Nursing student ends life after boyfriend’s ‘betrayal’


One 22-year-old resettled girl, Hari Thapa, who was a nursing student in Southern Tasmania, was said to have taken her own life in what her brother described as the most terrible tragedy to have occurred in his family, Friday. She was resettled in Australia some 17 months ago.

Hari Thapa updated this picture in her Facebook on Thursday

Dozens of her fans were shocked to watch the last 7-minute long video post  in the Facebook before she hanged herself early this morning.

Betrayed by her boyfriend, which is well understood from the video she posted, she had breathed her last before her family members came into notice today, it is learnt.

Her brother Chhatra Thapa, the only family member yet to be resettled from Beldangi-II refugee camp, described her sister as a very wonderful, friendly, hardworking and smart girl.

“The investigation into the suicide is underway in Australia. However, the cause must be a broken-heart that she developed when her boyfriend betrayed her,” he told Bhutan News Service.

The family has not revealed details of Hari’s boyfriend stating the investigation into the case was underway in Australia.

However, some of her friends, who have known about their longtime affair, claimed that she was leading a miserable life after she discovered that the boy was formally engaged with another girl in the U.S.

Any visitors to her Facebook walls could figure out that she was trapped between agony and tragedy for quite a longtime, teaching parents and guardians a lesson to constantly monitor contents posted by juniors in social media for saving irreparable loss of human life.

(With inputs from Hari Kumar Dahal from Beldangi-II)

This is the last video post by the girl in her Facebook. Courtesy : Chhatra Thapa


  1. It seems like one is for another and another is for none.
    very sad to know the way she missed this world. I wonder why didn’t she realize how parents take care to make her grown up to be a big girl? Might be she knew her boy friend some years ago. If she knew that her bf was cheating , why did’t she leave him instead of giving her own life? If she loved the living creators she should love her own life too. A woman doing nursing from Bhutanese community is a pride for all the resettled Bhutanese around the globe. I appreciated her being in a school doing nursing but i hated her the way she gave off her life. We opt resettlement not to give off lives but to build future. More importantly, “patience” should be developed as a culture in our society.

  2. I am completely shocked at the sudden death of this young,wonderful,amazing,lady.Can’t even believe what Love did in her life,simply taken away from her beloved family members.Hope God will provide enough strength to the family members to overcome this tragic death.
    May God give her eternal rest and may her soul rest in peace.

  3. This should be a big lesson to the males who show fake love but bear betrayal at heart. So sad to know that this lady who would be a great lover of her loved one took her own life. its really a sorrow to her own family. May almighty give the bereaved family enough courage to overcome this tragedy. Pray God will give her enough for her soul to rest on eternal peace.

  4. Really a huge tragedy, an irrepairrable loss to the Bhutanese community. I know it is hard to be in such betrayal situation, but being a nursing student and she being one of the responsible family members, should have thought of her parents and other family members rather than just thinking of her bf. One goes, million comes; she should be pride of herself, her life and that she has parents.
    It is very unfortunate but one should have patience. Life has ups and downs but one should not give off hope and life. Instead struggle to live with strong determination and better dreams.
    I could understand the way she had her life but it is very unfortunate.I wish I was able to help her.
    ANy way my heart and sincere sympathy to the bereaved family. And may the soul rest in peace.

    Hom Pokhrel
    Fargo,North Dakota

  5. This is all lack of knowledge, what life is and how it often comes to us. We whole Bhutanese Community missed a wonderful girl. her boy friend should take some part of responsibility of her suicide, he should do volunteer work within the community for bringing awareness of youths and lovers. So bad a life is gone.

  6. it is very hard for the family of miss hari thapa to tolerate the situation they faced. it is good and need of todays world to love each other but the blind love between and among the todays teenagers leads to many incident like this of hari thapa. very often one between the others does love for fashion and next becomes blind. the lack of sense in madness not only leads to death but also gives a hunting pain to the family forever. hope we will not be reading such news in coming future.

