NRB gives us identity


To continue deliberation on consolidating the idea of Non Resident Bhutanese (NRB), we have asked executive chief of Bhutan National Democratic Party (BNDP) Dr D. N. S. Dhakal to explain more on rationale of this mission and his role.
You are just back from visiting various states of America. How are the resettled Bhutanese doing?

I could not visit all the places where Bhutanese are resettled but I contacted my friends over the phone. I met some resettled Bhutanese in Maryland, North Carolina, Atlanta, Jackson Ville (Florida) and Minnesota. They miss being together, they miss our culture, our society and they miss their country, Bhutan. The younger lots are trying hard in the schools, and that is the only consolation for the refugees since the school systems are good in the US, and success in education would be the only way to graduate from the sweat shops for the upcoming generations. There is a need to create interconnectivity among our people; there is a need to rekindle the hope of re-establishing our connection with Bhutan. 
What is the mechanism to make the scattered Bhutanese together?

Our people are scattered in North America, Europe and Australasia. Among the recipient countries US would be by far the largest host of Bhutanese. Even the remotest state like Alaska has resettled Bhutanese. It is a real challenge for us to reach out to these people. Fortunately, our people have started organizing themselves into community based organizations. There is lots of cooperation to help each other, and that itself is a good beginning.
Why do you think NRB is important for Diaspora?

Identity is important for our people. They are being resettled as Bhutanese. The word Bhutan would be attached in every document. The social security number, the green card, travel document, citizenship certificate or passport. Also, every immigrant has a county of origin. Our people’s belongings are in Bhutan. The resettling countries will not deny the rights of these people to return to Bhutan, and they would encourage the effort to bring inclusive democratic changes in that country. Bhutan National Democratic Party has always maintained that the third country resettlement is an interim solution, and it will continue to fight for the rights of the resettled Bhutanese to return to Bhutan. In that sense, BNDP believes that the resettled Bhutanese should declare themselves as non-resident Bhutanese, and the formation of non-resident Bhutanese (NRB) platform is a necessity. The NRB platform will enable them to participate in their own way in the struggle that they had been with for the last 18 years to reclaim their rightful place in Bhutan; the NRB will continue to provide them with Bhutanese identity; and the NRB could form as an important resource base for Bhutanese Diaspora in the years to come. NRB could do a lot in the long-run.
Who else will be under NRB according to you?

We should think in long-term basis. We should not create a difference between the people who have directly gone from Bhutan, or would go from Bhutan, and those people who are resettled under the third country resettlement program. Our meeting point is the country of origin. All those people whose country of origin is Bhutan should be given an opportunity to be part of the NRB platform.
What mechanism should you suggest to go ahead for forming this platform?

It is heartening to know that our people have not remained silent. Bhutanese community based organizations are formed wherever they are being resettled. There is a need to introduce the idea of NRB in such community based organizations. In addition, there is a need to form a “Consultation Group” to do ground work for launching the NRB with proper consultation with our fiends and sympathizers in Bhutan, Nepal, India and elsewhere.
What about its legitimacy in Nepal, Bhutan and India?

The legitimacy of NRB remains unchallenged from the fact that we are being resettled as Bhutanese with full protection of our rights to return to Bhutan by the recipient countries. Nepal as a host country for the last 18 years there is no question for it not supporting the effort of Bhutanese people to strengthen their identity. India knows well that we are Bhutanese and it would be morally wrong for it to object to the idea of creating a platform for our long-term identity.  Bhutan might ignore this concept for sometime, but it is bound to reach at NRB in future. For a country like Bhutan, having a powerful Diaspora in developed countries will always be an advantage.  
It’s likely that some of the resettled Bhutanese will be driven towards NRN or NRI in future. What are your comments?

We strongly advise our people against such ideas. First, it is morally wrong to give up the identity based on which we are being resettled in overseas countries. Our history of struggle for 18 years should not go as waste to the forgotten pages of history. Second, our loyalty towards our county Bhutan should not be diminished because a regime at particular period of time in history felt bad about us and expelled from the country on ethnic grounds. The situation would change over time, particularly when there would be a change of regime in Thimphu. Third, exiled Bhutanese will not qualify for NRN or NRI unless they had taken citizenship of those countries when they were in the camps. Even if some had obtained the citizenship certificate, they will face legal problem when they apply for NRN or NRI since all their documentation in recipient countries will have the word “people of Bhutanese origin”.
APFA/BNS started the discussions among the Bhutanese three months ago. Several have commented well regarding the formation of network. What should be the next step that we take?

