OBCA is ready for unification: Khanal


Vice Chairman of the Organization of Bhutanese in America (OBCA), Manorath Khanal, has said that his organization is ready for unification with another national organization, Association of Bhutanese in America, if the latter accepts the offer. According to Khanal, parleys between the two national level organizations have been underway, but none of them were serious. At a time when both the organizations are convening in Phoenix of Arizona, Vidhyapati Mishra of the Bhutan News Service has talked to Khanal on OBCA’s efforts towards unification and other contemporary issues:

His excerpts:

As you are convening from June 15, how far has the preparation reached?
As the chief organizer of the third convention of our organization, I must inform the community through your media that preparations are almost completed. We are expecting some 400-800 individuals from across various states of America. We’ll definitely make this a grand event in our best capacities.

Manorath Khanal (Picture : BNS)

What are the convention agendas this year?
Various agendas connected to social upliftment of the resettled community are the key discussion issues in our convention. Our focus will primarily be on community supports, media, literature, culture and music, among others. The community must understand that our organization is dreaming of a vibrant Bhutanese society in America in near future.

There have been demands from everywhere that OBCA and ABA should unify as a single entity. What do you say?
Like others, I do feel that there should be a single national level organization for all Bhutanese in America. I am proud to mention here that we have been conducting regular parleys with executives of ABA for materializing a single organization out of the two. However, we have noticed some technical problems, as we have always failed to physically sit for a discussion. Even the OBCA wanted to convene with ABA in Arizona. Sadly, we are holding our conventions separately in the same place. This will definitely give a wrong message to the community. But, OBCA is always ready for unification if friends at ABA accept the principle and importance of one entity.

Indeed, forming an organization has been a bad trend in America. Even community in Phoenix opted for two organizations. With tedious efforts, finally we were able to erase one organization from its existence, giving a lesson of unification for Bhutanese everywhere.

I am of the opinion that community must support national organization, and allow it to operate its branches in various states. This will create avenues for serving the community in the best manner. We should not go for quantity. We need to hunt for quality. In actuality, a powerful national organization of the Bhutanese community in America is enough. And, this should be our motto.

What community works has OBCA been doing since its establishment?
It is difficult to say how much community works we have done so far since we lack a measuring kit. But, I must say that we have done a lot of works to make our existence meaningful in just three years. We are having a premier show of our movie Suruwat during the convention. Our Nepali-language magazine, Bhutan, reaches to some 2500 families in the U.S. We are helping people during emergences.

We have helped people find jobs, and assisted many who were kicked out from their apartments by finding some donors or support agencies. We expect to broaden our working areas. But, as a non-profit organization, we have some limitations to political activities here in the U.S.


  1. Nice Job,
    Manorath, But I am just confused regarding forgetting the people who had worked hard for resettlement while back in Nepal. Manoj Dai even forgot……
    Well wish you all the luck, I will be in Arizona in July 5th, if you guys are there, than we will meet.

  2. One of the fake faces of OBCA had given an interview to BNS news again. I don’t understand these folks are still on the lead of so called OBCA. Talking about National convention and helping community,taking in the name of Bhutanese resettled people,positing youtube videos of innocent people and in the personal website are very illegal. The illegal videos should be reported as quickly as possible. It is very painful to know that the OBCA’s money making game and asking donation or contribution to the innocent Bhutanese people by given indirect pressure
    The leading fake faces of OBCA are those who were trouble makers of the Camps and now are the trouble creators in USA. Mr. Khanal what changes did you bring for Bhutanese people in Arizona or USA. Don’t you feel shame on what you are taking about in this interview? It is very crucial time to understand what these few folks are doing in our names.

  3. Khanal g,
    And thanks for Vidya Pati Mishra for bringing this news to common public. What the hell people talki on? ABA, OBCA and so many? Who is this man to unify the organizations? who cares? Few people know that Monorath was once a Camp Secretary back in the refugee camp does not mean that he can be a leader for every one in this World. There are non-government organizations in the USA that help for employment not OBCA or ABA. Why do you people talk on behalf of the public? ABA and OBCA are just making fun of Bhutanese in the USA. The retired people with retarded brains. What Surwat? Every time you people talk about culture, enlistment of community, music, literature and so on. Never drag this coming new generation behind. You people never encourage the younger generation on education, language, Arts and Science. How many of you are going to schools in the USA? If that the scenario then learn before you want to lead the community. It is fruit less to gather people without heads. Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing.

