Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Support urged, funeral rites on Tuesday

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The funeral processing of late Menuka Poudel, who recently committed suicide in Arizona, is scheduled for this Tuesday in a nearby funeral home.

Our correspondents in Phoenix informed that the funeral rites will be performed in accordance with the Hindu tradition.

Meanwhile, a bank account has been set up in the name of late Menuka’s mother to make out-of-State financial support to reach the bereaved family in a fast-track procedure.

Those who wish to contribute their financial support to the bereaved family are requested to contact editor@bhutannewsservice.com to know the details of the bank account. 

Doctors at the St Joseph Hospital had formally declared Menuka, 20, dead at 6:30 pm local time, Wednesday. She was rescued from her apartment when she was found hanging on a scarf to commit suicide on Tuesday afternoon.

The family that originally hailed from Dagana of Bhutan was shifted to Phoenix two months ago under the third country resettlement program. Still, two members of the family reside in Beldangi-II sector A-1, waiting for their relocation.

Meanwhile, a confidential source on condition of anonymity, informed BNS that those two members who are still in camps are likely to be resettled to join their bereaved family members in Arizona within these few days.

Until the filing of this report, the cause behind her suicide is yet to be known.

The details of the bank have been withheld citing its sensitivity, especially following some valuable, timely alerts from our valued readers. It was not intentionally mentioned earlier but it appeared online with some technical failures and our editorial team members were not immediately available to work on it. Thanks to those who shot their timely alerts: Errors regretted!

– Editorial Board, BNS


  1. I think it’s not wise to give all these kind of bank information. Whoever did that i felt was not conscious of frauds these days. So plex think a while before acting smart like that.

  2. You guys should learn about the identity theft.
    Who ever contributed the news seems unaware of identity theft, it’s embarrasing that the editor also did not pay attention.
    Please remove the confidential information as soon as possible and help the poor guy from being the victim of identity theft.

  3. I think its a himalayan blunder and simply a flight of fancy to publicise such secret information about some one in this advanced age of technology.

  4. I appreciate Bhutan News Service’s editor’s quickly wise action of removing Menuka Poudel’s family’s personal bank account and other sensitive and personal information. I am sure it was nothing but an innocent human error on the part of Bhutan News Service.

    Now, readers who wish to help the unfortunate family, can contact the editor directly.

    Thank you Bhutan News Service for leading your readers in their efforts to help the family of Menuka Poudel, in Arizona.

    Mr. Shahid M. Pasha, Massachusetts, USA

  5. all those stupid bhutanese agencies should provide them money, i am not going to give any? ABA should give much more than any other…otherwise it would be meaningless to be in status.


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