OBCA nat’l convention ends, PF honored


The three day third national convention of the Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA) organized with a theme ‘Together we’ll build a better community’ that took place here in the Sun City—Phoenix, Arizona ended Sunday amidst various programs.

According to the event organizer, representatives from more than two dozen States across the US participated during the event that presented various programs including group discussions on contemporary issues, cultural shows, premier show of the movie called the Suruwat, ek naya jiwan’, honoring an organization for its contribution, among others.

Audience watching movie Suruwat – ek naya jiwan. Photo/BNS.

The second day, Saturday, saw the presentation of updates of the resettled Bhutanese in various States from the OBCA representatives and some individuals who travelled miles to this Sun City greeting 106deg Fahrenheit temperature outside the convention venue. A majority of those who updated the status of the Bhutanese resettled in their respective States also stressed on the need of forming a single national level organization. DJ Khaling, Chairman of the organization, while addressing the mass made it clear that his organization was in regular touch with the Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) and that the unification of the two is one of his top agendas. He further stated that it is the need of the hour to move united for the common cause.

ABA Chairman, Dr. Purna Chhetri (L) handing appreciation letter to Bhuwan Ranpal, one of the artists in the movie Suruwat. The main artists in the movies were offered appreciation letters. Photo/BNS.

Various groups including independent and OBCA’s members also discussed and presented the verbal reports concerning different sectors such as the literature, games & sports, media, among others on the second day. The group’s focus, according to OBCA, was aimed at highlighting the plight and future role of these sectors to contribute for a vibrant society here in the USA.

Meanwhile, the OBCA also released the premier show of the movie called the ‘Suruwat, ek naya jiwan’. An estimated three hundred audience were present during the show of this two-hour-long social movie. The movie is based on various contemporary social issues prevailing in Diaspora, in particular USA.

Responding to a BNS query, Bhanu Tiwari, one of the main artists in the movie, expressed his hope that the movie will have a good market among the Bhutanese resettled in the USA and entire Diaspora in general. “I hope every Bhutanese will watch this movie and provide us positive feedback. This will serve as an asset to continue working on the field in near future,” Tiwari added, who attended the premier show on Saturday evening.

Tek Bir Chhetri (L) shaking hands with Thinley Penjore, chief guest of the program after receiving the cash. Photo/Nandu Chauhan.

The OBCA offered award of the year to the Punya Foundation on the third day of the convention for its outstanding contribution in the Bhutanese society.

Tek Bir Chhetri, Chairman of the Foundation received the felicitation letter from the hand of DJ Khaling, Chairman of OBCA while Thinley Penjore, chief guest of the function handed over $ 500 to Chhetri. The day also saw various cultural performances including dance & songs from local artists. TP Mishra of BNS was the recipient of the award last year.

The date for next year’s convention, according to OBCA chairman, is not yet scheduled. He further informed BNS over the phone that his organization will explore the option of organizing a joint and a single national level convention of Bhutanese after discussing with ABA.

Delegates meet accident
Meantime,  a four member team of delegates to OBCA convention who were heading to Phoenix met an accident on Saturday, informed victims. A Chrysler car they were riding in was hit by a KIA car from behind at 11:30 am in busy I-70 highway in Denver, Colorado. Aboard were Karna Gurung, Amir Magar, Govin Magar and Duka Gurung , all from Nebraska, representing the Bhutanese Community of Nebraska.

A report sent to BNS from Nebraska said, ‘Of the four, Amir Gurung and Karna Gurung are more seriously injured than the other two. Amir’s shoulder has got injury while Karna complains of severe pain in hip and jaw’. The report also mentioned that it took three hours to complete the report taking by police and clearing the mishap site. After the accident, Bhutanese living in Denver were called for immediate help. Pradeep Khadka and Bhim Khadka came to their rescue and helped to fix matters more easily. However, more has to done to complete all the formalities with police, towing facility and rental company, says one report from Denver. BNS could not verify the accident news independently.

Editor’s note: The news has been revised and edited since last published to ensure clarity and facts. 