  4. BRAVO!! Let noble thoughts come from all sides. Mr. Editor, please take some time off to pacify those people who are mourning a demise at the same place. A soothing sentence to a dreaded situation, at least!

  5. Salute to Manorath. His dream to turn our down trodden community into a vibrant one is very praiseworthy. He took the first step in materializing his vision. In the mean time I also would like to urge few catalyst like Bed and Ram kumar not to escalate any disputes between our own people. Let us praise the best deed. There is our welfare. You guys don’t have to dig your pocket to support Manorath khanal or his organization. He is tirelessly striving to prosper Nepali speaking bhutanese who are making a very painful transition. I want to give point wise answer to Bed’s question and hope that he never dares to tarnish reputation of very dignified person.

    1.This people are talking about finding ways in protecting our long carried values and ideals. They wanted to tie us together and preserve our valuable culture, art, tradition e.t.c. They wanted to give message to everyone that Bhutanese are never separated by distance but are brought closer. They wanted to give message that Bhutanese never give up, they don’t surrender, they don’t quit, they never hide from history but would face death to make history.
    2. He is a genuine Bhutanese who always cared for Bhutanese community than anyone. He is honest, disciplined and patriotic person. He is the advocate of justice.
    3. Every single Bhutanese cares and should care.
    4. It is true that he was a camp secretary and he was one of the few Bhutanese who risked his own life to bring resettlement program into reality. Had he not taken that courageous path you would still be walking like a vagabond on the dusty camp streets. He served Bhutanese people as a teacher, social worker and many more. He has a better knowledge of our community than your’s. He gives but doesn’t want anything in return. He firmly believes that our future in USA is secured given that our community should be well informed about the resources available for them to prosper. There are so credentials Manorath possess.

    Yes you are right that there are a lot of not for profit organization in America that help people find job. Do you remember where you took your first meal upon arriving in USA? Your answer will be the flash back of your first encounter with Bhutanese Nepali. We need community dude. Don’t be skeptic. Broaden you mental horizon and take things positively.

    God bless your poor sentiment.

  6. I don’t want to be harsh. However, I don’t mind being harsh when somebody tries to be a negative critic of selfless people like Manorath Khanal and plenty of others in the community. Truth is hard to digest sometimes. May be the bitterness is what differentiates it from lies and falsified claims of Ram Kumar and Bed. And let me start by pointing out some grammatical errors I saw in the comments posted by Ram Kumar and Bed. “Taking in the name of Bhutanese resettled people”? Seriously? You mean talking? And since when is it illegal to post videos on YouTube? Oh well, you must be aware that they will face the consequences of posting illegal videos of innocent people? How about you start reporting the illegal videos and give heads up to others about not posting them in future. LOL.
    Erghhh…sorry if that’s rude, I however I am being a faithful assessor of what I read and saw. Don’t take it personally, brothers. To be honest with you I didn’t understand some of the things that you guys were trying to say. You must be pissed off at me since I said I couldn’t understand some of the things that you guys were trying to point out and yet here I am commenting and about to assault you guys by words. That’s the least I can do, right? By the way, you’re very welcome. But, I get it, okay? I clearly I would suggest you people to do some research first before you start blabbering about somebody using some cheesy English. Your sentence composition and the grammatical aspect of your writing are reflective of your baseless allegations and how pathetic you are.
    “The leading fake faces of OBCA are those who were trouble makers of the Camps and now are the trouble creators in USA”, Can you point me some troubles made by the “leading fake faces” of OBCA? I would love the clarification on this remark. Do you guys ever appreciate what has been done by Manorath Khanal and Hari Bangalay? They were almost beaten to death by the brainwashed and pathetic youths from our very own community. They deserve to be the leaders because they have risked it all to help us get here. What do you know about Manorath Khanal? Come down to Phoenix and ask the members of our resettled Bhutanese community. I am sure you will be told the truth by them. He didn’t work for almost 2 years or more, you know why? Because he was serving as the President of BCA, another Bhutanese community organization based in Phoenix, AZ. He has fully committed himself to help us. Bhutanese community has a very good reputation even among the locals here because of all the good foundations paved by people like Manorath. Here we are now, almost 5 years since the resettlement started. We have done so much in 5 years. We have achieved so many things that we would have never achieved back in the refugee camps. When I am saying I mean we refugees as whole. I am not crediting everything that we have done is because of Manorath Khanal or OBCA or other organizations. I am just saying that they have directly or indirectly contributed to what we have been able to establish ourselves currently.
    I really liked what Deepak had to say. You did a terrific job, brother. I applaud your thoughts and opinions.
    Here is what I have to say to Manorath Khanal and other people who are actively involved in the welfare of the Bhutanese community and yet are being the victims of constant affront. Don’t let negativity affect your vision. A lot of people have said harsh things, but you shouldn’t let it affect you. In fact, you should take it as a motivation to keep up the good work. Be more enthused and never forget that there are handfuls of people who are in your support too. Negativity is balanced or more so outweighed by positivity. Last but not the least, Thanks to Mr. Mishra for putting this interview on the site.

