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OBCA honored Lucky Rasi

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Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America(OBCA), honored a  novice writer Lucky Rasi amidst a literary conference organized by Global Bhutanese Literature Organization (GBLO), a literary forum, at Atlanta, Georgia on December 26,2015.

Lucky Rasi receiving the honor from the OBCA members. Photo: Karna Gurung
Lucky Rasi receiving the honor from the OBCA members.
Photo: Karna Gurung

Lucky Rasi released his first book, ‘Punarbas’(Resettlement), during the conference. The honor is in appreciation to Rasi’s significant role in expressing the situations, successes and problems through literary creations.

Issuing a press statement OBCA has stated that it is pleased to honor Lucky Rasi, one of the central committee members of Kentucky chapter of GBLO for his literary creativity. The statement states, “It has added significant meaning and success in the resettlement of Bhutanese refugees across the globe and justified the resettlement with artistic literary writing and creation.” The honor includes a purse of $565 with a token a love.

OBCA has concluded the statement saying, “OBCA always inspires and extend its support to the upcoming emerging youths, who have been playing instrumental role in promoting and preserving our arts, culture, language and literature.”


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