OBCA Announced 7th National Convention.


Tilak Niroula/New Hampshire
June 4, 2017
Organization of Bhutanese Community of America (OBCA) has decided to hold its 7th national convention in Omaha, Nebraska,  28th to 30th July this year. This was announced in a press release emailed to BNS.

According to a press statement issued to Bhutan News Service by OBCA chairman DB Rai, OBCA had formed a convention organizing committee headed by its Treasurer, Aita Rai as chief coordinator, Vice-Chair Dilip Dahal and a member of the board, Jiden Rai as coordinators to ensure that the convention is held in an organized manner. Similarly, a host state program organizing committee has also formed a panel of 10 led by Bhim Gurung, president of Bhutanese Community in Nebraska (BCN) and Babita Gurung, Coordinator of American Bhutanese Women Sports Association. Besides, OBCA has collaborated with Bhutanese Community in Nebraska (BCN), Mid-West Bhutanese Communities, Ifacans International Fine Artists/Foundation, Global Bhutanese Literary Organization NE Chapter, Bhutanese Artists of Nebraska, and American Bhutanese Women Sports Association to successfully host this convention.

“The National Convention Organizing Committee, Inter-State Bhutanese Women Soccer Tournament Committee, and the host State Program Organizing Committee will jointly reach out to the community organizations and members through various means and media with its program detail and an invitation to the convention and women soccer tournament as early as possible”, the press release reads.

Speaking with Bhutan News Service in a telephone conversation, Rai divulged that OBCA will nominate its new state and city delegates and reshuffle its board through this convention. According to Rai, OBCA team is aggressively engaged in developing integrated strategies, organization expansion, by-laws amendment and leadership development. “Our website is in reformation process and we believe that our by-laws amendment is very necessary for addressing the current scenario. So, the OBCA strongly stand in favor of the amendment plan and implementation of the new by-laws,” said Rai.

Rai declined to comment regarding the rising calls for a single national organization of the Bhutanese diaspora by tying with the Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA).

The OBCA is a non-profit organization formed in 2010 by the resettled Bhutanese with the mission to preserve and promote the Bhutanese tradition, culture, and social values.

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