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Second Memorial Soccer in Louisville

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It is the second year now that Bhutanese Society of Kentucky has been hosting the international

Cincinnati players posing for photo/Photo: Chandra Dahal

memorial soccer tournament in memory of three youths killed in train crash accident in 2015.

Today nine teams including two from Cincinnati and one from Tennessee of various ethnic organizations met at a metro park in Buechel area to play one day soccer tournament with a message of safe driving for youths and teens.

The players in action/Photo: BM Dhakal

In the first match played between Kentucky FC and Tennessee YStar, the latter scored a goal just in three minutes, challenging Kentucky FC to contest.  Kentucky FC won the game by six goals against two.

While the tournament was played in most friendly atmosphere, the umpire offered few yellow cards.

The final game played between Kentucky FC and Red Hawks, both of Louisville, was fair and professional. Kentucky FC won the game by three goals against one by Red Hawks.

The players in the field/Photo BM Dhakal

The final contesting team were awarded medals, trophy and cash prize of $300 to runner up.

The tournament was supported by the Louisville Metro parks, C.E&S Foundation and Access Daycare.

Late Suk Man Rai, Chita Chuwan and Nagin Thapa were killed in tragic train accident in 2015. Kismat Mishra, the lone survivor watched the tournament and shared his memories with his soccer loving friends.

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