OL irked at PM’s remarks on repatriation


Tshering Tobgay, a Member of Parliament representing Sombaykha Constituency in Haa and the Leader of the Opposition party in the National Assembly, has criticized Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley for speaking on the favor of exiled Bhutanese.

OL Tshering Tobgay
Tshering Tobgay

Just a few days after the Prime Minister reiterated the government’s position in accepting “genuine citizens” for repatriation, OL Tobgay flayed PM’s statement.

“I fail to see the logic in the prime minister’s statement. How can he commit to repatriate people if we now don’t have any basis of even identifying whether a person is a genuine Bhutanese or not?” Tobgay, who is also a top ranking blogger in the country, wrote in his blog Tuesday.

However, his explanation on bringing the longstanding refugee imbroglio to a logical conclusion has clearly depicted his “childish political ideology”. Indeed, a few comments posted on his post did explain his “political maturity level”.

According to his claim, repatriation is no longer possible stating that acceptance of some citizens was a genuine possibility 10 years ago, but even then, only if the verification process was honest and complete.

“That didn’t happen. Now it’s more than 20 years since people settled in the camps, plus most of them have opted to resettle in third countries. If repatriation was not possible 10 years ago, in spite of the best efforts of the governments of Bhutan and Nepal, I don’t see how the prime minister can even talk about it as a possibility now,” he wrote.

Without accepting the responsibility of his People’s Democratic Party in pressurizing the House to resolve the refugee crisis in a moral ground, Tobgay, however, thanked the international community for accepting exiled Bhutanese for resettlement.

He also remembered to accuse citizens in exile of preferring to resettle in the third countries.

“I am grateful for, and support resettlement in third countries, especially since the people in the camps themselves prefer to settle in third countries,” added he.

Meanwhile, he said his party would also support honest dialogue between the governments of Nepal and Bhutan to consider “workable ways” of bringing closure to the refugee problem. However, he didn’t elaborate.

Should you wish to comment on his position on repatriation, he can be reached at [email protected].


  1. “I fail to see the logic in the prime minister’s statement. How can he commit to repatriate people if we now don’t have any basis of even identifying whether a person is a genuine Bhutanese or not?” OL questions the PM.

    Why was there need for the OL to thank the international community for taking the people stranded in the camps in East Nepal if he did not regard them as Bhutanese?
    The following points can be the basis to identify whether the person in the camp is a genuine Bhutanese or not. If repatriation could not take place ten years ago, it is because there was no Constitution and no form of Democracy in the country.
    1. The people were in Bhutan till 1990s (before the mushrooming of the camps).
    2. They were Bhutanese with proper census from the time the exercise began in the country to the time they left (under different pressures).
    3. They had properties/landholdings to which they should be brought back, in restored condition. (There is no need to bring the people that had no place to belong to set them floating in Bhutan…)
    4. They should sign genja (legal deal) to abide loyal to the government and participate with rest of the Bhutanese polity rather than seeking their own way to the surprises of the rest.

    All the repatriated people should receive general amnesty for any charges whatsoever to begin national life anew. Nobody other than murderers and vandalisers should serve the prison sentences.

    Welcome back home, dear country fellows that endured hardships for so long. The country is mourning in deep distress, missing something in your absence. Your coming back with dignity, honour and safety will restore the joy, dignity and security of the nation.

  2. dear OL, TT.I do not know why you are so skeptic about repatriation, genuine bhutanese have the right to return to bhutan sooner or latter.Many patriotic bhutanese are still waiting for return to mother land and contribute for the betterment of fellow countrymen as much as you are. In a democratic system every thing goes by majority. To remind you , there are only 2 mla in your party.So please accept the truth and be realistic as a matured politician/ Ol.

