand the irreparable loss caused to you and your family.

    Rup N Pokharel
    California, USA

  10. I on behalf of Mishra family express heartfelt condolence to the Ichha and his Family. I stand by your side at this hour of grief. Ichha please let me know if I can be of any help.
    Let the departed soul rest in peace.

  11. daju
    we, ur kanchhi di’s family is always standing by ur side to providing strength to overcome the grief caused due to hajurba,s demise.we on the 13 th day of his funeral ceromony pray for is departed s
    oul to rest in peace in heaven.

  12. daju
    we, ur kanchhi di’s family is always standing by ur side to providing strength to overcome the grief caused due to hajurba,s demise.we on the 13 th day of his funeral ceromony pray for is departed s
    oul to rest in peace in heaven.daju we r with u hai.