NRCS, Caritas sympathize fire victims


The Nepal Red Cross Society and educational caretaker of Bhutanese refugees distributed some relief materials to Beldangi-I fire victims on Wednesday.

A displaced refugee woman outside her hut (Picture courtesy : Purbelitimes)

The Caritas contributed for vegetables for the displaced in a mess cooking organized by volunteers, while the Red Cross provided other materials

Chief District Officer, Narendra Raj Sharma, distributed blankets, bed-sheets, pants and shirts, and Sarees provided by the Nepal Red Cross, Jhapa branch to 64 families on Wednesday.

Refugees belonging to 110 families have been displaced by a midday fire on Tuesday. They are taking shelter in the camp-based schools.

“The whole camp is concentrating towards election. Everyone has ignored us,” a woman in her thirty lamented while responding to our correspondent.

According to her, she couldn’t save anything except a pair of cloths for her three children.

I applied all efforts to move my children and octogenarian grandma to a safe place, she narrated. “As I returned to take out some belongings, the flame was so severe that I could just grasp a sack with few cloths.”

A few vehicles belonging to aid agencies arrived this morning, according to fire victims.

“We saw a few gentlemen coming out of vehicles. They just moved around the fire site and returned,” a refugee, who identified himself as Nar Bahadur Chhetri, told BNS.

Beside him was a woman in 50s. She was desperately searching some valuable items in her burnt hut, even not knowing if the deserted hut belonged to her.

Some children, who were spotted dusty and full of smog, were collecting trashes as they hope to bring those materials in use.

The situation is so compelling that everyone who passes by this area definitely gives a stop and looks around helplessly.


  1. Camp ma jailey pani aggo, kina yasto huncha?
    I think people may be trying to fish in the murky water? Taking/ rater creating an opportunity for such a worse situation.
    Nevertheless, it is tragic and unfortunate to experience such an ordeal. God save the people, the mankind from such an unprecedented crisis.