  1. No comments…. did a great job. Twelve representatives from all over the usa is a great achievement. Hope to see 38 more representatives the next conference. Started unifying through ABA president this year , the next year ABA vice president, members and so on in chronological order of the years. See our achievement!!! we even gather great personality who once advocated going back to Bhutan. Great job!! start from AZ to march to Bhutan. Anyways, our National organization is going to preserve all our dignities and rights. Don’t believe on others… we OBCA is the best.

  2. Congratulations for successfully organizing the convention!!!! I salute the Punya Foundations for their work on social fronts.
    Only a dozen plus of delegates for the convention ? Pardon me, this may be just the executives.Sorry for the miserable attendance.
    Mr Chairman, D.J. Khaling jue,
    We all wanted to see Bhutanese people united everywhere. Your top priority (as the news mentions ) is to get the two organizations united. The same statement was made in the similar fashion in your last convention at Nashville. One year had lapsed then still you are prioritizing? Can you exactly and honestly declare publicly when it is going to happen.
    Sir, The Bhutanese movement steering committe is dissolved now.May be due to the vested interest of few individuals.Unfortunately the BMSC was not able to steer the movement ahead as expected and hence the desolution after few years of its existance. On the same day you have declared that the unification of the two organizations is your top priority. What a irony?Many Bhutanese wanted unity and cried for unity far and wide. Unfortunately things remained as it was until the next convention. We hope for the best from your worthy statement. Even if you have your interest and not want to compromise with ABA we don’t care and in few years hence no one will give you and your organization a damn. For the sake of sincerity and honesty stop bullying Bhutanese in the name of unity.Beware!! we don’t want to hear unfortunate stories in future like…. OBCA got fragmented due to the greed of handful individuals.
    I may look stupid idiot and you may feel the same. It don’t matter much to me. I can only pray for you with the slogan “Long live your chairmanship”
    Apologies if I err.
    Blessed are those who forgive and forget.

  3. I completely agree with what Mohan Bhandari has written…we r in a new country now but still our old habits that we use to practice back to our country haven’t changed….I don’t understand who select this people as a chairman or a president of an organization….i have doubt whether they come out by themselves representing the community with zero ideas that can help the community……jst an example do our community needs a movie or needs other support from organization like OBCA in the field of education,,training or language learning etc…..My question to Mr DJ Khaling jue what are the changes have u bought in the community during the past three year???….sorry if i have been rude…but this is my sentiments towards my community which angered me thx….gud luck 2 OBCA

  4. Mohan Bhai,
    You won a lottery by starting an argument of National organisation ABA and OBCA and their unification.You banked million dollars. You are the big timer. Those who sustained pain organizing convention every year went through loss of money and resources.
    You raised genuine questions. OBCA tricked BMSC last year in Nashville TN and still prioritize the topic of unification.BMSC couldn’t raised single question against ABA in last convention in PA. Unnecessarily OBCA folks were warned and frighten by cowards of outside and king of home.I don’t understand what is wrong with folks like Dr. Purna Chhetri, Tek Bir Chhetri, Thinley Penjor, Hari Adhakari, Purna Chhetri,Adhakari sir, Upreti sir, they should not have been there in the convention hall untill unification is completely delivered to the community by UPS or Fedex. You did a good job by protesting at the back. You barked at the back of donkey and smelled its dung. How about if you pull donkey from the front?

    T kumar

  5. Exactly Mr. Bhandari jee, I appreciate your worth comment on OBCA’s activity.
    Many guilt-ridden faces of OBCA have vested interest in leading, bullying and money making game. This is very racial, bias and unscrupulous dirty showing siren to those illiterate Bhutanese folks. Look here, OBCA’s theme! What a shame! ‘Together we’ll build a better community’-OBCA’s monkeys neither make their own home nor others, rather they destroy communities’ harmony, togetherness and peacefulness. It is very crucial for Bhutanese folks to understand the reality behind the curtain. It is a time to educate their own children and families and to be aware of such corrupted scams of OBCA people in the name of Bhutanese. Most Bhutanese people do not need OBCA’s advocacy. Most young and adult children have been well guided in the school and only parents need to create congenial environment at their home .And the least number of people have been getting helped by local agencies and community. So what for this OBCA?

