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First Bhutanese Refugee selected for Paris Art

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The art of  Pralhad Gurung, a refugee from Bhutan; has been selected for exhibition in Paris, France.

Gurung with the theme on flag translated to Dzongkha
Gurung with the theme on flag translated to Dzongkha/Photo Art Warning the World

The competition for exhibition was organized by Paris based foundation “ Art warning the world.” Application to submit the art work was invited from all countries across the globe last year. Out of numerous application from 200 countries submitted for competition, 202 paintings, photos and videos were selected and translated in135 languages. Gurung’s painting in the national flag of Bhutan, his native country, was among those selected for the show.

Pic. Gurung`s selected painting. copy right Art Warning the world.
Pic. Gurung`s selected painting/Photo: Art Warning the world.

Prahlad’s painting conceptualized a boy born in refugee camp, who daringly hope to be the hero of freedom. The painting on the flag of Bhutan also carries the bold stroke of Gurung’s brush to represent his refugee status with bamboo mess on the flag. The artist were given the theme “When the word freedom ceases to appear in our dictionaries, it will be too late to react in Bhutan” which was translated in national language of Bhutan, Dzongkha.

According to Prahlad Gurung, it is a great honor for a camp grown artist to have the painting selected for display in Paris exhibition pushing ahead of the applicants from Bhutan.
Mr. Gurung is graduating Masters of Fine Arts (Filmmaking, Drawings/Painting & Design) from Cornish University, UK. He co-founded IFACANS International Foundation in seven

different refugee camps in Nepal and is now engaged in fine arts projects in Cambodia. ung

Mr Gurung also co-conceived the historical Bhutanese movie” In Search of a Nation and has been promoting the movie in different film festivals.

Mr. Gurung`s art work is on show on Paris Contemporary Museum since July 2013 and made available by the foundation February 12, 2015 on its web page.

ART WARNING THE WORLD is a global artwork for the defense of the Freedom, created by the French visual artist Klaus Guingand.



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