Monday, April 12, 2021

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Man hit by car died on spot in Denver,CO

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Bishnu Kanta Rizal, 82, did not return home for the dinner yesterday, the day of Krishna Asthami, auspicious of Krishna’s birth. When the family began to look for his whereabouts, it was almost 10 pm.

Bishnu kanta Rizal holding a picture of Lord krishna
Bishnu kanta Rizal holding a picture of Lord Krishna

Bishnu Kanta walked out of home with a black umbrella, went to a neighbor, and at around 1:30 tried crossing Tower road and 47th Avenue. He was hit by a car, and died on the scene.

This was known to the family only at 11:30 pm when the police they called brought his long rosary of ‘rudrakshya‘ as material of identification secured at the scene.

According to a son of Bishnu, the accident might have taken place between 1:30 pm to 3 pm.

The police gave the family a number to call for getting the body, but due to labor day weekend, no one answered their call. “We shall probably get chance to see the dead body only on Tuesday,” said his son.

Bishnu Kanta Rizal was naturalized to US citizen on February this year. The Rizal family originally hailed from Chakramari of Nichula block in Dagana district. They were resettled in 2008 from Beldangi 2 camp in Nepal.

Meanwhile, his wife has to be rushed to hospital today to emergency room.



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