  7. What part of the interview states that manorath khanal is trying to be the leader of the world? Why are you guys, Ram Kumar and Bed, making blatant statements out of the blues to degrade a true leader like manorath? What part of the leadership don’t you guys understand ? Really? Is it that hard? You are so biased. And about the change that has been brought by manorath, y
    ou should interview folks who actually live here. And let me remind you, “change” is a very subtle word to use in this context. Change can’t be achieved single handedly. You probably didn’t have trouble paying your rent so may be you didn’t have to worry about being evicted from the apartment. Well, everybody’s situation might not be pretty as yours. I have actually seen people from our community being helped by organization like BCA at the brink of eviction. It is really easy to blame and demoralize people who are actually been helping out in the community. Here’s a quick suggestion. Get your English and facts straight before causing a havoc of these sorts. This is my first time commenting on here. I actually feel so relieved to jot down my thoughts. You don’t necessarily have to agree to what I say. And one more thing, what was shameful about manorath’s opinions? Just saying. No pun intended.

  8. Thank you
    I mean the supporters of OBCA. We want logical and rational support rather than emotional. Two wrong doings can’t give you a “right” product. This is not a mathematics. Deepak….. your supportive statements are unidirectional. My opinion is not to support or oppose OBCA or ABA but it matters when we feel that your doings ultimately convey bad messages to the whole nation. It seems as if still you don’t learn the lesson of failure. We are on the verge of extinction because we talk only about Nepali speaking Bhutanese. Think???
    How dare you guys convey the message that Bhutanese are never separated? My question is ” How old is your Organization, OBCA”?. What do you owe? Your culture, tradition, language… It is useless if you can’t explore to the nation. Do you believe that you can preserve them in the absence of younger generation?
    Now it is the time to talk about the USA. Praise the country where you are living. Convey the message of patriotism to the younger people in the community. Encourage people to learn English, integrate them in the society where they are living. Never make people irritation.
    Good luck and change your attitude in the reasonable direction.

  9. Congratulation and Good Wishes from Bhutanese in Las Vegas of Nevada. May this convention give us a direction to Develop Unity. Friends, let’s never forget we are victims of State Sponsored Violence and hatred. So we need Unity. We are failing and falling due to Division. We feel betrayed as we believe in individual strength, but not in collective power. We are losing as we never stand by the cause rather with whims. We never try to distinguish the fact rather we believed on futile activities. We have a noble Cause folks. For those who asked and are asking what leaders give or gave us, let me ask you. “What did you gave so far to the community and nation as whole”. Perhaps, just like me, “begging arms in Refugee camp and here in resettled country too”.
    Thanks you friends of OBCA you are in starting steps. I wish and pray for your the strength and wisdom.