  7. i m shocked with this tragedy.we have lost one of our amazing jewel of our community.she is a true lover n she deserves is an eye opening lesson to all fake lovers as well as to all parents of open n speak with ur child ,listen to their stories n dont stuck with ur traditional ur child n solve the problem .dont scare them.if u cant, take to the appropriate personal…dont let them alone..u r the one to understand them not others…

    my heart goes with the bereaved family n frens .may the soul rest in peace.

  8. I am so sorry Hari that you chose a undesired decision in life. Having a life was a bless not only to your family but also for yourself. Ending life coz of betrayal from Bf sounds crazy. Moreover, you were developing your future as a nursing student and that was great sacrifice you made on through your life.If you were thinking deeply quite a while, You would have loved your life so much.
    I have a sincere sympathy to the bereaved family and pray to God let her soul rest peace in heaven.

  9. Ending life is not a solution. Nursing student’s vision and aim is to save lives and not to end it.” If you miss a bus, another will be along in next few minutes”.
    It is such a tremendous loss !!!! May god be with her and let her soul rest in eternal peace.

  10. I went through the news and knew the strongest part of news was at all tragedy and panicked. It might be the great symbol for one who sacrifice greatly on love,but take less importance of being remain in love to add some steps of lovely sceneries in to one’s worthy life. ” Don’t let love to take our life,instead of it let we preserve our life to reflect the importance of unfathomable abyss of love.”………Sorry,let her departed soul will suspend in heavenly.

  11. Huge tragedy for Bhutanese Community, scattered around this universe.why didn’t she understood the important of her own life, toward family, community,and country. I express my Heartfelt Condolence to the bereaved family, let god give the straight to overcome, this situation for all Nepali Origin Bhutanese.

    Om pokhrel
    Grand forks,North Dakota

  12. Oh! god.. what a terrible tragedy is this?..So sad to hear about such bad incident..But I would recommend her..that she mush have to keep faith , patience and trust herself, instead of end her entire life for such a fake lover..But what to do its too late now.Unfortunately she end her life.This really become so sorrowful, miserable and great loss to the Bhutanese community.Any way my heart full condolence with great sympathy for her..let her soul remain peace in heaven…god bless her…

  13. I am immediate neighbour in Australia of late Hari Thapa, this incident is absolutely shocking. She was very responsible in the family,she is talent too.She is introvert type of person. We Bhutanese Community in Southern Tasmania is in mourning. This is a lesson for all parents and guardians of young Boys and girls to understand their children. I feel better solution for such problems is Loving and sharing among the family members and among friends…..Simple Equation to avoid sucidal stage is……..Sharing = Loving & solutions of many problems.
    May her soul rest in heaven and my sympathy to bereaved family.

  14. Death is the bitter fact in this entire universe, and everyone has to go through it sooner or later. My deepest sympathy is with her family. Today she has crossed the ultimate limit of love. She sacrificed her life for that hypocritical idiot guy. Shame on that cruel and cold hearted guy. Also, she proved that girls are innocent and pure (most of the time). Some people said it is because of lack of knowledge. How can you even think so? I personally, learned a lesson from this tragic event…I used to think that true love does not exist on this earth. However, her huge sacrifice has opened my eyes. May her soul get salvation and rest in peace…my heartful condolence. I will keep her family in my prayers.

  15. Its shocking!!! I don’t know what to say her and what not, but its time for the contemporary children to learn some lesson from this incident. We live for ourselves and for others, and everyone of us must have the significant others, the detachment or even some minor aggravations with whom, change the chemistry of our life. Critical thinking is required before being so paranoid and becoming blind not to see anyone around except the one, the stress factor, may be. This is just a representative example of many different cases in which many of our people lose their life due to the lack of the depth perception of what they encounter in their life. Moreover, the rapid exposure to the social media has not only improved our life, but also added risk in many ways. We have to learn to learn good things rather than learning destructive habits from what we perceive with our superficial vision. Lets think she gave some lesson to us rather than simply ending her life for no good reason. I pray for her peace in Heaven.

  16. Death is sure to come oneday to every living creatures. Suicide is a cowardly act. It has no value in the world. Girls or boys or anyone who kills own life is a proof of his or her failure to know what this life is for. Love for oneanother, love for girlfriend, wife or husband or love for lover has its own divine place when both are caring and living for eachother. But, much more is there in this world. We are born and given this life in this earth by God to be happy. It is precious and should not destroy it. Girls or Boys have courage and stamina to face ills and obstacles which will make you real human being.