I appreciate the effort of APFA/BNS to reach this idea to our people. I have been reading the comments and I could see plurality in the opinions. It is heartening to know that our people have started challenging the idea before accepting it. The democratic process should be encouraged. However, we have to move on with the work, and the NRB platform will have to get materialized sooner than later. The next step would be networking, and the networking base should be established in Kathmandu until NRB is allowed to operate from Bhutan. I would think that we should start contacting Bhutanese organizations and individuals and get their ideas on how we should go about the modus operandi and on how we work about the logistic and increasing the connectivity. The role of APFA/BNS is important since you are based in Kathmandu.
Only BNDP and DNC supported the concept. Rest parties and organisations in exile are silent. What do you say?

Probably, other organizations are examining the development and would support the idea at their convenient time. I believe that there is no alternative to this idea, and we should all support it. It is a question of our collective identity, salvaging the suffering and struggle of our people for more than 18 years in the camps, and intrinsic value of this platform for our country in the long-run. We should make it a win-win situation for the resettled Bhutanese, the country and those who supported us in difficult times. That is the sole reason why BNDP and DNC felt the need of NRB so strongly.
DNC has even hinted that you are one of the capable leaders for leading the network. Are you ready?

I appreciate the proposal of the DNC President R.K. Dorji. It is natural for him to think in this line since I have some flexibility to travel around the world. As executive chief of BNDP I do not qualify for non-resident Bhutanese. I am a Bhutanese political activist; officially my party’s headquarter is in Thimphu. I am willing to provide the necessary support whenever needed, and I have been doing that during my visits abroad, during my meetings with concerned people in Nepal and India. As executive chief of BNDP I am going to do more for recognition of NRB in Bhutan when we are allowed to participate in the democratic process.  We will have to create its leadership through democratic process. The formation of NRB will have to have wider consultation and democratic process, for that the need of an hour is formation of “Consultation Group” with establishment of the networking base in Kathmandu.

Your message to the Bhutanese citizens

The third county resettlement is a painful decision. This is for the fist time in the history of South Asia people had been moved en-masse in overseas countries for political reason. We have become the victims of geo-politics and we cannot do anything about it at least for time being. Those of us who have chosen the option for third county resettlement let us focus our effort on children’s education. Children are our hope; we have to do what we can to give them the best education, appreciation to our cultural heritage and inculcate in them the spirit of being Bhutanese. Our identity should not be lost at any cost and there are lessons to learn from the Jews, Armenians, and from many other communities who have suffered in the process of history. We will continue to work for dignified repatriation of Bhutanese people who have been unjustly expelled at different period of time for political reasons. The struggle to give justice should continue from one generation to another until it is given to everyone. The immediate task at the moment is to create a space for our collective identity. Let us create NRB, which is our legitimate right, and continue to nurture it. If NRB becomes strong, our identity would consolidate, our sufferings and pains of the refugee camps will not be lost in the forgotten pages of history, and we will have an opportunity to contribute towards growth and development of our beloved county, Bhutan. Let us start the process, and the process will take us to the logical end.


  1. This articles is mostly concerned with the rights and duties of very shocked bhutanese peoples. I found some decision was fake and its unusual to minor peoples too. Shouting in the forests like a jackles could not provide safe and clear protection for others friends..same like that , we are wanting and looking after good leadership who always listen to the voice of poor peoples.Iequally praise and consider for him .

  2. Dear Editor
    I suggest you to please get the opinion of all parties not just BNDP and DNC.
    I suggest Dr DNS Dhakal to revisit the constitution of NRN and NRB and define the clause what will prevent Bhutanese from being member.

    The word Bhutanese origin in our documents are words and not laws. Whereas the word in NRN in NRI are laws that make people of any nepalese origin eligible should they wish to be the members. This does not mean, the Bhutanese are sacrificing their identity, it is also the fact that no matter where we live we are ethnic Nepalese of Bhutanese origin.
    Joining any such organization is individual choice of the people and does not need right or wrong suggestion from anyone.

    Most of the interview has good points and valid argument but pragmatically hypothesis only if we talk from the RGOB point of view. The fundamental to NRB should be involvement from within Bhutan or people living outside bhutan who are citizens of Bhutan. We are resettled or given refugee status because we have lost the bhutanese citizenship in the laws of Bhutan and no country has challenged the laws of Bhutan specifically representing our cases except the Human rights and other rights group.

    We have waited for 18 years and no link with RGOB has been established directly and we hypothesise now that the regime will change and they will accept us. On what ground? By then we may loose another generation by giving them false hope. The best way forward could be is to bring the Bhutanese diaspora together through some connectivity which does not invite the criticism from all.

    What we all need is how to go to Nepal and India without any problem. Currently India and Nepal do not allow the visa on travel document generally to refugees that is why Ratan Gazmere was held in Airport in Nepal. We need not mention here why our people want to go to Nepal, everyone knows.

    Personally, I feel it is better to float ideas which will help people to solve their problems.

