Nine killed in Thimphu bus accident


As the nation mourns the death of 18 pilgrims killed during Tara Air cash in Nepal on December 15, nine passengers died in a bus accident at Lamperi of Thimphu Wednesday morning.

According to the reports, eight including three minors were killed on the spot while one died while he was being rushed to hospital.

Over two dozens were reported to be injured during the mishap. They are being treated at Thimphu Hospital.

Police investigating the cause behind the incident reported that the 22-seater bus, which veered off the road below 300 metre, was extra-loaded with 35 passengers.


  1. Oooo…..really?????????? What a bad luck to Bhutan and Bhutanese people !Last week only 18 pilgrims passed away in air crash. I am deeply saddened by the series of misfortune upon the land of Thunder Dragon.May the departed soul rest in peace in heaven.
    Raghu Osti

  2. Bhutanese people believe in prophesies. Does the 5th King suit the people? It has much to do with King-Subject relationship. It is a stuff for thought. Refer Drukdra Dorje Namthar. Much was followed in the palace since 4th King’s accident in the Assam highway sometimes in 1970-71.. I can’t remember the exact date of that fatal accident, when one of the boys in the king’s group died on the spot and the prince escaped unhurt.

  3. The STAR, whether it is good or bad, does not stay fixed in the planetary pattern. It keeps on moving. Hope the prevailing bad star of Bhutan rolls over to the next soil soon and the good takes in.
    With grieving heart, I pray the departed soul take rest in serene peace.

  4. See the police report from Dradul Makhang. The accident and casualties, the fury of nature and the effects on human life. Compare nature effects with that of past era. While we heartily mourn the departed souls, it is sad that the nation needs to sincerely perform rituals to seek protection from protector deities. We can’t afford to think of more of such losses in the state of this small population. Save us KONCHOSUM and YIDAM PAWO KHANDRO! PALDEN DRUKPAI CHHOCHONG SUNGME! THUJE ZIG DANG CHAPSUM CHHIWO!