  3. Hi Tshering,
    You may not know I am born in Druk yul. But currently I am in USA. As I was born and brought up in Bhutan also my mind remain in Bhutan. I love my motherland eventhough you hate me. what I mean is that I want to be back to Bhutan.so what will you say for me

  4. Bhutan now,must focus on the foremost problem of issuing identity to all the categories.How can pm, who writes deep philosophy about gnh solve a problem?He knows evrythng.I think if refugee issue is a big problem then there should be good records,who went.Also if govt realy wants repartitation then both the party sud work hand in hand.”Cow on a book never eats grass”.I support opp.Leader,bt i want him 2 hlp pm rather then critising.Its nt a question of who can solve a problem bt its of how can the problm b solved.Lastly,we know about the G.Election nxt yr.I agree dat eistein might have failed in solving his own problm bt i dnt agree failng 2 solv a problm of bhutniz refugee!

  5. A democracy operates on the basic tenets of choice for all in the way up to the selection of the government on periodic basis. And it is people based system. Opposition can be provided constructively without transgressing the constitution or being disloyal to the nation has been accepted by democracies.
    For several centuries in the United Kingdom, the term ‘His Majesty’s opposition’ was first used by the reformist MP, John Cam Hobhouse, in the early 19th Century and the use of the related term ‘the loyal opposition. Of late, leader of opposition of Bhutan want to be the same. Meanwhile, He looks in line of Pork Barrel system where the so called people’s voice in the National Assembly prior to 2008. Mr. O.L please be informed that those MLAs were the screened parroted members and echoed the sentiments of Dzongdas. And don’t diminished the ideal your personality and position standing the on the stand point. Mr. O. L. please keep in mind that intra Bhutanese relation was exemplary until 1998. And the root of evil to a handful was due to false propaganda spread in your govt. controlled media. Media too has obligation. So, if you are true people’s representative you could have initiated un-conditional repatriation of all genuine Bhutanese and give them their fair share in democratic set-up, if not equal. Because these refugees are the one who advocated and sacrificed for the Democratic system.

  6. Hi friends,

    We are proudly talking about democracy and human rights to Fight against Bhutan Government.
    But what I observed is, we need to practice Democracy and human rights within in our own community.
    The clever and rich guys are enjoying big share of all the facilities provided by international to the poor refugee.When in Nepal they used to live luxury life out side refugee camps,good education provided to their childern away from fellow refugee childern.
    Now most of them left for foreign countries and just shouting like this time to time , just to keep alive this refugee issue in order to enjoy the facilities.
    The poor and common people are still living in the camps in Nepal in poor condition and helpless situation like DHOBI KO KUKUR GHAR NA GHAT KO.

  7. Bhutan’s Prime Minister is gearing up for the next election in early 2013. By making statements about repartriation of Bhutanese refugees, he is focussing on mobilising Southern Votes. He is no fool. About time Bhutanese politicians realise that Southern vote Bank can play a crucial role in Bhutanese politics. Southern votes can swing Bhutanese parties either way which may eventually become the deciding factor in forming the Government.

  8. Please dont make a point of this bull shit Tshring Tob. He is a new born baby. Where did he get his schooling from? It is a matter how this ill minded shit spoke those words. A time may come when the resettled Bhutanese rule Bhutan in future. BNS please delete this nonsense man’s verbatim. He is trapped inside a magnetic bottle.

  9. One can clearly infer who are these Jigmi Y Thinley and Tshering Tobgay ? These are the agents of JSW- in general the agents to promote absolute monarch in the country. They are creating illusion on people by playing the drama of democracy. How could a democratic leader give this kind of silly and bias arguments ?

    Shame on you Tshering Tobgay for not being responsible for the people of your own country, Shame on you for not understanding the importance of Human right and peoples freedom. Shame on you being thankful to host country while they are talking your responsibility.

    Protest and peace does not work any more. Need to continue powerful people’s war to end monarch, and to establish people’s government in Bhutan.

  10. It does not makes sense, why this JSW’s agent so called Bardewa is making nonsense comments here at BNS? Every comments he made here at BNS are diverted to disqualify the people’s movement for democracy and freedom since 90s.

    We all know that our so called leaders were not qualified to be given this position, but what they intended to do during 90s was always appreciated. It was critically needed, but the way they take over was unstable. It is also true that some of our so called leaders tried to played a foul game over the people, but not all.

    Here I want to ask Wangchucks’ agent – Bardewa, what would you say about the mistreatment and negligence of eastern and southerner people by your nearer and dearer king JSW and his decedents? What is your point about ethnic cleansing done during 90s? What about the control of government by single dynasty for more than 100 years ? What about the freedom of people?