    In the Spirit of Unity, Hope and Progress


  11. Shakepear once said ” It is easy to give 20 lessons to others but difficult to follow one of them by ownself”. This is what Monorath and his comrades did to the Bhutanese refugees back in Nepal and in the United States after resettlement.
    Monorath, Please recall yourself honestly the number of attempts made till date for the unification of the OBCA/ABA by different groups and individuals. How BNS tried this? How did the group of youths tried in your last convention? Did you and your organization realize that a group of guys from different states (Arizona, Virginia,Ohio, PA, NY,MA, GA,NH…and so many others ) pleaded you and your organization to come and work for unity? How did you guys react then? Do You remember now all your accusations and your false assurances? Only the bearer feels the pain.
    The guys spent their hard earned money to make to the convention center last year and some of the senior brass in your organizaton accused the youths that they were financially backed by ABA. I still have discussions with the members of your group and still ask for the unity. Some guys from the youth group felt that the youth groups who pleaded for unity were insulted. Your top brass think them as nothing more than bunch of wolves? One of the senior Bhutanese was told by your chairman the following (approximately exact quote)
    “Who are these wolves to ask us for unity/ pressure us for unity with our counter parts?We are a ORGANIZED GROUP.” Hearing this from a responsible man the youth group dropped their plan to circuulate their recommendations and suggestions to both the groups. They had lots of recommandations in there. Although I was not a member of the group but guys shared their experiences with those who wanted unity. On the other hand ABA executive Director assured that they will held their convention jointly. I could now realize that at least you guys are smart enough to at least hold your convention in the same city but dates different. What a joke . Again how meekly you speak about unity. Just say “we are organized group and we don’t want to get unified.” At least most of the bhutanese will in one sense try to ignore you as a group of handful of individuals who have years of experience of exploiting the innocent Bhutanese refugees far and wide.
    Again your organization have vested interest and to inflict your interests you exploit the innocent youths. For example in your first convention you staged a cultural program with the help of Bhutanese Artists of Georgia. After the program you failed to acknowledge their contribution. Next in your convention in Nashville you staged the cultural program with the help of artists from TN,ky and other states. What happened then? Yam Kharel was proud to announce that the program was taken up by OBCA. He in the capacity of Chairman of the group failed to acknowledge the contributions made by the local artists and advertized as the program by OBCA. How long you guys are going to exploit these people. Of late the much hyped movie you are going to stage in AZ …Poor artists I feel pity on them coz they are used misused and abused by the organization formed to raise voice of exploitaition.
    you may wrong me publicly but the truth never goes down.
    You talk of strengthening the Bhutanese communities in cities/states. For this I would say You guys grew without root and shoot. you bloomed from the top and never realize/ed the pain of the poor roots and shoot. I would just say that you are exceptionally good guy just for your sake and never for the general public. There are lots of issues the peoople in various cities are facing. Have you realized one of them ? Depression, sucides, Esl classes and interpretation for medical appointments and many others in the lists. Almost 4 years of your formation now and still I could hear of conventions. May be next year in Nebreska? What are the concrete programs /solutions you have to address the above mentioned issues. Can you come with a concrete plan/plans publicly when you come for the next interview? At least stop giving false information to general public. I rather see more work from those selfless youths in cities trying hard to solve problems that comes up and still never know what ROLL number this OBCA has in the long lists of organizations and Associations. God help you to speak from your heart.

    Always……ukush mukush!!!!!!!

  12. Before putting down my thoughts I would like to make clear to the readers that I am not the same Deepak who commented earlier. I read this interview quite a few times and really appreciated the way Manorath presented his opinion. If the interview was anything like repatriating Bhutanese in exile with profound dignity and honour I would too not hesitate to be very abusive in both words and action.
    Be informed that I went over every single comments in here. I was very much shocked to read the comments made by Ram kumar followed by Bed. I am not a member of OBCA, BCA or any other entities affiliated to it. I am a common man with common thoughts like majority of us(Bhutanese). We are alien and transitioning ourselves into a whole lot of different world with lot of hardships and pain. Anyone’s hope can disintegrates and dreams turn into ash. Who cares? Our community does. We need people like Manorath khanal to revive those. When noon time shadow assemble clouds, he can propagate a message to the community that world goes on seeking the sun.
    Bed and kumar, let us be very positive. We have nothing to loose but many things to win. Can you pin point where in Manorath’s interview did you guys find anything that was destructive? He is not falsifying anything nor is asking any kind of donations. He hasn’t urged anyone to rally behind his flag either. Why the hell should his interview creat headache? Get down on your knees and apologize for being notorious critic. My guts tell me that you guys are blowing things out of proportions. If you can’t give warm shoulder to anyone don’t mercilessly offer cold one too. You don’t have to be on the same page with his opinion. Your opinion is a killer one. Don’t try to preach cock and bull story to the innocent public.
    Last but not the least to my fellow bhutanese brother MANORATH- Keep yourself on the move snatching the unkind winds who mock your misery and igniting a fire in your imagination. We are always by your side.
    Hari om Adhikari- I am glad to read your artistically written decent comment. I am well convinced that you and your opinion is heard. I am your fan.