    Editors, if you invite interviews of leaders or people from other spheres of Bhutanese rather than going back to two parties, it will generate some more acceptance of ideas.

    Having said this, i am ready work for what general public will support and what works for them rather than individual proposals.

  3. Dr. Dhakal is doing a wonderful job. He is in fact a neutral technocrats, harbingers of rationality and conveyors of objectivity. I am ready to work in the line of ideas he has proposed for NRB.

    Krish Sharma
    IT engineer

  4. Dear Krish,
    I am gald that you like the idea. It is our idea, our identity, and the hope for all of us, including Bhutan.
    Let us work togather. Kindly write to my ID if I could be any help to you academically.
    Dr Dhakal

  5. i am really happy going through your long term strategy. I too would like to work under your organisation. As i being a resettled refugee, i too have to struggle for my education and i have the faith that your advice will certainly help me. Now i am in Dallas, Tx. If you could send me your ideas through papers or via mail, i can share with my friends. Hope this is the very first step towards success.
    Thanking you
    Kharananda Sharma, TX

  6. Dear Kharananda,
    I am gald that you like the idea and decided to become part of the NRB. Changes do come with a small beginnig, and a small group of dedicated people could make a difference. Please send your email ID to us giving a copy to Apfanews.
    Education is one of the ways to progress in America. Despite my age I am still educating myself. I will be more than happy if there is anyway I could be helpful to you.
    Dr Dhakal

  7. I am very much thankful for Dr. Dhakal to explore his ideas of NRB. I think it is the right time to have good discussion, so that we will not have any problems later. I am glad to go through your long term strategy. I have full support of NRB.

  8. This is in response to Chakra Pd Bastola’s interview

    First,Again I request the editors to put the interest of the common people not leaders and their interest. Please pick up some oe in US or elase where who may have their own opinions and understanding.

    Second What ever chakra Bastola is saying is from his understanding.
    The non residence Bhutanese is for Bhutanese people to choose and see how that will work for them.

    Third to be NRN or NRI is not up to any organisation or leaders to spell out. One cannot say if any Bhutanese chooses to be one of these, they are anti or less Bhutanese in any sense. it is thier choice and human rights.

    The matter of the fact is that NRN and NRI has to change their current constitution to keep Bhutanese from joining or any citizen of west who is of Nepali origin.

    The constitution of NRN says any person of Nepalese origin living outside of the SAARC country can be NRN. Once the Bhutanese people obtain the citizenship of any country in the west, the NRN constitution will qulify them to join automatically in the current context, and understand this NRN constitution is not written to see if any bhutanese will return to Nepal. This does not mean that they are aganist Bhutan. Many people will take this opportunity to go to Nepal which will allow them more freedom than under the tourist visa of Nepal which is painful in many aspects.

    Or Unless, NRB writes in its constitution in a manner that is acceptable to all that if people join NRN, NRI or any Non residence country that they will not qualify to be NRB.

    How long before the NRB will have its structure? What are the option for Bhutanese to go nepal or India?
    When is RGOB going to accept NRB? Infact, there is a strong rumour that RGOB is planning to launch its version of NRB in late Nov 2009. If so how will we respond.

    There is a more input needed pragmatically then…. visions

    I suggest people to form NRB by fully informing them of the option available through NRN and NRI. We should not tend to hide or blame or ignore people simply if they choose to take their personal options.

    I would prefer to communicate with Dr Dhakal personally on this at [email protected]

  9. Dear Parsu,
    We are aware of the cultural needs of our peope to visit Nepal and India. We have taken up the issue with concerned authorities. We do hope that there will be some consession with regards to visa.
    With regards to NRI and NRN it is up to the individuals. But the general feeling in Nepal as well as in india is that Bhutanese should maintain their identiity and their country of belonging is Bhutan.
    Bhutan has prerogatives to come up with NRB platform. We will respond only when we see the criteria for qualifying for its membership. Our agenda is to give justice for whom it is denied. If someone does not want that we will say good bye. If someone wants to join hands we will say welcome. It is a long-run struggle.
    I would be happy to talk over the phone with you. My email does not work always!
    With very best
    Dr Dhakal


  10. No one is believe the individual human beings nowadays.As the saying goes”BARKING DOG SELDOM BITES”.so ,only the decision as well as the right to expresion of BHUTANESE Refugees peoples should create thier own future plan.I can’t believe all the things because i have spent 17 years as the miserable life at Huts.I KNEW THE SUFFERINGS OF SUCH SITUATIONS. I suggest all to think before you speak .


  12. Dear Dr Dhakal
    I have put in my personal comment and have not asked any reply as an organization from your side at this level. The conversation has changed from “I” to “we”. I quite honestly did not understand to whom you mean by “we”. In the same line, If I have to say that our registered community with the Australian govt, through the executive committee meeting have endorsed the visa to Nepal as an issue and spoken to the concerned authorities here and links in Nepal.