    I just pray, ‘Let her soul remain in peace in heaven’. ‘And let parents the bereaved family members receive courage to move with normal life’.

    N B Giri
    Refugee Camp, Nepal

  17. I am extremely shocked by watching the video. I am very upset as we loose one of the asset from Bhutanese Community, since she was Nurse Student… But the decision taken by Late Hari Thapa is might be due to ignorance……by loosing her life could achieved nothing …. but loose everything….

  18. Very sad news, condolences and sympathies! If she was smart girl, she should have spoken to her family doctor saying that “I’ve sucidal thoughts”. Then GP would link her up with counsellors and psychologist , and eventually she should have had legal advice about her broken love. Buy why all this didnt happen is because Bhutanese refugees are not aware about all these free of cost facilities. Tjey even don’t know that in western context sucidal thoughts, anger, quarrel , love etc all have clinical and psychological treatment and they must tell the doctor. So please learn it frm this my article and save life. Remember that if u have any issue, any any–no matter what, u must talk to adults, if u r not comfortable talking to ur family, go to GP/family doctor or go to ur school and talk to tracher in confidential environment and they will tell u what to do, tell the truth. BF GF is nothing, its good not to break, but if broken by chance also dont panic too much, you can get another BF_GF. Sucide is no good, thats foolish, smart people wont do it. I hate sucide people. Thats not + thinking. Life is so precious, peple spent so much time to grow up, and people spent millions of $ to treatment from sick to live alive in this world, so dieing by sucide has no respect n value, so never die by sucide ok evrybody.

  19. यस प्रकारको मृत्यु पुनर्स्थापित सिक्षित भुटानी युवाहरुका लागि सारै दुखादाई हो/ मृत्यु बरण गर्नु को साटो केहि गरेर देखाउनु पर्थ्यो / तर यसरि जिवनबाट हरेश खानु अवश्य पनि राम्रो होइन / जीवनको महत्व नाबुज्नेहरुका लागि मृत्यु राम्रो हुनसक्छ / जीवनमा हरेक समस्याको समाधान छ तर आत्मा हत्याको समाधान छैन / आफ्नु जीवनको मूल्य नाबुज्नेहरुका लागि मेरो भन्नु केहि पनि छैन / कसैले पनि यस्तो प्रकारको मृत्यु वरण नगरोस / यस हत्याबात प्रभावित परिवारमा धर्य धरान गर्ने क्षमता मिलोस भन्ने कामना गर्न चाहन्छु /
    गंगा लामितारे

  20. people always think that most painful thing is losing someone you love in life. but loosing yourself in the process of loving someone too much forgetting that you are too special to your family and parents is more painful than that. RIP..My heart goes out to the family .

  21. How someone be alive leaving some in Death? She lacks the theory for teat for tat, but dear friends, all hearts are not so strongs enought as yours and mine, it is very soft and delicate. Some people never break the promise even if they have to choose to die. It is not totally her mistake, there are some agents specially a play boy who made her to destroy her life. Shakespeare wrote longtime ago that love is blind.True love never say sorry. I have no words about video she posted before she did sucide, but I request to all my generation not to play with love and heart,because it is delicate and soft. It will break any time. It will not gonna hurt you untill it break, but it will hurt you forever even you it will will. It will return to play with you forever which take away your whole happiness of your life. SO…Please Plase never play with heart and love and someone’s pain. May her soul get salvation and rest in peace…my heartful condolence. I will keep her family in my prayers.

  22. I feel shock and sad that we lost a Bhutanese family member.But I DO NOT AGREE that a wonderful life is just a bargain for love,expression of weak emotion, and a lesson to teach to the opponent. Does she had any feeling of love, respect and consideration for the feelings of beloved parents, siblings, relatives and the large Bhutanese community? Why did she choose to betray the other dearly loved ones: the innocent family members? Does it mean that a boy out of millions on earth is the only choice for her? It is a sear foolishness and I feel no other Bhutanese should try to get inspired from this Cowardly Crime! But may the soul be with God and I am with the saddest families in prayer to bear the greatest lost.

