OBCA to discuss NRB agenda in its 4th national convention


The Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA) said it will table Non-Resident Bhutanese agenda in its upcoming fourth national convention to be held in Denver, Colorado from June 14-16.

The convention would be mainly focussed on agendas like mental health of resettled Bhutanese, cultural identity and challenges facing the community besides the NRB issue, said a press statement issued by its Press and Publicity Secretary, Manoj Rai.

According to Rai, the convention will also mark the World Refugee Day celebration in collaboration with the Global Bhutanese Community of Colorado and the Colorado State Refugee Coordination Unit.

Existing members of OBCA executive board, committee secretaries and executive members are expected to reach the convention venue by June 13.

“We would like to extend our greetings to all the Bhutanese in America and abroad, and also extend our hearty welcome to all to this annual community jamboree. We also seek your wishes, support and participation in this event to make it happen the way Bhutanese diaspora aspire for,” Rai said in his statement.

The convention is also said to hold elections to the organization’s new board and executives.

OBCA has remained silent over the growing demands for a single national organization of the Bhutanese diasphora by uniting with the Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA).


  1. Why don’t you announce that OBCA and ABA are going to unite too. Are you scared that you gonna loose your position if that happens ????? If both OBCA and ABA are non profit community organisations working for Bhutanese community it’s always better to unite and make it one as they don’t need two organisations working for same purpose !!!!!!! But if they are profit motive organisations doing something behind the scene in the name if community we have nothing to say. Keep going until the truth comes out !!!!!!

  2. Well, once again hidden OBCA for one year is moving forward to hold a so-called Bhutanese national convention in Colorado.First of all,why Colorado not in North Carolina? There is a very interesting story behind it.Its the matter of , ” Killing the two birds with one stone”. Readers can find the facts later.
    It is a ridiculous to know that OBCA would raise the issue of Mental Health and NRB ,why not domestic Violence? The truth is the Mental health issue obviously one of the outcomes of Domestic violence.Many driving force of this so called organization seems have both of these issues. May be those could be refresh at upcoming convention. There are many doctorates and mental health professional s here who are daily doing their research and treating numerous bhutanese back to date ,even they could not stop mental health issue.How could OBCA discuss the Mental Health issue? Does OBCA open rehabilitation centers for those? Does OBCA provide free insurance? or free doctor service? You are broke,hungry, depressed by your own work in the past. It is an important to understand that a handful of communal group creates confusion among Bhutanese but self judgement is more helpful to understand the so called organization.Truth is alway bitter. Forget it about NRB, neither so called OBCA make its own home nor other.
    It is known that we come across many such organization in the past,some led by family,some by relatives,some by individual,some by neighborhoods and some by greed and some by prestige. We cannot forget our bitter days. They are again looking for a congenial space . It was easy in those days that one could have garnered their power as they wanted by molesting,kicking, harassing and manipulating others. Now, you are in opposite of the globe. Many of our bothers and sisters and young folks need to understand who we are and what we are doing. It is important that such so called organization in your name not only ruined your names and fames but drive you to the difficult path as well. Because of those inexpert drivers,many were injured,broken,victimized,used you as a scapegoat for their selfish motive. You can turn back and recall your past,many those who wanted to resettle could not get an opportunity because of these inexpert leader of the organization. These current so called leaders used them and they escaped. Now they are trying to show their superiority in the third land.The drivers with mental health will be dangerous, they should stop driving their dysfunctional car.