    Most of us have strong links with Nepalese officials at various level, approach by our own links makes us we are not one Bhutanese entity. Your comment saying that you will welcome interested ones and leave other is a concern and sign of hinting divisions rather than unity. More so, If I have to say honestly that your email does not work and living in US and email does not work seems to mean something other than the real meaning of the word.

    Having said this, I am putting my concern that the so called “we” from your side may aggravate others to say “we” too separately and the result will be no different from many parties and organizations that we all have in Nepal.

    I still could not see any different objective of NRB from most of the objectives of the already formed parties or organizations in the past.

    So clearly we are approaching the same pot of honey in different capacity or name which is going to be no different result of having many parties in Nepal.
    Next the forum like NRB, in my understating is not to get the right by fighting against the RGOB but working with them. There is less of a substance on the issue and more of our unwillingness to communicate.

    I still say that I am one of the person who will pull every string from every angle to get this organization if we have to but the way your comments are in the last reply to me is rather discouraging.

    With regards,

  13. I recognised and want to give an alarm to those Bhutanese waste products politics’s ideology.If you really stand up for the Bhutanese community ,i unwillingly suggest you not to repeat the terrific typhoon again .Now Bhutanese have right to express their own decisions. Here no need of politics in Australia and USA. Be Aware !!!!

  14. Dr. Dhakal,
    First of all, as always, you sound arrogant. Secondly, you must be cheaply joking when you say that your E-mail does not work always. If you cannot maintain even your E-mail at this age, or cannot base simple arguements to convince the people you want to be leader of, I doubt if you could be the right guidance to them who worship you as their messiah? In my view, your above ideology of ´Welcome´ or Goodbye´is too ecentric and crude to suit the purpose.

  15. Dear Friends!
    Let me take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Dasia, whereever you are!
    I am sorry if I offended with my comments!
    As I said earlier I might be wriitng as a political activist. And this may not sound well to many of you. That is also Ok since everyone of us could make a choice.
    With regards to NRB or discussing about their culturial needs with Nepal, Bhutan or India we will appreciate. We I mean the BNDP. As a party we will also do whatever way we can towards this effort. It does not mean that others will not do it. Everybody feels the pain and any contribution to end the sufferings would be appreciated.
    Our apporach, as has been always is to help the process. We will continue to do in the best way we can. This does not mean we will not appreciate if others are doing it.
    With very best,
    Dr Dhakal

    At the best

  16. Hi Editor: Folks are challenging Dr. Dhakal! You should close this thread for comments, just like you closed the one about Rizal. Why are you allowing people to challenge these leaders who have fulfilled every promise they made in their lives?

    I know it is difficult to figure out whether a media organization should be true to facts or to a cause it espouses, but BNS seems like an extremely intelligent organization that knows when to censor readers. (???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    NOTE: Please be loyal, straight and soft in your language. We always discourage offensive and filthy comments— Ed.

  17. Editor,
    what democracy and press freedom are you propogating in bhutan when you even censor simple arguements here? In my view, Bhutan now enjoys a far more higher press / opinion freedom in all most all their papers than here . If some body talks little critically about rizal or other so-called leaders or parties you favour, you nip out out the entire topic from the forum.

  18. Criticism should be constructive and innovative too. Allegations and blames are merely preoccupied way of thinking related to the superciliousness. It is humane to take the part of the liked ones but one should appreciate and respect the other way round. Obviously, if one respects others so is the converse. And if one cannot sustain criticism the person is significantly celebrity figure but a backbiter in a concealed world.
    In a civilized manner, ethical background and professionalism cumulates the essence of writer. I don’t want to poke my nose on other business where I’m not the mastery of either side but my concern is to think higher and come to mutual confrontation.
    Initially, I grew up at different paradigm and this shift however open; I’m still at close proximity of my infatuation of earthly intake. Likewise our struggle of claim may be too light if we cannot theorize all these induced system and adopt in time. Critical loops and safe mode approach would be viable for the success.
    To me, NRB for its identity and broad-based objectivity need to be neutral body, no turn on litmus indicators. Charged particles are at times not user-friendly and that doesn’t form the nucleus of the entire pattern.

  19. To kep our identity and struggle alive NRB is the only option. I am confident that Dr Dhakal’s proposal of NRB will be welcome by people both within and outside of Bhutan. We most take inititative to establishing NRB before the resettelment program is over.

  20. Indeed we are connected to Nepal by ethnicity but over 18 years of refugee life in Nepal should be enough to understand the importance of nationality. We cannot reach to a logical end by embrasing either to NRI or NRN. Generation will obviously blame us if we fail to maintain our identity as Bhutanese. Formation of NRB and establishment of network among the Bhutaness throughout the world is the need of time to bring a greater impact. We can forgive but cannot forget the atriocity of Druk Regime.