    Keep in mind, we all Bhutanese in exile know what you are intended for. In-fact you are playing a dirty game to make the people’s movements and in general our history fail. But we would not let it go!


  11. Hi, prem,beda,wagley,Manish,kubir etc….

    Plez pass your comments regarding big gap between poor and rich refugees……. clever and humble refugees.?

    Hope you have read my above comments & I would like to add more as under ;-

    If some body try to raise voice infavour of poor refugee still living in pathetic conditions in Nepal. You called us agent of of Bhutan Government/JSW.I mean accused of creating misunderstanding in the refugee community .

    Why not we all come forward and help poor fellow citizen facing uncertain future in Nepal due to lack of refugee registration documents in hand ?

    Why not we help people with poor ground not able to process documents to go for abroad on resettlement.?

    Why bomb blast in mother land (we proudly called mother land to beg help/dollar)killing and injuring fellow innocent citizens in the name of democracy & human rights ?

    Why so many association/Group/NGOs/political parties & Armed groups for the small community who have suffered and been suffering and fighting for the same cause ?

    Firstly we need to bring all the organization under one roof,we need to have one leader to led us,(One Nation one People & one cause,one dream).We can not cross the river putting two legs in different boats .

    Therefore, stop bullying each other,stop fighting each other,try to provide equal assistant to poor fellow refugees,stop creating different NGOS/parties/
    & Groups in the name of refugees for vested interest and…..maintain Democracy and respect human rights of the fellow citizens.

    Do not use poor refugees as a mask to take advantage of all the facilities provided by international community.

  12. Happy to know your ideas and points that you mentioned above ( Berdawa Ji) If you are open enough and feel that you have an ability to bring all the so called intelligent and cleverer resettled Bhutanese under one umbrella, i am always in your favor. My point is that let me know your ideas in this matter. Yes, i agree in some of your points. It was the beginning of the resettlement program, i had seen most of the leaders and corrupt people that took the first flight in the western countries. But don’t worry Bardawa Ji, those people are now gone. No one is here to listen them. No one has time to talk to them. I have seen them taking English language classes with the fellow Bhutanese whom they never had seen before. It is same on them. Even today i haven’t seen their enrollment in the universities. This is the world where people believe in action not in words. So, words are subset of action. Thus absence of action results null set. Please Bardawa Ji, don’t worry. We believe in electrons even though it is impossible to see them.

  13. Berdewa u are the biggest fool, blogger in BNS. R u a campaign for the poor? if so what have you done for them.I know the answer is nothing, so why u r yelling at the leaders.
    U know so called poor refugees ,despite of all odds everybody were given equal opportunity to go to the third countries. U know it is their choice not to opt for the resettlement. Those who wanted to end the miserable life of the camps they have done so by opting the resettlement.
    Why u are crying foul for no logic. ur comments look like u r one of the RGOB’s supporter, if not chamcha.
    Mr. Opposition Leader,OL, ACTUALLY YOUR boss Sangay Nidup was blasting EVERY election rally with a clear message of mass repatriation of the Bhutanese people who were in the campS. Now when you are the parliament member and OL, you should have rather pressure the JYT for the repatriation. But the mantra your former president gave went in vain. It look like the opposition will have no presence in the parliament if your rhetoric goes in the similar fashion. JYT is cunning and he started talking repatriation to garner support from the Nepali speaking people.That is the drama he is creating, nothing more.

  14. Friend be aware! What Bardewa is barking here is another conspiracy theory. It sounds like he is intended to create confusion and fragmentation with in the Bhutanese community in diaspora by using his chief honey honey comments.

    His comments are all intensional and conspirated, not for the fever of our people, but against.

    Remember this type of agents plays a crucial role during 90s to fail our mission and still following us in third country.

    It is all because they scare that we are in powerful countries. They also know that if we unite here, every thing is possible. So, is their duty create confusion in us. But we should not. United we stand, divided we fall. Only thing is we need to learn from our mistakes.