  23. Deeply shocked to know about this incident. She might have found herself alone after she discovered her bf cheated her. She trusted him so much that she completely forgot she still has friends who could divide her pain and family whose affection could make her forgot her tragedy.
    combination of over-commitment, solitary and the memories she had break her self-control and the result…………….a dreadful and irreparable loss.

    Whoever he is, i have a strong hate for him for playing with such a delicate and loving heart. May the bereaved family build up strength to sustain this great loss. Let no one and never ever commit such a mistake again. Life is to live not to end. Theres no such tragedy which cannot be healed with time and indulgement if you do play a part.

    Shadev Kshetree
    Christchurch, New Zealand

  24. We the Bhutanese community from Hamilton city Canada feel so sad to hear such bad incident.We wonder why she didn’t realize the value of life.As she was a Nursing student from the Bhutanese community,its a great loss to all the Bhutanese too.Well, May her departed soul rest in peace.

  25. No news, is a good news. Does not sound good, but need to accept it. So, my friends, let us pray almighty for the peace of the departed soul of Hari Thapa, and help to collect courage to the bereaved family to overcome from this tragedy.

  26. It is very touching story. I wish for her Soul to rest in Peace. To end a life for someone who she loves so much, not a wonder it happens. I have one concern about the video, as descibes in a story as a video she has posted on her facebook.How can someone download a video from someone’s facebook? Is that possible???

  27. To be born in this earth in human form is the great achievement for success. Those, who can understand the meaning of life can learn valuable lessons from their mistakes. To be betrayed in love is very common thing. It happens to all, and wise people usually learns the life lesson. It is very shameful to all adults those who forget their responsibilities, and scarifies their beautiful life in a tiny problem. personally, what i would like to SUGGEST is “don’t waste your valuable time thinking so deeply on unwanted things”. It just takes you in to the mouth of death, and finally kills you…

  28. You will be deeply missed and sadly remembered!! The video published in this article certainly is sad but I was wondering if it is a wise idea to have it here. ( I guess a story can be interpreted in very many ways)…. One can learn not to do so and can develop strength to fight against loneliness and lives endless discomforts but it also can provoke other tragic incidents among our delicate hearts (Youngsters ) !! *Friends instead of fans would have been more relevant here coz she is not an artist but an unfortunate “True Spirit”. I am deeply saddened by her departure!! This could’ve been prevented but lesson learned in an unexpected, tragic way. Lets educate and empower ourselves not to let our family members generate sucidal thoughts… we all can make a difference in someones life… sadly her life didn’t get a second chance ( if you, I or someone else was/were around her, she would have been with us today) .

  29. Very sad news. my condolences, sympathies and prayers! Very sad story video that reflects the cause.I would like to suggest the family members to get a free legal advice from a lawer which is available in Australia and bring the killer love betrayal cruel boy to justice. It is very important because if there was love issue they both sud hav seek counselling and psychological advice from specialists reached a conclusion to end love rather than just abusing oneone and leaving in the middle, this is the case of morality n dignity abuse, abusing someone’s life, playing wth others life till someone chooses to sucide, “maan-hani & charitra-hatya” ko mudha launu par6 tyo gadha boy lie. Down to all love betrayers in this world! so saddened to kno this n see.hear this video, mood off…
    And lessons we have to learn is if u have any problems, issues please talk to ur teachers, school councellers, GP/family doctors, psychologists they will help to prevent such bad decissions.

  30. It natural to accept the death bt it is not a proper way to it as awhole
    Life is full of betreyls, suffocation, aches, torments and inclines
    We human should struggle over it and passthrough it . I pray to almighty to
    Bless the berived family to over come the grief on untimely demise of young
    Hari maya

  31. What a shocking news? Everybody need to learn a lesson from this terrible lose and let`s (Bhutanese Community) try to understand the value of life and make best use of it instead of simply giving off life this terrifying way.

    I pray god let her departed soul rest in peace and give strength to beraved family to overcome this tragic moment..

