NZ Bhutanese elect new executive body


The Bhutanese Society of New Zealand (BSNZ) Saturday held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Palmerstone North.

According to its newly elected President, Bal Ghimire, the first AGM elected the new executive board of five members.

Lucky Rai and Dilli Neupane were elected as the society’s Vice Chair and General Secretary respectively. Likewise, Suryaman Ria seized the opportunity to serve the Bhutanese community as the Spokesperson while Pampha Gautam became its Treasurer.

According to Ghimire, an independent election body comprising of Tek Bir Rai, Indra Dulal and Goma Dangal conducted the election.BNS


  1. First and foremostly,I would like to utter “Hearty Congratulation” to the entire newly elected members of BSNZ.Nonetheless,I also suggest them to shoulder a fair share responsibility amongst one another, while working selflessly to the society,whereby you can nodoubtfully win the hearts of people and shall be loved and respected by the community in your entire tenure.Ultimately,I wish you all the best of luck.

    Hem Kumar Gurung.

  2. That’s a good news.Now we have another home in NZ.
    I appreciate all the folks who stepped up to give their time for the community.
    Definitely your volunteer service will benefits our community.
    There are several up’s and down’s coz you are the one digging the first Bhutanese road in NZ history.You are the first example.
    No doubt ! ! You will face several criticisms but take it as a reward.That will make you a stronger and a better person.
    Many people don’t like to take such responsibilities in the community.Its good you are giving your time and a valuable time for this I like to Congratulate all elected members.

    Mero maya ra Namaskar sabai lai.

  3. Dear friends from New Zealand,

    Congratulation for setting up this executive body and your task to work for the Bhutanese community in the country. We would like to hear more from you all in the days to come and let us remain in touch.