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Thinley reaches IOM transit for resettlement

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Chairperson of the Druk National Congress – Democratic (DNC), Thinley Penjore, has reached the International Organization for Migration (IOM) transit camp in Kathmandu for resettling in the United States of America. However, his destination has remained undisclosed to anybody.


Thinley, who left Bhadrapur Airport of Jhapa with his wife Deki Penjore on Friday, was residing in Birtamod since a few years after leaving his temporary residence in Boudha, Kathmandu.

Resettlement of the Penjore family came just a month after the party’s former General Secretary and Spokesperson Narad Adhikari reached New Hampshire under the third country resettlement program.

Resettlement cases of both the leaders and their family members were kept highly confidential.

However, Chairperson of the Druk National Congress R.K. Dorji was learnt to have reached the IOM transit centre to bid farewell to Adhikari.

The Bhutan News Service was unable to reach Penjore at the transit camp in Kathmandu before the departure for his comment.


  1. this is the last option for the people so called refugee.dream of going back to bhutan will remain as dream only.. coz nothing has happened positive during the past 20 year.
    so called leader are very cunning..guys. so far they enjoy all the money and facilities as leader of refugee,now realized that income generation in the japa camps is becoming less due to third party settlement so they wanna go to foreign country.

  2. Their income source are fleeing abroad. They are just following them. Its not new. Everyone sooner or later has to resettle,no other option rather than that, for now.Dollor was being shipped for them, now they are in the shipping countries.Saved shipping cost in their pocket right?

    Neverthless, doing politics in western is quite different. Washout your mind and detrmine yourself weather you are worth to be our leader. Because you already became leader of your own. You never need public support.

    Don’t dare to do dirty politics in western unlike in Nepal.

  3. Welcome to U.S Penjore! You should be able to explain the real image of Bhutan and it’s government policies to the international community from here. Keep up your good works and we are ready to help you.

  4. Dear All Bhutanese,
    This is the right time to establish our national leader.There is a maximum chance of Mr Penjor to be a national of Bhutan in exile becoz he is a highly educated and having lots of knowledge about the Bhutanese politics.

  5. Dear All Bhutanese,
    Third country settlement is not a durable solution for Bhutanese political problem but it is one of the major step for durable solution of Bhutanese political problem.Still we have lots of steps for success.Now we are exactly half on the way.Our main aim is full-fledged democracy in Bhutan.So we should not loss on the way.Right now we are in need of well established national leader.There is a high chances of Mr Penjor becoz of his experience and qualities.

  6. Welcome Dasho Thinley Penjor! We were worried for not having any leader to address Bhutanese political problem from US. Thank God you are coming. We believe that you are not going to join ABA and OBCA which are concerned on social issues only. We want you to remain political.. a realy Bhutanese Political leader who addresses both social and political issues…Nothing more….Previously resettled Bhutanese just have Bhutan in their mind which is more than while we were in Nepal but have no single minute to spare for activities. Long live Thinley Penjor!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. welcome to USA Mr.Thinley Panjor, resettled bhutanese in 8 different countries are in need of true Bhutanese leader to respond RGOB’s Gross National Happiness which has become the instrument or medium to supressed and keep hundred thousands refugee invisible in their happiness. Keep your work to create bhutan as home for all Bhutanese who live in Bhutan and also sattled around the world. GOOD LUCK PENJOR,,,,!

  8. Mr. Penjore, welcome to US!
    I am not here to press you as a smart leader but want to remind our politically aware Bhutanese that we need to do some thing to keep our history alive. We should not allow any individual or the king and its advocates to wipe out and erase the history of our four father from Bhutan.

    No matter where we live and where we are, it only matter how our history is and how it would be. Let us use the information technology to erase the false margin drawn by JSW and Jigmi Y Thenley and their associates, toward us.

    It is time to unite and to bring new hope for the change, than to blame and point the finger to one another.

    Let us stay strong to defense for our history and identity. Proud to be Bhutanese!