  6. Tanka & Kaji,
    You both are exactly right. You have done the right complain of OBCA from your home. Bhutaneses folks assume asking question is okay ,doing nothing in the field. We have enough evidences that Bhutanese leaders were questioned in the past for their achievement but people who asked questions never thought about what they have done for the community.
    I would like to question these individual what they have done in the community?
    Mohan, Tanka W, and Kaji could you tell what short of community activities are you involved in? And what have you done so far? Your comments will be valid and be respected if you could present your contribution.
    Folks this is a democratic country?

  7. Be Cautious big heads in OBCA!!!!!!!!Some of the big heads in your organization are already preparing to break the bridge after crossing the river. I personally talked to few big heads, they have the common feelings “The post will help me to make a good resume for other job” .So we on the other side of the river should always think about the alternative ways to proceed ahead. If we follow the principle of these big heads it is sure that in near days they will confuse us more to convience us about the unity for the dollar. I heard that some heads of OBCA already owned houses in USA under huge down payment. If we further research on their income definitely we will find the real loop hole of the income. Lets not be a ginny pig for these folks again. I agree there are good people in OBCA too. If your are one of the morally good person working for the denefit of the community be aware of other heads in your group. They might be using you to make their bridge.

  8. with due respect Mr T. Kumar….everyone knows this is a democratic country that doesn’t mean that organization like OBCA and its fellow members can do whatever they want thinking themselves above the common people. I also understand that various question in the past have been asked to the leaders of organization about their contribution in the community but have they done anything practical by which we can stop asking them questions???? I also think that I don’t need to answer your question about my contribution towards my community here,,,,,I don’t have the habit of expressing all the things that I do for my community as I am not a leader. Whatever I do I do it from my heart without concerning about our community leaders. I fear might b someday b/c of our leaders, the mind of our people will b ruined…..

  9. T.Kumar DAJU,

    I appreciate your comments.
    First of all I want to tell you that you messed up with OBCA/ABA with BMSC. I think you need to see what is the reality.When you can make good comments it is equally important to know the history of each organization as a bhutanese. You got the name right but you messed up may be because your emotion was too high. Just stay cool. Tanka W did not respond to the comment as you mentioned. It is Tanka Poudyal if you re read his comment. I appreciate people who jump to conclusions with bit of thinking. Second I understand you use pseudoname to make comment thats cool but I would rather salute if you come forward with your real full name. You have questioned me what I had done to the Community? Whatever contributions i rendered to the community (good or bad) it is the community to evaluate that. I say I don’t poke my nose for whatever contributions I made to the community. Again if at all you want me to answer come forward with your full name and I will try to give answers for all your querries. If you comment with pseudo name I say no to Aliens!!!!!! If you think you are smart enough to face discussions with me come forward with your real name. You rightly pointed out that I am on the donkey’s back. May be you felt that way. Unfortunately I see you on a bull dog’s back and don’t pee when the bull dog barks. At least stay at the back of the bull dog and be safe from getting bitten .Teso gare kaso parla? Next atleast stop taking credit for what others did. I know you are an active member of OBCA. I hardly care who you are but I am afraid that you are a chess ko goti played by others. I asked question to DJ khaling about speaking his top agendas without action and not to you. At least you bothered to answer thats cool. People ask questions to leaders about their achievements and that is normal. People don’t dare to ask questions to aliens like you. I don’t know why Thinley was there?upreti sir adhikari sir and so on. I am happy that Doctor Purna Chhetri was there on the convention , unfortunately he failed to get his troops fall in the line with him .It is an irony to what he said as the chairman of ABA last year. Daju, please don’t hide around the bush , come on raise your head well above your personal ego when you talk about community and have gutts to come forward with your real name and face me to carry on the debate of unifications. Daju, You know one thing an active virus like you in the bhutanese community ruined the image of the community and fragmente the community in to different ideological philosopies. At least when you talk.speak or write about the community come as a bhutanese and not a irresponsible idiot.
    T KUMAR DAJU I tried my best to answer all your questions? If more needs to be answered come with a real face. Scan your politically intricated head well I will love to have you then. Till then enjoy and god bless you.

  10. Representatives from more than two dozen States across the US participated during the event? Are you serious ? If I go to visit Arizona with my Mum, how could I be the representative from some state?

    Please don’t be a representative of any state, be independent representative. No one has nominated any of you as our representative from our states.