  13. Maturity is not when we speak big things but start doing small things.
    One we loose the dignity it’s hard to get it back. Back in Bhutanese refugees Histry we(parent Bhutanese/refugees) were uneducated and they followed what foolish wants them to go. But in this era of time life has given several blows to all of us so, we need to change our attitude- gonna have to be known by Bhutanese(refugees) are smart worker rather then hard worker. I remember always my late grandmothers advise “follow where your heart shows you but take your brain with you”.


  14. Interesting. Wasn’t there an interview of another Board Member of OBCA (Hari Uprety?) who said that he did not know of the existence of ABA until very recently and that the two organizations had never officially had a conversation?
    Unification is great in the abstract, but if the two organizations have not been able to do a damn thing so far, how does unifying the two into a behemoth render miracles as some folks seem to imply?

  15. Make Unity between ABA and OBCA the agenda of your conference. Discuss every corners of probable happenings and try to gain positive forthcoming to every Bhutanese in USA. Plz Stop Fighting within self and emerge with ego among the same hearts. One-sided claim is not justified in two-way dealing issues. Let ABA people also matters about the same issues and decide on your National existence issue. Hey Khanal jee, Did you guys call any one from ABA to attend your Conference ???

  16. Do we really need these so called national level orgs? Don’t you all think that our state/s level communities are far more organized, disciplined, helpful, forward and daring than these self declared leaders of OBCA and ABA and their orgs? These so called leaders, with vested interests and with tainted images, are there to torn the closely knit communities of different states, by dividing them into the ABA and the OBCA faction. Some times it forces me to think that they are the agents of RGOB, who tirelessly strive to divide the Bhutanese communities in US of A. Otherwise what great works have they done that we start accepting them as national level orgs? Oh, I almost forgot their great work….holding conventions every year. These guys should be ashamed of themselves.
    To Hari Om Adhikari. You may be an expert in English, but please DO NOT criticize someone because of the person’s inability to write correctly. You may be from an English speaking background, but for the rest of the lot English is still a second language and we are trying our level best to learn it each day. Experts (in English) or not, everyone can express what they feel about a particular topic. We should rather be applauding and appreciating them.
    Good Luck with the convention? Will it really work for the unification?

  17. Great grandfather of English Literature,Hari OM Adhikari ,how cowardly you commented the fact knowing nothing about the reality. Let someone write the truth or fact. Who are perfect in this world?
    You nonsense do not know the vested interest of those corrupted so called leaders who really disintegrated the peace and harmony among the Bhutanese people.

  18. I didn’t say that I was expert in English. It creates confusion when things are written differently than the way they are meant to be.
    Thanks Mr. BB Lamghadey ji for your suggestions. I do know that I was pretty harsh on Ram Kumar and Bed.
    To Subash, Thanks for that title. And how is my comment “cowardly”? I knew the criticism I was going to encounter that’s why I wrote the comment. Is that cowardly? I just wrote what I felt like writing. I would be more than delighted to know your last name as well. How about you put your entire name on the comment before back-lashing on somebody. Looks like you’re full of sense, Subash. Your words don’t affect how I express things. Also, did you not read my entire comment? Before, I started I said I was going to be very harsh. And in the midst of the comments also I was clearly hinting that I was being rude. At least, I am sensible enough to call those guys brothers, unlike you who started the name calling.

  19. Hari Om Adhikari Sir,
    Never think people are gullible. We know that your English is better for nothing. Try to give a sense rather than a horrible long version of statement. By the way, what are you doing bro? Are you a professor in a University? Gosh!! you are a big headed guy. Anyways, love and sympathy for your support to OBCA.

  20. Dear Dick Chettry,
    You brought a nice concept tht ABA+OBCA = _________________?.
    That would be great if these two groups can make it possible.
    Dear OBCA and ABA why don’t you add and be Bhutanese Community in America (BCA)?
    Just a little idea from my side. So, you both will lose 10% share on Org Name’s and Gain 90% Public’s Fame.
    It’s still not late to do so. I don’t mean you have to name what I said but at least come to one solution where everyone feel free and participate- National Convention as of own with large number- from every state.

