Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Pastors sentenced to prison in Bhutan

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A Kangaroo-court’s verdict from Samtse sentenced two pastors, Tandin Wangyal and MB Thapa, to three years and 11 months, and two years and four months respectively in prison, on September 10.

Tandin Wangyal (Picture courtesy:
Tandin Wangyal
(Picture courtesy:

Wangyal, who was found guilting of accepting US $11,864 as a funding from a foreign Christian organization to run his ministry activities, was released on bail after paying $763 as fine.

While, Thapa, who allegedly committed crime by inviting Wangyal to a gathering without seeking prior permission from the authority, failed to pay US $ 1,678 as fine and was sent to prison, reported the Morning Star News.

According to reports, the duo were arrested from Dorokha while attending a foundation-laying ceremony. The police confiscated Wangyal’s laptop hard disk, mobile phone and a movie projector.

Bhutan has not officially accepted Christianity in the kingdom, where citizens of Buddhist faith enjoy full religious rights. The government says, Hindus also enjoy equal religious freedom, but the reality is different.



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