  32. It shocked at the sudden death of cute nd talent lady.Really sad to know the way c missed her life. Everyone has to leave the earth one day and we should death but the way she choice is not good. I wonder why she didnt care about her parent b4 c suicide. how much they love, care and struggle for us to growup. she missed her preety life for the one who doest deserve her tear and feeling.
    It`s really bad news….. We will not miss our life for the one who doest care about our feeling. we will not giveup such a freaking nd damn ppl jt damn care and go a head in life. I will pray for her family. May her soul get rest in peace- My heartful condolence.

  33. This is a shattering news to hear and going through the video. I pary for this beautiful girl’s soul to rest in peace and her family to over come the tragedy.
    This is very hard to look on how can our young brother and sisters can be educated. Perhaps, counselling programs to all youth may prevent such happening in future.
    Sad that we are losing our people this way

  34. I was sadly moved by the video and occurrence of actual incident committed by one of our fellow Bhutanese Australians, at the cost of her own life.She has idealized what it meant to love someone deeply and and sacrifice the life as a last resort of not getting the true love, that she has reciprocated from him. Today Some of people act in a villainous way playing up with the poor sentiment, emotion and life of innocent girls like her, with gullible sweet talks and fake transient playful love-stories and promises. This tragic event should be last and final warning for our community to check our youths’ personal life on time. We don’t want such event to be happened again in our community this way. We need to be prepare amongst family and community if our young generations are in psychological distress as a result of break ups, personal trauma and need immediate possible help and support. We need to be a watch dog on what is happening in the personal life of our youths being the part of their lives so that we could assist them rightly.


    Lets not play people like a movie love-game and victimize them and their innocent family. In my personal opinion, If I were her, I would not have sacrificed my life for such a selfish love dedicated only by one person. Rather I would compete and challenge him with my achievement. Everybody is different, so one does what one thinks right to do for oneself at different situations.

    Its really matter of grief and great loss to our Bhutanese community if our youngsters, on whom our parents have high hope and expectation of better future, die so tragically this way. I would urge our elders, parents and community leaders to be alert and keep eye-on, on the personal life of our teenagers and youths despite tight work-pressure and and hussy- fussy life. So that we could provide help on time and save such innocent life in our community.

    Lastly I would like to pray that, let her departed soul rests in peace in heaven and let bereaved family get enough strength to overcome this tragic and unexpected event.

  35. Its really very bad accident ans very sad to all the bhut.anese around the world. Its the proud that one of the bhutanese girl of age 22 studying nursing, but its really very sad that because of love she can do nonsense sucide. She have to think for her family instant of doing sucide. we not came here to do sucide and other like lose of our life. we came here to make our life. Its really bad news to all of us. let pray for the. to give strenth to her family to overcome her sarrow and pray to the god to give her rest in heaven.

  36. Dear friend we r sorry that we lost u forever bt u will always in our heart and memory. ur a perfect girl who never hurt anybody in ur life expentancy. we sorry we missed to safe ur life..but were far behind to help u coz u never told ur sad story,,u never share what was going in ur life..thats y ur untold story forced to chose the wrong decision too. my frn ur commitment and sacrifies for ur LOVE never died… And in my personal opnion the fake lover who betrayed her too must be get investigate soon..he must be give reasonable answer for his bad deed upon her..


  37. this was a real loss…I am deeply shocked by this tragic loss of a Bhutanese youth at her young age. Lets be mindful that life is a struggle, and we have to accept the ups and downs of life considering them as challenges….may the almighty provide strength and courage to her bereaved family and rest her soul in peace.

  38. It is sad that Hari Thapa committed suicide. She may had personal reasons for that, but to post her personal video on You Tube is wrong. I believe posting this video, which she posted on Facebook before she kill herself, motivates and encourage others to do the same. It clearly gives wrong massage. I did watch the video, which is filled with strong feelings and heartfelt quotes, I think her family don’t wants this video to go viral on internet which may kill other lives. Title of video is also inappropriate. This kind of post will inspire others who are facing same problems rather than giving them counseling.