  21. Then what is the logic to prove that NRB will unite Bhutanese? How can it be proved the reality of connection to Bhutan? Why Mani Jee you are talking of inside Bhutan when not a single Bhutanese has ever mentioned to work with us since last 18 years? we can hope for one good day but that may wipe our generation and next.. the RGOB will never budge unless there is miracle. Why make this mistake of fiction and mislead people?

    Your talking of including people from inside Bhutan and contradicting that we will not forget the druk regime but forgive. Dr. Dhakal admitted in this forum that he is a political activist of his party BNDP (not sure how many current members are there and active in the west at present) and his views are different and says goodbye to people who put discussion points contradicting his view points? But never tries to come to hit the practical point how NRB will be formed and what are the basic steps, instead he replies that email does not work. Whereas on the other side, the RGOB has started forming Non Residence Bhutanese organization, could be the Japan chapter will be launched soon.

    All I have seen is a big attitude problem of such leaders to who has very little understanding of the grassroots community members except from their own relatives and close ones.

    Vision is good but every vision comes from a dream and there is a process to make those visions into action with involving all. As I have said in the google forum, we will be fortunate to see any if leader will come in our generation to unite us. Please stick to the reality where we are now and compare our past. I think the generation should take their own choice since they all know what is right and wrong for them and whether NRI or NRB or NRN or US citizen, Australian citizen or Canadian citizen or any other will work for them is absolutely their choice.

    In the west you cannot go and call them to sign form and join the parties. Example you can see, different groups has formed different communities on their own when they needed. So will the so called NRB will be and not the interviews and messages and our opinion to say one is better than others. Infact, such leaders should be cautioned and should not instigate the people rush to their vision on others.
    That will work for them best and we should respect them.

  22. If every one is serious, then reply the querry below or put similar suggestion including the main actor here please

    I am writing my comments after reading what everyone has commented earlier, including my own, in the name of Non Residence Bhutanese (NRB), I put my suggestions as follows:


    Should we call it NRB?
    Should it be called Bhutanese Living Abroad (BLA)?
    Should it be Bhutanese Diaspora Abroad (BDA)?
    Should it be Bhutanese in Exile (BIE)?

    Please let us come up with the name first and agree in it, it could be totally different from the above suggestion. Let every body put names first and agree.

    Action: By all Bhutanese in exile and inside Bhutan.

    Time: Final outcome by June 2010.

    Responsible to coordinate:
    Please form the committee of lead this. Anyone can be lead who does not represent any political or associated groups. Could be someone like RP Subba dai who has been writing very researched article about Bhutan? I think is a neutral person to coordinate through emails if he is willing.

    How: Form the new goggle email group with the help of our journalist bhais and bainees for BNS and Apfanews. This is very important since there are many unknown people in present Bhutanese refugee google group and we cannot depend on confidentiality in this forum since this is read by all. There may be times, some things discussed first before bringing in the forum.


    How: Share the ideas in the same email group and discuss each point dot by dot.
    Time: Final outcome by 2011 June.
    Who can lead the discussion?
    The same person as in 1 or can form the small committee of members from all the places voluntarily through emails.

    How: By discussion with all
    Time: End June 2112.


    By choosing the representative from each country where people are settling.
    By electing representative from each country from their community organisations who are serving as executives
    By choosing anyone who may or may not be in the community organisation
    Should be from the neutral background or declare apolitical or not affiliated to any groups for the interest of the organisation who may be in conflict with other groups
    Anyone from inside Bhutan should also be allowed to be executive if the RGOB is becoming partner like other Non residence institutes.


    Discuss with the forum above whether RGOB is inclusive. If yes, what is the approach?
    Should we demand our property back through this forum?
    Should we fight human rights or democracy through this forum? Or we only seek return to Bhutan as non political in the goodwill as tourist or visitors on the invitation of the relatives and friends?
    Should the people of Bhutanese origin with Bhutanese passport who can come and go to Bhutan become members? If yes, what is the difference between resettled refugees who are not allowed to go to Bhutan?


    One: Relation with Bhutan and its people! If so, how?
    Two: Is it a lobbying forum for more freedom inside Bhutan? Or developing people to people relation inside Bhutan? Or helping Bhutan in Business and investments or projects to assist the common people in Bhutan?


    Do we form this institute (eg NRB or BIE) in each country first and make a global representation?
    Or we make one globally body and develop a branch in each country?
    Or the Global executives advise each country to form and representatives in each countries?
    Or we decide the number of executives in the global body and conduct vote in each country?
    Should the general mass decide on the president or chairman or executive members elect the presidents and portfolio from the elected body?