    Binod, PA, USA

  15. Who is that Tshering Tobgay!! He is also like the southern bhutanese. He came from Tibet and trying to govern the country. He is an ill-fated body in the name of the country and to the subjects. How dare he can say that “No Repartriation.” Gy’s we too have equal rights as long as we be the bhutanese. Whereever we go “up or down below” the earth we say we are Bhutanese. So, do not worry about words of this Bull shit. Need to do the homework together inorder trash this nasty!! Be united instead of dividing, and hence everything will be alright. Here I am in USA and stay by missing my motherland. Need to make our country like the Heaven for the better future generations. Need trashing those ill fated bodies,,,,,,,,

  16. Hi Beda,
    Thank you for the positive comments,hope you will support me to raise voice for the poor section of our people in the camps.Once again thank you and welcome always.

    You must be member of the same group who are enjoying luxury life in the name of refugee.It is understood that, you are not a genuine refugee,coz you do not like to hear injustice being done to poor fellow refugee in the camps by the so called cunning people like you.
    Refugee facilities has become full time business for people like you to earn easy money.
    If you and leadres are really concern about the poor refugee..why thousand of poor people in the camps are sitting Dharna/ hunger strike demanding the registration of their names in the refugee list.?

  17. It’s a fact that even a street dogs starts barking in presence of his masters…these trusted dogs (Bas****) bark how much you want to……..! “GOD SEES THE TRUTH BUT WAITS”. Yes everybody dislikes war and the solution is only through dialogue but looking at the nature and situation, the cruel policy of RGoB towards the people even after 20+ years is same and “There is not an inch shift in it”.
    Innocent people are behind the bars, thousands are homeless, stateless, these raske** are enjoying the looted properties of innocent people and they will never come forward to solve the problem. Further these bastar** go around the world lecturing the concept of GNH, Buddhist nation Bla…. Bla… but in reality this is just to eyewash the international community.
    We understand the helping hand of international community to educate this moron on democracy and the system of good governance on it but HOW LONG??????????????????????? Will RGoB learn this and correct before it is too late?????????? Will this rask** ever learn to be a human as so called Buddhist. An article contributed by Christian Friis Bach, Minister for Development Cooperation, Denmark in Kuensel dt. 10th March 2012 should be an eye opening to this regime’s trusted dogs……………!!
    Further taking full advantage of the masters in Delhi, RGoB will never be sincere to solve the problem once for all. Bhutanese Refugee Problem will never be solved until and unless there is a full scale war with the regime. History tells this and we having been watching this around the globe. Even after twenty years the core re-settling country is questioned by RGoB i.e resettled people are “BHUTANESE”?????????????? OR…………………???? And WHY? RGoB have to say Thanks…. This is time for the international community especially the Core countries to ask this bast**** not to play with innocent lives of poor farmer enough is enough.
    Lastly we have seen our political leaders working and yea they are really working hard for the cause of the people but side by side its Mr. Karma’s turns please go ahead we are with you. Mr. Karma people will definitely support you. Bhutanese leaders are all yes men of the regime and I repeat without your full actions nothing going to change in Bhutan.

  18. Hey author like tamang and Rai, etc…blah…Do you call yourself a Bhutanese refugee? I mean are you really a bhutanese citizen? If So, then do you have genuine care and love for your own country and its’ fellowmen alike???! I ask you these, because, our life, the life of poor ordinary Bhutanese citizens are shattered by bomb blast, murder, looting,rape..blah.. the women who survived have been made widowed and children orphaned….and so on commiting evil activities. are doing all these activities by so called refugees fall under category of Human Rights Non-Violation!? I asked where is international Human Rights Committee when the refugee attacked and threatened the very existence of poor innocent bhutanese folks!. And don’t ever dare talked against our beloved monarchs. They are the most precious gem of Bhutan and Bhutanese people, and for your kind information we ordinary and poor, rich alike greatly love our Monarchs, our country and our own people and Pray to God to never let hatred people like you ever come back to Bhutan. You have destroyed and betrayed Bhutan, the very country who gave you shelter and food and her kindness and compassionate action shown towards you people have taken advantaged, threatening our very own existence. No wonder, why even Nepal, the country of your origination have not accepted you back in her own country in itself speaks volume of words.