  9. Dear all concerned,
    Thanks for the comments that appeared in response to the news appeared here on my move to the new host in the USA. Your comments are both encouraging and highly supportive to my mission to continue our struggle for a real change in Bhutan. The help and support from every Bhutanese aspiring for real democracy is inevitable to accomplish the mission in order to fulfill the aspirations of our suppressed and oppressed people in Bhutan. It will be our unity and supports that will give major boost to our mission to help safely reach to our political destination in Bhutan.
    I also thank BNS/APFA news to have provided such a platform that allows every one to express our views and perceptions that benefits every Bhutanese visiting the site besides other well wishers around the globe.
    I have finally landed in this great land of the oldest democracy on September 19, 2011.
    Kadrinchhe and Trashi Delek to all!
    For personal inquiry, I can be reached at lekitp@in.com

  10. Welcome to Mr. Thinley Penjor ji in the land of opportunities.Great welcome, and have a great stay and work for yourself and for the community in US.

  11. Welcome Mr.Penjor to US.I think your presence here inspires a lot of Bhutanese resettled specially in America,towards may not be we going back to Bhutan but towards working together for establishing democracy(of,by and to people but not the king and Jigme Y thinley)in Bhutan.I believe I am towards your side.Best of luck in your mission!

  12. Dear All Bhutanese(in dzonkha Drukpa)around the world including those who are in Bhutan right-now,
    I would like to request all the Bhutanese around the world through this media to give support to Mr T. Penjor for the real Democracy in Bhutan.Mr T penjor go ahead we are just behind you in large number with loud nonvoilence voice from each and every coner of the earth for the real Democracy in Bhutan.
    For the people those are in Bhutan.Don’t worry and don’t scare with Wangchuk Dynesty.Now they can do nothing.The World already know their cheap game.They don’t have a right to kill the innocent people in the country.There is no more dark in Bhutan.If anyone kill anybody in Bhutan, the world can see.
    Oh…. wangchuk dynasty.Go and take the seat of ceremonial king as soon as possible plz otherwise the people of Bhutan(in dzongkha Drukpa) will sent their president
    Kadrinchhe and Trashi Delek
    National Leader Of Bhutan,LONG LIVE,Dasho Thinley Penjor, LONG LIVE

  13. I t is a good news that Mr Thinley is resettled now in the US. Let the bygones be bygones.Let us stop blaming some one now.Instead, all has to realize the past mistake and learn from it. The whole situation was like that. Every individual tried their level best to go back to the country but our voice was always supressed by India. I feel that Mr Penjore , including all other political leaders are secured . Now they can work in a better ways, I think.Mr Thinley did good job by comng to the US. Hope to hear your strong initiatives in our political movement. Thanks!

    Raghu Osti

  14. Welcome Dasho Thinley to the United States of America !!! I believe that your arrival would make a difference for those who want to see real democracy in Bhutan and create unity among Bhutanese.You are our history and advocate who had struggled and has been struggling for human rights and real democracy in Bhutan.
    Bhagirath Khatiwada
    Concord, NH, USA

  15. Its good to listen one of political leader, who were in united state of amberica.were different country is primeminister of different country are their.but no peaceful march in new your against bhutan goverment where their is great conferance on new your.where more then thousand bhutanese refugee are their how spend misery life in camp.at last to revence about our past misery days its all bhutanese should rise a voice against bhutan govrerement this is right time guys

  16. Yes Friends,

    It is good know that Political leaders are recieving warm welcome from the friends in US. Common people have been blaiming our leaders always for the failure of Bhutanese movement. But we need to consider that leaders alone cannot do anything if there are no people to support them.
    I think the leaders like Thinley Penjore and Narad Adhikari have done the right decision to resettle in the west. Now the time have come to analyse that the movement to go back Bhutan from Nepal is not appropriate at this hour where the majority of the people are heading towards the west. So, the resettlement of both of these leaders have come when the people have realized that there could be some to lead our voice of advocacy from abroad. It is good if the remaining leaders like T.N. Rijal and D.K. Rai and many others be resettled in the west and use the resources there to advocate our cause.

    Now, the challenge is our leaders should value the importance of the new technology and use them for better movement in an international level. The level of work done in Nepal could be doubled while living in US.


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