    Albany, New York

  39. I am completly shocked after I open website and read news and the vedio posted in Facebook and news.i know hari very well as she is a hardworking,sincere,friendly and smart girl.i don’t have any words to say. I still remember her good smile, her advice and the love that is giving like sister and mother.Today she is no more in this world. Her true love killed her and taken away to the haven.The decision made by her is wrong.Death is not a final solution.she need to think family and friends befor she die. But times doesn’t wait for all. I am going to miss her forever and ever.Lastly my heartfelt condolence to the beareved family and let the departed soul rest in peace.

  40. this is one of the sad news that i ever heard right after settling third country. people are there everywhere in this small world as a refugee still, people achived their demend but you know not containded mind. this young girl lost her beautiful life within a minute coz of deciver in love, but in my views there would be the other option instead of sucide, if she would think what is life? she would get the word like the life; is not only depend on her boyfriend. thats why no one should lean to someone tottally and should not share everything. let you guys read other people mind psychology first bt not let other know you. perhaps she might shared everything to her this bad guy boyfriend and he consider her as a puppet so her life ended by this way. WHEN YOU HAVE LOST ONE WAY YOU SURELY HAVE ANOTHER WAY BUT NEEDS TIME AND SITUATION. BIBLE SAYS ONE THING THAT THERE IS TIME FOR EVERYTHING, LIKE TO BORN AND TO DIE TO COLLECT AND SCATTER ETC. BUT BIBLE NEVER ACCEP THAT WHOEVER SUICIDE HIS OR HER LIFE LIFE IS SPIRIT THE BIBLE SAYS..BYE

  41. GOD? it’s totally terrible as well as Sad to hear tho ?I wonder why didn’t she realize how parents take care to make her grown up to be a big girl? If she miss her shoes,why she didn’t realized she will get another new shoes in next few minutes”?.any way let’s her soul rest in eternal peace in Heaven.

  42. It shocked to hear this sad news. I prefer to say that – better to find another way instead of just giving up the life. Life is embellish with many ups N downs, we must try to live accordingly with the situation. We have to love but shouldn’t put our life to death for someone who isn’t willing to put their life for us.

    Anyway let her departed soul remain peace in heaven.

    Bikram Sapkota
    Cincinnati, OH (USA)

  43. This is great loss for bhutanese people who lived painful life in refugee camp for 18 yrs.Just after resettlement in the best place of the world she died. lets think like this one of my friend died due to careles of doctor day before his depature to US. How you compare this two death??? To success in love is not only our completation of life. So she died lets prey for her soul in heaven but if u too have same case plz… plz…. plz….. dont do it, u gain nothing than condulance from all.

  44. It’s very painful and heart touching to hear the sad news of her death. I send my heartfelt condolence to her soul in heaven and may god blessed her family members, relatives and well wishers to overcome in this difficult situation.
    Lovers both boys and girls have to understand that
    love is not a game to play. It’s batter not to give false hope and dream to a innocent girl and to take her life.
    Can someone tell me her bf’s name plz.
    I want see such a great bf.

  45. love is not a game to play. It’s batter not to give false hope and dream to a innocent girl and to take her life.The sorrow of the faithful
    is not that of permanent loss,
    but the tender sense of sadness
    that comes in saying good-bye for now
    to someone we love.
    May today’s sorrow give way
    to the peace and
    comfort of God’s love.

  46. Tribute to our loving sis Hari…
    “Makes coins flip opposite, because it has it’s two parts.” The eternal deeds never mean the eternal life. I hope one cannot make his\her life as a herd of sheep.
    let her family gain strength to tolerate the pain of her departure. Miss u didi.

  47. once remember our sis hari n also i remember the story i read in grate 5or 6 in my school life savitra n satyavan its realy sakrifies of love i didnt think so in this very life person sakrifies in love like a hari sis its semilar like a savitra skkrifies i knews all my young stars please hope if we know the short defanation of life {life is hope n it is very beautyful n very short period in this precious time everybody hope 2 do something good in life n at last what i say means lat her family gain hope to toleratethe sorrow of her daughter grate sampathy

  48. News and Video are too tragedy of her. Actually she should not have done so becoz betray is common in our society and not only in our society even in AUS, USA and other country.Instead of doing that she could have change her mind to fine better leaving style and future without the […] GUY who […] .

