NL friends extend support to Khadka family


Hague, September 14 : Some of the Bhutanese living in the Netherlands have provided financial support to bereaved family of late K.B.Khadka.

A press statement released by Ram Bahadur Karki Chhetri stated that they already transferred Nepali ruppes 32,371 to one of their friends in Jhapa, who will hand over the cash to Khadka’s family at the earliest.

The statement also strongly condemned the gruesome murder, and requested Government of Nepal to exercise immediate measures to arrest the culprit.

“Nepal government should work together with the innocent Bhutanese refugees to prevent any such killing in the days to come,” said Karki in his statement.

Remembering  Khadka as a rare Bhutanese leader who worked selflessly for nearly two decades for the wellbeing of the camp residents, the statement also mentioned that the camps have became insecure now-a-days.