    Many people who are the actual stakeholders and seniors and less literate Bhutanese have no idea about this discussion going on. Are we being fair to them? And many youth who have no internet access or have no knowledge are in complete dark. Many are settling and many more are in the process of settling and their priority is not this now. They will have first interest to resettle first, then think of such institute and decide to take part or not later on.

    If we are moving and pushing the idea with the few willing ones, probably opportunist, are we becoming fair to all or are we giving them equal opportunities to be the fair stakeholders?

    How we take the view of general mass in this particular regard? How we communicate people inside Bhutan? Are they free to discuss with us now? And will they in the present context?

    Should we start talking to RGOB authorities both on personal and official basis? If so, should we stop advocating democracy and human rights inside Bhutan and say RGOB is our govt and we forgive the past action and offer the olive branch! or fight until the end to get our rights back?

    Please let us put these points first before our personal interest and saying one is better than other to lead.

    Hopefully, we may be ready to come up with something concrete by end 2113. I believe we are not in hurry to form something now and fail. We may explore the ideas now and debate until 2113 and see from there.

    There will be two choices whether we ignore the mass and lead this organisation.

    One that willing people will form one institute and advocate as per their views, or
    other trying to include everyone with consensus until 2113.
    The choice is ours
    All the best

  23. I do respect individual’s choice to determine their own future but the fact is that every Bhutanese resettled in different countries have either started or in a process to start Bhutanese community organization. Establishment of community organization by the resettled Bhutanese is an indication of their choices. I don’t see any harm having umbrella organization to coordinate with this community organization in the resettlement countries.
    Parsu jee was little skeptical about the ability of NRB to unite Bhutanese. In fact even today 25% of the population in Bhutan are Lotshompa and almost every refugee families have one of their family member still in Bhutan, then what more do we need to prove reality of connection to Bhutan. Instead of blaming them for not supporting us for last 18 years we most also take into consideration the political situation there.
    Failure of joint verification was a relief to Druk Regime and the beginning of resettlement program was a success. Now, instead of maintaining our own identity, if we start merging with NRI or NRN then Druk Regime will be a winner to give all time end to the refugee problem. Druk regime is challenging our identity since the beginning of the refugee problem and we are acting the way the regime wants.

    I too am bit upset with our past leadership who used the mass for personal gain. Therefore to identify a right leadership to lead NRB is the question of concern……….

  24. I wonder why is Dr. Dhakal not responding or contributing his opinions in the forum any more? I am sure people would love to hear your further opinions and ideas if you really want or think that your leadership will justify the Bhutanese cause and problems. The society is changing and, fast and things do not simply come on a platter. Instead, Convincing arguements and innovative ideas have to be pumped in to make things work, Dr. dhakal.
    Best regards

  25. Mani Jee,
    I think you misunderstood my point of view. Yes, I fully agree that we all have relatives and given the day comes to fully express individually, people will unite by bond and relationship. This is on personal basis. What I mean by link with inside Bhutan is to engage RGOB on policy or institutional level, similar to the NRN conference going on in Nepal now and the govt is fully engage there.

    If we achieve this to some extent, then there will be meaningful NRB and our identity will remain as Bhutanese. If we establish NRB now and say it is an umbrella organisation, the same RGOB will say it is one of the new party formed in thw west and no different from the previous one.

    My whole point is how we make this NRB different from the existing parties or organisations? how we encompass grass root bottom up approach.

    In the past most parties or organisation were top down. This time if will allow bottom up, it could be a different approach and there may be some opportinity to hold some water. In this particular context, we may be able to engage the respective govt of our new home country and this could be one tool to engage RGOB.

    I fully agree with you that we all are forming small groups and suggest that let us also allow the umbrella organisation to come from these groups rather than the top down approach.

    Thank you for your positive comment and some eye opening points.

  26. Dear Bhutanese
    Isn’t is a rediculous plan to form NRB and set date. Bhutanese of Nepali origin started an agitation and proved to be unsuccessful. it is another bogous idea to form another platform. Bhutan will never accept us and our ideas.
    As our leaders advocated us as Bhutanese of Nepali Origin, i feel it would be wise if we join Non Resident Nepalis (NRNs) and contribute ourselves for the prosperitiy of Nepal, where we were for more than 19 years.

    Jai Nepali

  27. Its good to know about NRB but its time to bring change in concept of Bhutanese people.
    Now Bhutanese are gonna be resettled in USA and the best way to live in USA is with the concept of Bhutaese Community Org.
    Its time to work for Bhutanese community in USA
    Here comes a big question that who is non resident and what it means.
    I think NRB Org is not the present matter to think insted of commuity concept.