    Well wisher
    Ramesh , USA

  21. Bed sir,
    Hari Om Adhikari’s english is better for everything. He has given a very sweet sensible version of statement. I don’t personally know Hari but can tell for sure, he must be doing something you will envy if you ever happen to come across. He could be a Dean at the university not just professor or can also be a person toiling round- the- clock to make ends meet.
    If I could roll back the clock, I would walk you back in time to teach the value of respect and courtesy from the very first step of your life. May be your mom failed to teach you those precious values leaving rationally immature regardless of age. Be assured that everyday is the first day for the rest of your life and it is never too late to learn good things. I can envision that you have a power to change yourself.
    If you keep demonstrating your imbecile character in public, time is not too far for you to end up on one way traffic that drives to the world of foolish. You are on fast track to that world. Make a U turn buddy. You are right at the intersection.

    Hari, your word resonates with an emotional and rational vibrancy that will enchant readers like me. It sounds to me like you are a gifted writer.

    Manorath, people with tiny little mind are but just the dust. Tonardo can shake their whole world so gentle breeze itself is enough to blow them away. This kind of people are born to steal hopes and bring bad news to the ears of people like you. You should always retaliate by standing strong and rising in defiance to let you pure dream grow. Let the red wave of passion lead you. You can be what you want to be.

  22. To Tara,
    Hey dude, your english is too winding bro. How about taking some ESL classes in community college to straighten it up?
    I assume you have a driver license. If you do, you know exactly how hard is it to drive on a road with lot many curves. They are perilous na?
    Alike driving on such roads your english made my whole world spin around. I was awfully dizzy dude. Can you help me getting rid of this dizziness. I know you will some day… I am fully aware of the fact that once you go over my comment, it will be like swalloing bitter pills. If it’s for the first time being feedbacked, it is more likely to cause some stomach upset. Never mine though. It will go away over time as it doesn’t stay in the system that very long.
    I have one more recomendation for you. How about having little breakfast before taking this high dose medicine? That should help prevent getting sick to the stomach. This kind of pills are hard to tolerate because it can make u more nauseaus and cause constipation. If you throw it up you will never succeed. If you keep it down you may and of course I won’t warn you how precarious it will be if you pass out.

    Good Luck.

  23. Mr. Montgomery:
    Dude, huh? Bro? What English is this?
    ‘road with lot many curves’? You put down lot and many next to each other? Isn’t that like finger ko aula?
    “they are perilous, na?” Na…na…na…na.
    “Alike driving on such roads…” Did you, by any chance, mean “Like driving on such roads..?”
    “I was awfully dizzy dude?” So, you are an awfully dizzy dude indeed.
    “.. swalloing bitter pills.” Swallowing, meaning taking something all the way down your throat?
    “Feedbacked”? That should get Shakespeare turning in his grave.
    “Never mine though.” Well, I guess it never was yours anyway.
    “I have one more recomendation for you.” Well, if you do, then you might just add one more M to the word itself when you are at it.
    “ This kind of pills are hard to tolerate because it can make u more nauseaus…” It can? They can? Perhaps they can’t after all. Did you say u? That is a lonely letter right there. Looks like an orphan. The English alphabet has enough Ys and Os. Don’t be stingy.
    “ If you throw it up you will never succeed.” Well, if you do throw it up, then you have already succeeded.
    All of this seems precarious indeed.
    And yes, I wrote it because you seem to have issues with someone’s English ability. How do you feel getting feedback?

  24. Belaiti,
    Your comment make no any sense to me. What the hell are you trying to convey me? Do you think I will consider you as a genius. Isn’t it ridiculous to say “lot” and “many” doesn’t go together. I was not authoring a book where informal words such as na for no, u for you and many other would be inappropriate. I honestly admit that the gramatical aspect of the sentece would be highly met had I used they instead of it in a sentence where you commented. Let me bring that up here too-This kind of pills are hard to tolerate because it can make u more nauseaus and cause constipation. With regards to the word “feedbacked” I would suggest you doing some research.
    I am deeply convienced that your english is traditional. I laughed when you even commented on words like dude, bro e.t.c. Dude keep your self on the move. Everything are changing. Don’t set your self back. Don’t be too primitive.
    By the way your english is not too bad.

  25. Let me make clear to some pin head friends who said because of some Bhutanese like Manorath Khanal we are able to resettle in third country, it is not, it is due to the immigration policy of that country. I don’t have any problem with those organizations and I don’t blame those people who criticize these organization because all the person who are leading this organization are those people who used to be persuade by pan and cigarette to do unethical work in the camps.