    Yes, we all love to have a strong and effective, but single Coalition of Bhutanese In USA, but not tourist like self claimed representative representing mushroom like organization.

    United we stand, divided we fail.

  11. Hello everybody,
    I am really astonished to see some of the comments you made specially by Robin chhetri, I think this is still a fake name. Any way, I don’t believe that OBCA leaders embezzled the money.as stated by robin. I can confidently tell that he is under the false impression or he may be contemplating the way he might have misused the fund in Nepal or Bhutan or both in that circumstances.
    Don’t think that you guys can misused the public fund that easy. You will be put into the scanner at least for 5 years, if you have access to public money. You will be held responsible and the concerned authority will scrutinized you until and unless you proved the fair spending the funds the way they intended to do..
    Hi everybody, u have right to express your opinion but don’t just do the wild guess and accused the leaders. I actually felt that the OBCA at least facilitated the convention, there by we got an opportunity to meet and share with the old cronies and introduced with the new people, that way I feel the scope is widened for many people who made it to the convention.
    The artist from the various states came together to express their talents. The other, I mean the cine artist could explore their own skills and talents, there by expressing and confiding them self for the harsh future.
    Actually I see many positive points for organizing the OBCA conference. Phul ko akha ma phul lai sansara kadako akhama kadai sansara vana jasto bhayo. Bhutanese guys be positive. Don’t be always under the impression of misuse and misleading threats, which was culminated in the camp circumstances by some opportunists and mean people, who ruined your thoughts and aspirations.

  12. I completely agree with u Manoj Rai ji…this people who called themselves our leader r sick….they become leader themself, the don’t need any support. No one has even nominated them. Sad thing is that many people don’t even know what this OBCA or ABA is?? Its not that we don’t need Organization for our community…we need it but we need only one Organization for the whole community which can hopefully help the common people with their problems…

  13. These two organisations seems profit motive competeting on making more profit. If they were completely non profit motive social organisation working for community development they would have already merged together and formed one national organisation. You have done nothing rather than making this tyranny happy. You have got golden opportunities there, don’t miss them. At least try to learn something from other communities there.

  14. Tanka W and Mohan B,
    Thank you for writing back. Logical argument has taken better place always. Whether we bring donkey or dog as example in our conversation. The history tells dog has been friend of human long time before donkey was pulled out among the animals for the use of their muscle energy. So you tear out the differences.
    You did know we are in a democratic country! But we didn’t change our camp/free mentality. We run after free/charitable things. Similarly you thought/presumed someone very fair, unbiased, interracial, educated, fair looking, most things common within your assumption would take leadership position on behalf of Bhutanese people in America. So you stayed home, watched what other folks are doing at the same time getting ready with bow and arrows and shot a few you don’t like. Anyway you intended to shoot someone among them regardless of outcome from the convention. You would have wounded one or two even if UNIFICATION OF ABA &OBCA was declared out in Phoenix Arizona this year because you want to make use of your weapons anyway . But remember and I bet nothing going to change without conversation among us. So please don’t bark out of your window. You need to be there working with people, share your views, take or accept their emotional feelings, comfort people who feels affected by this division, assure we will stand together one day. I don’t see solution out of attack after attacks. I don’t know your target but comments you posted contributes to division than unification of fractional units. I see you in a glass house please don’t stone at others. Let’s not repeat the mistake we made but we can always review it.
    You have concerned with my name and identity more than what is right and wrong. I don’t know you and i am not a popular person so you don’t know me. And it’s not a big deal knowing each other in the business we move ahead with agendas. But I addressed you as Bhai going through your comments. We don’t have to have all common things among Bhutanese. We should not think achievement of a Bhutanese is a common personal or real property. An achievement of an individual is directly associated him/her. Common thing to share is pride among the community people. Apparently those who are affiliated to different organisations are responsible for good or bad result themselves.
    You don’t have to face the judgement in case a crime is done in either organisation. They have their board of directors and they know that board of directors are responsible and accountable for everything.
    why don’t we take things this way………………………….
    In “American Red Cross Society” All American are not involved and don’t feel left behind.IN the same way why we are crying after these two organisations.
    We can meet in Phoenix Arizona coming july 4th and have deep discussion among us about unification. But remember it should be done in smooth, cool, and low voice. I will be glad to shake hands with you introducing myself as T. Kumar

