OBCA convention kicks off, BNS to blog it live


The first national convention of the Organization of the Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA) is scheduled to kick off from today until tomorrow.

The gathering in Georgia is set to declare the national Organization of the Bhutanese in America and its future plans and programs.  

The organizing committee says the delegates’ confirmation from different states has been in the final stage. All arrangement for the food and place of stay for the delegates is also ready.

Meanwhile, Bhutan News Service (BNS) will blog live about the event in its official site.


  1. In our context, what shouldn’t happen has happened and what has to happen didn’t happen. OCBA ???? what to comment and what not. Same people, same habits, same ideas. Same parasites, same virus.
    We need to promote the unity and solidarity of the Bhutanese people; co-ordinate and intensify their co-operation and efforts to achieve a better life for the peoples. This has to be our motto but unity and solidarity from people is overwhelmingly trends to nil. As claimed by some of the reverent chaps I know this did not accept the representation of majority of people consent and amidst their undertaking. Forget at this stance for invitation.
    Theoretically one can write some undisputed logic but in field visit there is nothing convincing and encouraging at all. Let’s wait how these lots approach the community.We need to see the litmus test when there is always a dominant soft corner at some nucleus.
    infertilization is preferred to miscarriage.

  2. Everybody who thinks twice will surely tell what was the intention of the OBCA. I purely agree and support whoever are Puranaghare and Ashok regarding their concern. Why not these people are transparent to all the Bhutanese people in the United States? There is no doubt- these people are power hungry. Frankly speaking majority of the people don’t deserve the power. Why it is so early to form such a National organization without thorough consultation with all the Bhutanese. Truth is there is something…somewhere…………..
    It is one of the Bhutanese so-called elected leaders who is talking about infiltration of the comments; if you are not capable of handling the people–you don’t deserve the post. It is 100% sure that this OBCA is not going to last for long because of insufficient transparency. If you’re transparent you shouldn’t have formed this so called national organization so early.
    Ashokji and Puranaghare ji you’re cent percent right on your comments.