  28. IT could the commendable idea but its a far cry to the ones who are in the US.
    Better suggest to better the living out here heping our people to find a better platform to start a new and a challenging life else we gonna be in confusion.
    I am quite optimistic that our first goal is to make our iving better and expect no hinderances ahead.We had enough of our so called leaders in the past decades and our people want no more such undefined principle.

  29. It is more than to apt to say, that complexities regarding a NRB org as outlined by commentators like Parsu Dai, above, is sufficient.

    Lets not fly in the air, so easily…..activism requires far more vision and silent anger. An NRB is a feeble bash on the RGOB. As NRBs we expect to be ‘recognized’ Bhutanese, living outside Bhutan which means we need to be ‘recognized’by the RGOB, not ourselves……

    It is simple, NRB is formed by the laws of Bhutan, not OUR laws….Bhutan is a state capable of making such laws. While we are a ‘people’ with no such capacity and only limited to community organizations.

    With WHAT CAPACITY do we become NRB, when we are not recognized as citizens of Bhutan….OK do it ourselves….WILL RGOB recognize NRB but not Bhutanese refugees….good gracious me are we so dumb

    Anyways that would be a beautiful day for us to be a Bhutanese…

    And if we choose to become NRN to travel to Nepal because of our 18 yr old attachment with Nepal and because our friends and family still live in the camps…. with what capacity do we go back to become NRB????(Parsu Dai)

    There is no logical conclusion to this….pointless. And besides we have a moral alignation to BHUTAN, on what basis would NRN accept us. We are proud to be Nepalese…..but almost the total population of Bhutanese in the refugee camps never opted for Nepalese Citizenship……

    Why????????? that too for 18 years….Two probable reasons 1) we were not allowed and 2) because it was always against our pledge to fight against the RGOB

    So being a Nepali of Bhutan does it make sense to become NRN. While NRB is only possible after the state of Bhutan recognizes us…

    Hence, an NRBorg is an agenda in a Bhutan-after recognition of our people within or outside Bhutan. The struggle for recognition must succeed to implement such an idea….so think what comes first.

    I urge the political parties, first, to see when are we reaching Bhutan and then think about NRB rather than selling the idea of an NRB without us being there…..
    Again, I would say, lets not fly….rather lets take time to help people in the refugee camps and inside Bhutan from our community organizations rather than build castles in the air…..NRB is almost the last step, not the first or the second…for the institutionalization of our identity.

    Remember, we are a people not a state, hence our numbers are important, and we need to show our numbers all the time, unlike a state entity….. one is sufficient. We need to show our numbers…….and exist independently….that way we shall have political peace within our community…and strength against the RGOB….

  30. For want of time I could not scan the views of all the intellectuals in the preceding paras. However, I smell the idea of NRB to take roots as a global community org and later transform itself into what situation demands. I also saw two words NRN and NRI scribbled occassionally. For most part it seems people have not come to terms with the ground realities of life in the US. First settle and make your ends meet. We have a long way to go to think of NRB/NRN/NRI. Organize into small communities based on locales of settlement. Norture that organization to its full potential. Let similar organisations sprout in all cities and towns of America. Forget about NRB, I tell you that will be a different force to reckon ten years down the line. Tashi Dele.

  31. sir,
    The initiative to form NRB is no doubt a noble and holistic approach so as to enable to bring all the bhutanese refugees into such a platform where many problems could be shared discussed and solved.Dr.Dhakal should be given support by us to complete the vision.

  32. Forming parties have become commercial all around the world in the name of innocent people, our society. How dare these leaders try to misguide all the people after being resettled through humanitarian ground by all the agencies? Did any leaders work for the welfare of the people when in refugee camps? Instead, sold their names, misused funds and landed in the foreign land for fulfilling their selfish motives. This is our precous hour to “Look before you leap” coz,’God knows the Truth but waits”keep faith in God, be the most loyal citizen where you live and live without fear and worries.Everything comes to its position after attaining every necessities. We must not build our house on sand as it happened in our history of politics. Haste is waste…Slow and steady wins the race.

  33. As we have heard a saying, ” Faraway valley looks green” We’re really blind when we were in the camps for the last 18 yrs. We’re fighting only for our hand to mouth and personal needs rather than returning to our homeland. Due to mushrooming of the political groups with weak and selfish leadership, we had to accept the process of resettlement. Its useless to blame only the leaders but even then major portion of the responsibilities is of the leaders, coz either he should have good leaderhip or leave the post.What I mean to illustrate is “Impossibilities are being made possibilities to our lives as even the richest person in Asia(Nepal)cannot land easily in US but it became normal to the people like us. lets utilise this opportunity in the best possible ways and make our foundation as strong as possible and always be positive in each and every situations as we have bitterest experience in our life. Now we’ve at least eradicated the level of refugee from our head. Why can’t we publish different arts and skills to our future generations which can be the source of income from youngest to the eldest rather than forming groups and back again with the same name BNDP OR DNC.If such people play role again we’re sure to hit not in the target but hit ourselves and fall into the ditch and perish forever.