  15. Respected Mohan Sir,
    I still remember the day you taught good lessons and showed examples. With that good lesson I am still moving forward in my life serving for the community and working on promotion of our values. But today I read your comments and put me big question that- Are you my same teacher that I had? Who used to teach the lesson of cooperation, organization of community, importance of participation, and ways of solving problems than being destructive? I know your own brother is in OBCA and you are well known about the situation and persons in it. Why don’t you help them then simply quoting them OBCA is wrong. You have potential, ability and organized ideas if you really think or wished to help them to solve their weakness. Sir, you can’t stand out of two boats and see how accident happens. Please, it’s also your responsibility to take required stapes for the sake of our community.
    Dear T Kumar,
    I liked your analysis but you don’t require telling or answering in ironic way. Tell/express what you really want these people to do. Just point out the weakness and if you have ability to solve it then work on it. If not then at least suggest them. Let’s not take time or waste time to tell specific thing in one clear constructive sentence.
    Kaji Gurung ji,
    I don’t think OBCA has monkey’s neither nature nor ABA. This is America; here is no place to do any corruption using the name of community. Anything can be tracked and find. It’s just our bad concept that if someone can do so. If someone is doing it..Then there is no way that person can hide for long time. You might have question on Movie” suruwat” for money making idea… It’s absolutely not …if you feel so just watch that movie at least once. It’s for bringing awareness where Santos Ramdm has put his big effort.
    Dear Monaj sir,
    I only appreciate your some of the activities not all. Any way you are the one who can make it happen either good or else. But you are…multi skilled person..
    No more to comment then these. Congratulation! to OBCA for successful convention 2012. Hope to see its progress. And wish all the success for ABA in upcoming convention in Arizona. I am very interested to attain it too.

    DONT GET INVOLVED WITH ABA, OBCA CRAP. IT IS JUST A PLOY BY A BUNCH OF CROOKS FROM THE CAMP (people like PURNAY CHETTRI & DJ KHALING are not even even genuine bhutanese refugee…they bribed their passage to USA).


  17. Freinds,

    I donot understand here one thing: there is voice of people being spoken from all corners for the unification of OBCA and ABA for the single National level organisation of Bhutanese in USA. In the other hand, there is a presense of Dr. Purna Chhetri, Chairman of ABA in the national convention of OBCA. If the leaders can sit together there should not be any big issues or ideological differences in the process of unification. So, this is bit confusing for the general mass. Could anyone clear this please? May be Manoj Rai Ji, who was actively involve in the convention may have more idea about it.

  18. Shyambel ji !!!!
    Thank you so much for the positive attitude and opinon towards my comment. I wish every OBCA big heads read your comment. I am 100% sure that most of the big heads in OBCA will leave the organization coz they have never worked on post without loop hole budget. Also, to some extend i feel OBCA stands for “Organization of Bhutanese Chors and Attyacharees”. U know some of the big heads best fit into “A chilli tree can be a tallest tree where there is not trees”. These Big heads have to walk under the light of genation flashes.

  19. BM Khaling sir,
    The way comment in the first comment line shows you are proud of what you did without other’s appreciation. Although I appreciate OBCA’s great vision to bring all community in a platform to Bhutanese Communities in America, OBCA is still not mature and it’s representatives to give such a statement.

