Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Security alarms ring in camps (update)

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Late Khadka. Photo/bhutanusa.com
Late Khadka. Photo/bhutanusa.com

Sept 08: The witnesses of the incident have explained that K.B. Khadka and his nephew Damber Karki were on motorbike travelling to Beldangi II Extension from Damak.

Eyewitness further explained that two youths in red clothes suddenly appeared on the road at Bhalukhudi Chowk, near Tri-Ratna Secondary School, with iron roads in hands.

According to the eyewitness, the attackers used the iron rod to stop the bike. When Khadka stopped the bike, they drew up a knife.

It is learnt that nephew Karki ran away to call police while the two attackers, who looks 18-20 years old, knifed Khadka just below the chest.

Khadka took his last breathe on the spot. The eyewitness further informed BNS that the attackers fled from the scene towards the jungle that connects Beldangi-I and Beldangi-II camp.

Police recovered a bag with some iron rods, a towel and other daily usable goods from the incident site.

The dead body has been taken to AMDA hospital in Kharkhare, Damak for post-mortem.

Security has been beefed up inside camps following the incident. Until the filing of this report, no one has own up responsibility to the incident.


    We Chimoriya Family of New York are shocked by hearing the sudden and untimely murdered death of K.B. Khadka by the two youths in red clothes suddenly appeared on the road at Bhalukhudi Chowk between two camps.
    We have known him for over seventeen years. He was more than a colleague he was a dear friend. He was very helpful. He paid special attention to young people and with old as well and also worked hard to share his love to all.He had time for everybody. He was always full of people seeking advice, which he readily gave.He always remain in our hearts and memories.
    We send our deepest condolences to his family and his relatives as well and also pray to the almighty power of GOD to relief the grief and sorrow of the bereaved family and also to all nearest and dearest one.
    Lastly,let his soul rest and remain peace in heaven.

  2. Iam really shocked to hear the news of my daju karna Bdr.khadka. Iam so sorry and pray to almighty for his departed soul.At this sarrow movement i would like to give my condulance to the departed soul and sympathy to the socked members and relatives……..

  3. Find these goondas and let them rot in prison or hang them. These murderers are cowards like chicken who can do nothing against those who kicked out their parents and grandparents from Bhutan.

  4. It is a shocking news early Tuesday the 8th of Sept in Tucson City in Arizona UsA. The news went on so fast like a typhoon. We are really shocked to hear the brute killing of KB kharka. What such blunder did he do so some one had to take his life . It is really a bad situation now in camp. In this regard I give my CONDULANCE to the departed soul and courage and sympathy to the family members and relatives. LET GOD BLEES THE DEPARTED SOUL.

  5. Iam really socked to heard the bad news about my brother K.B Khadka.What blunders he did so that some body took away his life forever.Being a phupu i know how he was and what he used to do for the refugees……really socked….Let his departed soul reached in peace in heaven.. I really dont have words to say at this situation…….I always remain u in my heart la bhai……

  6. our nepali people know only to kill people….it is really shocking…..my heart felt condolence to family members of Karna.
    I am sure, one day all these bastards will turn in to terrorist….why cant they resettle and become humans rather than becoming animals there?

  7. I am really shocked by the death of k.b.kharka.The bhutanese refugees in the camp are not meant for killing by someone else i believe.All those people remaining in the camp should be straight forward to the resettlement process and remain as a true humanbeing rather than being animals there.


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