  49. I m really shocked by hearing such sucide news by late Hari Thapa.
    though in love such thoughts come on the way but the thing is everyone has to keep in mind about the self-control of the mind in ups and down stages of the life.

  50. I m really shocked by hearing such sucide news by late Hari Thapa.
    though in love such thoughts come on the way but the thing is everyone has to keep in mind about the self-control of the mind in ups and down stages of the life.

  51. A love is not a game to play. It’s batter not to give false hope and dream to a innocent girl and to take her life.The sorrow of the faithful
    is not that of permanent loss,
    but the tender sense of sadness
    that comes in saying good-bye for now
    to someone we love.
    May today’s sorrow give way
    to the peace and
    comfort of God’s love.nyway let her departed soul remain peace in heaven

  52. feri???? god…!! why you have leave so early? ain’t we are here for you…!! ek goyo ta k bho aru pani ta thiya timi lay yo k garu sathi..?? im so lost after i heard about this terrible tragedy:( now i have no idea what is right and what is wrong??
    depression force you to do something sathi kina yo sochaynaw timi lay hami lai chodnu bhanda agadi??
    yo kura ta parai rakha timiro pariwar ko bhara ma ek choti pani nasochi yesto garu kina? sakanu bhani ma pani timi sagai janthiya jha mai lay soday jathi ko prasana ko utar sapai pauthiya taara eklai goya…:(
    i know life is rolecaster but we have to accept it…timi lay bhana jasti
    anyway let her departed soul rest peace in heaven…….

  53. It;s sad News and my sympathy to her Family.
    This is typical question for News Agency, Ain’t we totally depends on video to called her suicide “boyfriend’s betrayal”? was it fair enough to called her death in that way with out any strong prove?

    It’s personnel opinion and doesn’t necessarily meant to be victims, i am just questioning from journalism prospective.

  54. “Ravan and Julliet”. Had this beautiful girl found a Romeo who understood what falling in love is like he’d have surely helped her understand the true meaning of living a life. she would have nurtured herself to better understanding of life, blossomed to maturity and strive towards a meaningful living. But poor Hari was under the spell of a Demon who enjoyed others suffering. It’s a pity that such a lovely soul has to have a tragic end. God bless the departed soul.

  55. i really shocked when i see this video.sucide is not a exact way to solve the problem, but than also people select this way, why? exactly same things is happened to a hardworking and charming lady {hari thapa}.she did not understand the value of life rather she choose sucide.i have nothing to say but even than let her departed soul take rest in haven forever and let her famaly members build strong heart.

  56. So sorry to learn this incident bt,I’m sorry to say that,only loosers do this,I never get impressed by this kind of acts, pitty awafull thoughts n idology,any way rest in peace,n if u think u get another life I don’t think so,u got the life n u ditched on it so u don’t deserve another beautiful gift of life

  57. No matter which community she is from, does really matter after death too???? She had a very beautiful heart to love someone soooo deeply without any possesion but the pain. Beautiful heart girl didn’t understand how someone can love this much to someone she thinks special***. It’s beyond………………..for everyone. REST IN PEACE SOUL .

  58. I ‘m not really upset with this news coz c did not do any thing good. I really hate those guy who betray her. C is don’t have capacity to bear tragic. One side love is fake and self killing virus . May the god bless her soul and punish that […]

  59. The most tragic news that spreaded all over the globe brought great TSUNAMI to every Bhutanese communities’ as well as the whole humanities’ minds who read and watched this video. The most precious life ever got shouldn’t be destroyed in a second. May every youths and lovers’ not be influenced by such cowardly acts as well as not create such environment to happen again forever. To love and be loved everyone is easy but to commit is really difficult. Love of life is not so cheap like a thing in the market and once having true love should to take it successfully till the end with one TRUE LOVE but not as if a cat playing with lots of rats. Every girls need to be very very aware of deceiving lovers and every boys should not deceive any girl with false love. We the whole community is deeply saddened at this time and pray for not repeating such incidents again in the future. Anyway, we pray for the departed soul to rest in peace in heaven and give enough courage to overcome such grief to the bereaved family members. God bless everyone!!