  20. Mr.T.Kumar,

    I appreciate the way you presented yoursef this time. You came heavily in your first comment and came down to ground in the second comment. I hope you realized that you acted quickly with your emotions running high and dry.However my request to you is don’t blame TANKA W. He is very innocent and he never made commets in this post. Please read and re read. Jumping in conclusion without giving second thought may land you in a wrong place.
    For your kind information we raised the issue of unification since the proposal of forming an organization was announced. We made to Nashville and Pittsburg last year with the same request to the fat cats of both the organizations. We requested time to both.OBCA gave us time at 6:00 pm for the get together with us (the team). We waited outside Yam Kharel’s appartment waiting for them.They turned out at 9:30 pm. We went in kharel’s appartment and sat for about 30 minutes. Later they took us to other appartment. so far so good. During the course of the discussion few members pulled their sleeves up. A senior member of the OBCA told us that we were funded by ABA. See their way of thinking and the mentality of a senior member. This was a humilation to us who proposed the unity.Here we tested the potentiality and crediability of these self styled leaders who poke their nose with a slogan of leading bhutanese community in america. This is just but one example to pinpoint the truth.
    The truth is they have a feeling that they spent time energy and money to form this organization and don’t want to merge or unify. Reality is OBCA members don’t want unity. They beat the trumpet of false propaganda of unity. The way these people think will not benifit the community. If at all it does the benifit will be shared amongst the stake holders.
    T.Kumar I see you as a smart jackle following the bull waiting for the bull to drop and you enjoying the feast. Don’t compare your organization with the American Red Cross Society. They will never attain this level with such a narrow mind crippled with internal greed to be in the top position.T. kumar ” artha na bartha govinday gai tauko dukheko aaushadi nito ma lagai ” bhaneko jasto na garnu ni..

    @ Ramesh. Thank you buddy for your comments. You are right I preached the theory of Unity, co-operation and support to one another and develop the feeling of botherhood amongst ourselves. Still I have not deviated from my simple thinking. It is true still. You saw my comments and felt I am against cooperations. I along with many others have been raising the issue of unity.Still I say bhotangays must be united and continue raising the issue.
    Ramesh bhai remember when my brother is with OBCA it does not mean that I have to follow his footsteps. He has his own business and I have different one to deal with. Blood relation have nothing to do with perception , thinking and way of life. This is how it works.

  21. Dear all,
    Organizations in America regardless of it’s objectives, formation, origination, and program based ideology is always regarded as personal property under the incorporation laws. Incorporation is equal to one ownership or individual owner or partnership among many individuals where general partner is responsible of any activities within the establishment.

    So, what is the problem and your concerns folks? ABA or OBCA is not the common property of Bhutanese living in the United States of America. I have said already few folks within the organization are legally responsible and accountable of any good or bad result. ABA and OBCA are business entity and render business in the Bhutanese community.
    Do not take headache or worry for them,, after all it doesn’t belong to you and I.

  22. Quite interesting to stand and stare at the ongoing shootout between the two seemingly warring exiled Bhutanese” juggernauts”—– OBCA VS ABA——openly swinging and trading linens in the public.

    More interesting is to observe the literary stunts spelt conspicuously, throwing salvos and apparently trying to hide their wolf’s skin to appear more like harmless sheep nibbling cool grasses in a shiny meadow!

    Further, while browsing the entire episode of uproar and cacophony, it looks more like the US Treasury is now reluctant to release a fat check to a few hands in the name of emancipation and transitional relief of new arrivals landing in different soils of US unless the 2 becomes1….However, it isn’t a hard nut to crack—just a clash of some big-bellied,vested interest who perhaps are grappling under strenuous 8 plus hours in a video-surveillance workplace in Uncle Tom’s land trying to extort and fleece easy and ignorant folks!…sounds great.

    to be continued…..

  23. To T.Kumar
    I don’t know who the hell u r and I also don’t understand what kind of sense of humor u have…..u might be the black sheep in the crowd hiding the real identity and howling like fox…My comment was not personal and i was just shocked the way u commented using animals name and comparing me and Mohanji…If u have a little bit of self respect than learn something from reading the comment of Mohan Bhandari ji….U r jst barking and backing big heads from org like OBCA and ABA…u might b getting paid for using your god given knowledge and talent for backing them….u have knowledge but its useless..stay out of this and yeah I don’t have any interest in shaking hands with u and have a table talk wid u in Phoenix,Arizona on july 4th talking in low voice…..wait for that beautiful day when u will get beaten in public for ur nonsense activities…and then u will realize ur mistake and u will regret with ur refugee camp mentality and leadership….

  24. Mohan & Tanka,
    It’s indeterminable how much your efforts in community building is counted. Mere dry and narrow voices out of personal window is not heard often. You got to be counted, recognized, valued, priced, and respected by the open public.