  26. It is great the the Bhutanese Association in U.S.A will be reunited for the common purpose as mentioned above in the interview but it’s wel very necessary to understand that so Called organisation will no more indulge in politcal affairs that few people will be always in limelight selling the innocency of thousand of bhutanses scatterd in different part of the world.I wish for soon reuification of this two organisation.No more politics in the name of Bhutanese people all over the world.Discourage those vampire living in different resatteld countries.

  27. How long are you going to keep this article? are you guys not getting any new with good messages to the community?

  28. I really welcome what someone said in above comments .It’s true that no one will be accepting now as any leader since we had bitter experence from those so called leaders.We were really good weapons for them to use and precious commudity which have high market value to sell in Europe and America.They even can say that we have done the resettelment process.What ridiculous.Stop your black business.

  29. Dear Bed sir,
    Who the hell are you to tell how long to keep or not to keep this? This is not an article dude. This is an interview. What kind of good messages do you need? Did you not find anything worth digesting in this interview? Which part of interview is bad ? Never judge people from the color of their skin rather from the wisdom they possess.
    I have seen so many comments you made over the past months. You comment resembled how narrowed headed you are. Discuss ideas dude not people. What is your question, How many of you are going to school? U would know how difficult is it to be a breadwinner of a family with little children. Luckily you don’t….

  30. Yes Bhutan Sir,
    You are the best among all in Bhutanese Community. You are the wisest of all. I believe Bhutanese community respects your ideas, ideology and vision . Also, most of our youths are earning their bread themselves except some with Food stamps. I am surviving with the assistance till today. I know you want to be more familiarized with the word” Dude”. This reflects your ability to intermingle with modern civilization. Great!! You are more patriotic than others. Your name itself proves the hypothesis. Thank you Bhutan for your comments.

  31. Please be careful to form the association.Might be helping hand for some one , individual income as there are many practices in america to buy the people and make majorities and
    get the money from refugee associations.


  32. Bed sir,
    I have to here by admit that no one can beat you up to blowing things out of proportions. Your sentiment is so narrow that even if I put down 1000 words that will still least describe it. Lord Krishna too wasn’t considered wisest of all nor any other deity. I am human being and that wisest title doesn’t suit me. Why does your lip itch all the time for nonsense stuff. Keep big ventilation to freshen your guilty mind with fresh air. Your environment in my assumption is very stuffy that is preventing you from inhaling good things. Broaden you mental horizon and see delicate roses among thorns.

  33. I think all of bhutanese are aware of monarath khanal.
    What were his great deeds when he was camp secretary in Beldangi II ext. hope he earned enough money for his next generation from selling innocent refugees identity to nonsense nepalese who want to land in america overnight. I m sure that he will not repeat the same here in America. now he is well equipped with enough dollars.

  34. Honourable Bed sir,
    your sentence comprised of 6 words barely makes any sense. I would appreciate if you elaborate just a little.

  35. To Mr. Raju S
    I know my writing will sadden you at least to some extent. You would chuckle yourself had somebody said resettlement of Bhutanese in western world was possible because you Mr. Raju S. I was a classmate of Manorath Khanal once upon a time. I don’t think he chews paan.
    Let me remind you of the fact as to what people like Manorath did. He boldly informed people that languishing in refugee camp forever and ever is not good. He came out to speak when you hibernated like a lizard and secretly sneak to US. I think it makes sense to you timid faggot .

  36. I appreciated Bhutan’s efforts to bring the conversation live to the audiences, but It seems that Beda is shying away from the main core conversation coz he was trying to hit monarath for no reason and later he was making comments on Hari Om’s views. That way his purpose of writing for public consumption and is totally defeated. Bed ji try to appreciate the good creations from any individual. Don’t look it by your –ve view. I really like the flow of English by Hari Om Deepak and by Bhutan. They are really genius in English. Deepakji, Bhutan and Hari Om ji, keep it up. I like to see more of such creation from you guys.
    Thank you

  37. shyamber Ji,

    This is not an essay writing competition. I wont afraid of not knowing things but never support the wrong doings. Your statements are biased and you are a supporter of M, H, D and B. Hope to see some supportive comments from your core group too. The word ” genius” has its own importance. Brother, please don’t try to miss use it. By the way, what are creations created by your group? If you feel it fine, let us know in public. I believe i am free to make right comments on cheaters. I know most of present OBCA cadres and their back history in REFUGEE camps. Please don’t try to make us fool. Have you guys started dialogue with ABA? When are you going to unite? No one cares of your group because public know that you all are layers.