    Well wisher
    New England,USA.

  60. She is really energetic and professional looking lady.She should not have decided so.Why didnot she control her rage?Betrayal is not the end of the world.I see in her the lack of self control and proper decision makin ability.Well on the other hand,her guy seemed to be the same.If he truley loved her the way she loved him,why didnot he take steps to get her with him?I don’t call him selfish and a betrayal though.To me both seemed passive and inactive and they never took steps to join their hands.She left a wrong message to the world,and she gave a hard time for her family to resist all these and even to her guy who seemed to have walked away from her life.Ofcourse,her voice echoes on his ears the way it used to be when they were still in love.Her love has waxed his heart,and no chemicals can take that off from his heart.All we can do now is to prey for her eternity and peaceful resettlement in heaven.Let her family get enough strength from god to overcome this tragedy.

  61. Actually this is not her solution she can survive with out that boy also and her solution is not excellent try to share this SMSto other guys who fall in love plzz love some one but do not devoted your life to that guy that may spoil your life any way this is one of tragic evet for every people. I hope her soul will remain peace in heaven i pray god for her peace moment on her next life….. i said that for her family try to control their slef.

  62. Really shocking news of untimely death of so young,generous and pretty girl who has been doing training in nursing. It deeply saddened everyone of us which is beyond our imagination. As a human being we have to have the capacity of thinking as every problem as solution which we have to struggle but death is not the only solution. The younger generations or lovers should be really cautious in such a situation during affairs with each other and shouldn’t cultivate such evil practice which even God does not forgive in heaven. True lovers never betray but open the doors for the solution or have patience till the end. Only marrying is not the aim of loving but sharing every difficulties and happiness and joys. Sacrificing ones life is also not a solution as well as betraying anyone is not the true spirit of love. We need to ‘Look before you leap.”

    Sushila Chhetri,

  63. I m so shocked to see a smart girl like her giving away life so easily! more than that i m sad that she lost her life….hope these things wont happen again…i m young n don’t know much about love but if love is something like loosing life than its better if i don’t know what love is…Hope her soul rest in peace and i hope that god will help this girl’s family to be strong in this situation!

  64. “My people parish because of lack of knowledge”. KNOW that suicide is SHORT-CUT TO HELL. God loves every soul and He wants all to come to the knowledge of Him who invites all to heave. So sorry may God heal and bind the wounded hearts of the related ones.

  65. I agree with genuine 10 out of 10. We should never justify death whether by suicide or murder. Those who commit suicide are worse in comparison to them that murder because they do not give themselves the second chance to life when it is available with them.

    One person in New Zealand perished in like manner: by committing suicide. It is very saddening why our people even after being resettled to begin hope and life anew after expulsion from Bhutan get so emotional and daring to destroy themselves! I am really sorry and broken by the news and writings in the facebook. Pray such incident never repeat in future…

  66. If you all were her, If you all would have love that damn nigga as like her, perheps you all would take same decions..Pshycologiacal term ‘heart’, is so delicate itsself in nature.. can someone tolerate pain which is untolerable?? thats how it goes…why people cry? simply because they just cant face it..thats all they have inbornly…,..It is fair to say her that she took wrong path, but think aout this, If you have no best option rather than choosing death,it would be better to choose it than to dies every single days badly..we all are not true lovers, so we say her she took wrong decsion..face it and feel it..we will experience a lot abroad emotions beyound imagination.which leads us to dream just about him. I know most of all, have bf/gf…but it doesnot mean u all love ur bf/gf truely…finally, let her soul peace in heaven and my heartful sympathy to her bereaved family…

  67. Its sad to hear this news. She seems to be very talented. We lost a bright star but does not want to loss any more.
    Its all the fault of time and lack of supervision and counselling. Please everyone, when you are frustrated you should not think that you should live for every one but don’t die for some one. Share what you have in yours mind, you will get solution.

  68. It was heart breaking News. And at the same time it is a warning to the fake lovers and the playboys who play with feelings of others. Betrayal can have serious consequences. In this case his wedding day is going to have a permanent reminder of his unfaithfulness and duplicity.Hope god will give enough strength to the family to carry on living without her