    I wish I have a cool office job so often could get online, access emails and flash back comments. However, I am not yet pushed back by such misleading comments you guys made. Most of your comments reads guilty but still you are not comfortable sharing regrets for what have you done. It tells us you are ignorant and guided by egos. It won’t cost much for people living with egos to get back to acceptable shapes. Your background has got nothing to compare since you can’t comply with what you see right in your front.
    I haven’t compare Bhutanese organizations with American Red Cross Society. I was talking about accountability to explain you in simplest form. I know it’s worthless diving in argument with your mentality and attitude. Once again I would like to explain you ….about common property…. and pride we can take from satisfaction and achievement. Bhutanese organizations, business establishment , professional and academic achievement made by any Bhutanese should not be counted as personal property. But we should be highly proud of it and extend necessary support.

    Things get flipped around. United Nations when formed during second world war initiated by Frankly D. Roosevelt was regarded as bad idea.. Many MOHAN BHANDARI AND TANKA. W campaigned against the bunch of wise folks. THOSE many MOHAN AND TANKA didn’t know that good ideas can fly high.
    Similarly many MOHAN AND TANKA were against FIFA, NATO, BUT they have been successful, earned respects… imagine what happened to those MOHAN AND TANKA?
    AN EMPEROR was against the formation of OLYMPIC, people were wounded and killed by those MOHAN AND TANKA but value of Olympic never decreased.

    So It’s natural or normal for anyone to face opposition when good things are done. We should not be huddled by these nonsense challenges (barking dogs that serves their master for a mouth full of food) Please ignore MOHAN AND TANKA. W a virus of the community.

  25. T Kumar
    You r mentally retarded and u need a medical check up…..plz go and see a Doctor. Don’t compare OBCA and its foolish ideas with formation of United Nations, FIFA & NATO. U r not a person fallen down from sky knowing everything. Ur mother might have been proud when u were born but by now she might have started hating u and your stupid mentality….U R SICK…U R SICK. I just couldn’t stop bursting to laugh when I read your comment comparing OBCA with UN,FIFA & NATO. I now realized that I wasted my time by arguing with a mental person…so good luck for your treatment & if u need any help go and beg with your OBCA’s leader…….

  26. T. kumar,
    You versed well. I tell you I understand your vision. You are a paid bulldog by OBCA. I don’t regret what I said and will not. I appreciate you switched from business to history. It is not a ego but the reality most bhutanese feel.Unity of OBCA and ABA. Had there not been people like you in both these organizations unity would have taken place long time back. Don’t fool around with your stupid idea. People will not be surprised to see T KUMAR LLC/Inc in near future. Go ahead with yur business , you can be a better businessman.

  27. Mohan and Tanka,
    Everyone can tell at this point that you are tired because you don’t have right stuffs to talk about. You presumed I have mental illness when reality is unfolded. This is proven that you are still living in darker portion with huge piles of egos. It will be too late to realize when you fall of the the hill of egos head upside down. However, it is guaranteed that both of you chaps can do nothing in life for yourself and community as well. I said this because you have egos living inside you, you can’t think outside the box, you are monkey by nature don’t make your house and don’t let other make their house ether, you have negativity more than enthusiasm for others, you feel what you do is right others are wrong, you don’t even know what a social community is, you don’t know what civic engagement and civil courage really meat in reality, you are a blind with open eyes, education you got in the schools didn’t give you a true meaning and you are a barking dog.

    This is what you have done so far. You complained and said it’s wrong. But what is right is not in your brain. Have you ever suggested what should have been done in the situation two things are not balanced? Never!!!!!!!!! Did you talk about how unification should take place? No, Never!!!!! ever…SO YOU ARE A TROUBLE MAKER………….. We need some one who can create idea of solution.. You refused shaking hands and having conversation in a cool mood….. You refused going through dialogs. So what is your expectation? What unification should look like? Do you have anything in your brain? Please question yourself before you jump on an argument and before you cut others necks.

    If you are a true citizen looking for changes… You will stop barking and start having conversations with different individuals.

  28. T.Kumar,
    your comments are just one way. think in a better prespective.Did obca hired you as a bull dog to bark of your greatness? Think cooly and see that bhutanese are united as a single enitity in america. Every time I have been stressing on unity and not just obca LLc. Obca ko slogan ta gajab cah “together we can …..” but the actions are just limited. If you have gutts come on and raise voice for unity.There lies your greatness!!