No pension for parliamentarians


National Pension and Provident Fund (NPPF) has announced that there can be no pension provision for the members of parliament irrespective of the number of years they might serve in the parliament.

The announcement came after the directives was  issued in the last session of National Assembly to NPPF and Finance Ministry to chalk out a scheme of  including the  MPs in the provision.

MP Sonam Penjor raise the concern of bearing similar uncertainties of future by MPs too as any of the civil servant do. He requested the house to redirect NPPF once again to find a way out for the parliamentarians to get the pension.

Another MP, Karma Rangdol argued the pension provision playing a factor to attract good people in the politics in future.

Minister of Economic Affairs, Khandu Wangchuk justified the logic to have pension for parliamentarians.

He said, “it is important to strengthen the roots of democracy by encouraging capable leaders to join politics”.

The discussion in the matter was shortened by the order of the House Speaker, who said that house had not included the pension provision during the formulation of parliamentary  entitlement rules.