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Musical show in Des Moines releases a new album

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As a part of promoting cultural values, art and music, Bhutanese Community in Iowa (BCI) organized Iowa Musical Show on July 25 in a space at Nathan Weeks middle school. Promoting and encouraging Nepali music and local artists was the highlight of the program, as could be evinced by mix of artists from North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Colorado pouring in. Tulsi Manjari, a collection of eight song, composed by emerging lyricist Rakesh Kafley was launched during the program. Tulsi Manjari,(literally the infloresence of sacred basil), is a collection of songs, sung by rising vocalists.

MC Bhola Siwakoti (Puranaghare) with other guests and invitees
MC Bhola Siwakoti (Puranaghare) with other guests and invitees

Other attraction of the program was Yam Baral’s melody of his debut songs, Badaluko ghumto le, Nisthuri le chhodera. Many attendees of the program took to floor when singers on the stage performed.

Bhutanese artist Damber Khapoong Subba travelled to Des Moines from Fargo, while Bhim Gurung travelled from Nebraska and popular artists duo Manoj and Krishna Dhakal drove from Pittsburgh to participate in the event. Nepali folk songs and duet songs made more people to dance in the hall.

Participants engage themselves in a group dance
Participants engage themselves in a group dance

Among many others, the guests of the program were Mr. Duoa Lor, the Asian Outreach Resource Officer, Des Moines; Laura L.Douglas, Provost, Des Moines Area Community College(Urban); Mr. Vinh Nguyen, the ELL Supervisor of Des Moines Public School; Mrs. Sanjita Pradhan, the Executive Officer of Human Rights for Asian & Pacific Islander Affairs in Iowa; Mr. Nicholas Wuertz, the Director of the Refugee Services from Lutheran Services in Iowa; and Samantha Thomas, the CEO of the Global Arts Therapy.


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