  34. Until and unless we follow the path of “non-racism” its hard for forming a successful organization. We must have the theory of “Unity in diversity”If I have to give name to our community it would be “Bhutanese American Community” rather than NRB coz we again loose our “Resident” in this name.We should learn lessons from our false leaders and tneir downfalls. ‘Perseverance is the hinge of all virtues” if we possess skills and knowledge we should utilise it in proper ways and share with others too and continue with it till we succeed in life.Due to our narrow thinking and selfish motives, we cannot achieve our social goal and attain peace, progess and harmony in our life. Lets put words into practise rather than crictisizing others and backbiting but help each other in the hour of needs.Now we ‘re born again and we’re starting Again.USA=U Start Again.We had sacrificed our most precious time in the camps and now we must use it most cautiously and seriously.Its our highest priority to give quality to our own self and be productive and be the good citizen of this country rather then regreting and wasting our time and energy.

    Hope to read latest and useful articles in the site in future…

  35. Dear DNS Dhakal,

    I am not satisfied with your opinions. If you want to us to be nonresidient than why do you think we need to come to the United States Of America???

    How can you assure us or what are the steps that you are going to accomplish to return Bhutan?

    Why didn’t you take this bhutanese to Bhutan when they were in Nepal as refugee for 17 years? and why now?
    I can clearly see your vested interest in your proposal which has no steps to stand and catch. It is just a creation of utopian world which never has an existance.

  36. Dear DNS dhakal,
    had you felt the sense of nationality, citizenship, tradition, culture and the customs of bhutanese before the third country resettlement process start? What good programmes did you launch to take back the innocent bhutanese refugees back to bhutan before they were scattered in the different parts of the world? Now you might have sensed the dollars of the third countries so that you are lolling your tongue to snatch away the dollars of these innocent people again. Your views and ideas of nationality and the citizenship are all over .

  37. It is too good to hear the idea of NRB. I think ,if he/she is Bhutanese then there is no doubt s/he accep Finally everybody accepts this idea; because each individual Bhutanese resettled has known the following facts
    1) The 18 years existence in refugee camp was possible as S/he being. Bhutanese
    2)They are internationaly known because they are bhutanese
    3)they got the protection while in Nepal because they are Bhutanese
    4)Youngsters qualified themselves being Bhutanese
    5)Finally S/he got the package of resettlement offer just only being Bhutanese

    I do not feel need to write more now but feel to request all Bhutanese to accept this idea which in long run will be a good asset to all . Meanwhile, it may go stagnant like the issue got in last 18 years if the same leaders like Dhakal is given to handle it . Its main goal definitely will be to support the democratic struggle that will be in Bhutan. This is so because they are failure to address the need of the situation in the forgotten pages of bhutanese history. Personally thank you Dr. Dhakal for the idea incepted.

  38. Hi Parsu,
    What is your problem?What exactly you are trying to prove?Listen man,if you are on the other side of the coin,so be it but just don’t try to bulldoze with your perspective.If you don’t like it,that’s your opinion..leave it alone and move forward.You didn’t comeout with an idea of creative dude,,criticism without solution is consider pessimism…chill out and take it easy..

  39. Dear DNS dhakal
    Infact yours is a good idea. We should always remain as Bhutanese and should pass to our future generations that we are from Bhutan. So yours is a solid idea to continue with this I have my respect to you . But the fact is let us do with more non political way as far as we can . I like to have your further visions and I think I can help other Bhutanese disseminnating this news


  40. ‘I’, ‘we’ what ever;for bhutanese resettled in the US need to know how to fillout SNAP, find a job to pay their rent and utilities. Therefore they are busy to do the present need. NRB or something else does not matter much to the people now. Our so called leaders were obsolate and they cannot be remembered for any deeds nor they have any worth-mentioning inputs in twenty years. My dear leaders.. be sure about what you are doing now? NRB is not the today’s need of the people here…. Take your NRB with you. You are better known for making an attractive pot to beg donationds(Dollar). Sorry Mr. Dhakal.

  41. Dear friends,

    once you have tasted a premium single malt scotch whiskey, do you think anybody would want to go near ‘locally brewed’ country liquor again? Would you want to give up a higher standard of living, wages and work to come back to Bhutan or Nepal to be left rudderless, again? It is good to have patriotism and strong feelings of you culture and identity- but who would want to come back?
    be honest guys!!!
    Many under-privileged societies try their best-legally or illegally to migrate to the first world countries to earn a better living- but here you are- thinking of coming to waste lands again.