  38. Bed
    I think you need immediate medical attention. Based on the symptoms you currently have, you are more likely to be diagnose with Alzheimer’s disease. It could be fatal for you if left untreated. It is a serious mental disorder. I am so sorry for you friend. My thoughts and prayer are always with you and may almighty enfold you in his tender embrace.

  39. Hi Bed,
    I am so sorry for you. U r saved on time from being cheated. Was it a telephone scam, fake currency thing or did someone told you your trade in value for car is low? Thanks god you protected our Bhutanese brother from being victimized. God can you also please bless him with rational thinking? I am really worried he might get himself in big trouble for lambasting. Bed, let us meet our troubles together and bridge our differences. When we talk bad things about our won people it not just stink their reputation but also weaken the foundation of all Bhutanese. If I were in your place I would ask myself if Manorath asked me for bribe or anything like that. If he didn’t than you should filter because they can pierce your ear, mind and heart. I have nothing to say if you have any personal dispute or grudges with him but We should learn to close our ears to the howling mobs and to stand and fight if we think that’s right.

  40. संसार बदलिन्दो छ साथि। हामि अझै पनि येस्तो कुरा गर्छौ जुन अरु कसै को मुख बाट सुनियेको हुन्छ। सत्य के हो भनेर त्येसलाई बुज्नुको सट्ा हामी कसै को कुरा सुन्छौ अनि त्येसलाई लियेर कसै को बैजत पनि गर्छौ। मलाई दु:ख लाग्छ यो प्रश्न सोध्न लाई ।।।। बेद जी मनोरथ खनाल ले तपाईं लाई कैले र किन घुस मग्यो ? यो मान्छे ले त्यस्तो काम के गर्‍यो तपाईं को घर परिवार भित्र र यो मान्छे नराम्रो भयो। शायद यो सबै प्रश्न को उत्तर तपाईं ले के भन्नु हुन्छ मलाइ थाहा छ। त्यो हो यो मान्छे ले धेरै नेपाली लाई अमेरिका ल्याउन भुटानि हरू को परिचय बेच्यो। क्याम्प मा हुँदा घुस खान्थ्यो आनि अरु धेरै। यी सबै कुरा तपाईं ले सुनेको मात्र त होनि होईन र ? की कुनै दिन तपाईं ले पनि पान किन्दिनु भयो ? अरु तपाईं को उत्तर धेरै हुन सक्छन् जुन साह्रै लाज मर्दो र भावना मा केन्द्रित छन्। मलाइ धेरै कुरा लेख्नु भन्दा पनि एउटा प्रश्न अन्त मा सोध्न मन लाग्यो। तपाईं ले यदि मनोरथ को जस्तो काम गर्न सक्नु हुन्छ ? समय मिल्यो र आउन सक्नु भयो भने अरिजोन को फोएनिक्स आउनु होस् र बुज्नु होस् मनोरथ ले ४ बर्ष कस्का लागि दिन रात् खट्यो भन्ने कुरा आनि तपाईं लाई आत्मा ग्लानी हुने छ।

  41. Bed sir,
    Tapain ka ko bislesakh ho ra yo duniya deewaana lekhayko? Khub UN ko mahasachib ko jasto chha ta kura. Ke ko Whole country ko Kura gar bhaneko. Aafno samaj ra pariwaar lai maya nagari ke ko desh ko kura gareko. K question sodheko timi haru kati janaa school jadai chhau bhanera? School padai ma sabai thulo hune ho? Ki America ma padnai parchha bhane badyata cha? Nepal maa padeko ko ke padai haina? Kukkur ko jasto buddi na dekhaunu la? timro pragati tyes mai hunchha….. KHUDA KARE PYAR…

  42. Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. Appreciate to Durga g and his views. Finally, i come to a conclusion:
    Act the present and forget the past.
    Also, sorry to Monorath for i being rude to him. I believe Mr. M should not involve in OBCA or ABA. We need him in a fresh start.

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