Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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BRAIN attempts to filter camp secetary candidates in Beldangi camps

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The Bhutanese Refugee Association of Intellectual Novas (BRAIN) on Tuesday attempted to filter candidates contesting for a single post of camp secretary from three Beldangi camps. 

As number of candidates filing their nominations has crossed a dozen for a single position, BRAIN organized a public hearing in Beldangi-II today involving camp secretary candidates of the camp. 

Participants and guests at the program/Lok Mahara

Local journalist Dikesh Lama moderated the program where rights defender Dr. KP Subedi from Jhapa and a Dutch researcher Ilse Griek were present as special guests. 

During the program, various candidates defended themselves as most suitable candidate for the post of camp secretary. 

Altogether, 15 candidates have declared their nominations for the post. However, they are yet to file their official candidacy. 

Some of them expressed their commitment that, if elected, they would work for the community and transform camps through various means while others said to control corruption, drug abuse and other forms of social crimes. 

Several candidates stressed the need for being impartial and transparent and said there should be no corruption in the camps. 

Meanwhile, general people spoke of the three durable solutions. They said camp secretaries should be able to work for all solutions equally, not just resettlement but also to pressurize the Government of Nepal and the UN Refugee Agency to open the door for repatriation and local integration. 

Reported by Jeetan Subba from Damak for BNS


  1. I personally think that the door for repatriation is not shut down. It is a matter of only how you want to utilize it. The degree and purpose of road users varies and depend on their marginal utility. Ask BRRRC or the senior citizen organization lead by Mr. Subba about when they are going to pave the path for such honored and dignified steps. And do not make insensible comments like requesting Nepal’s government for opening the door for repatriation. You need not have to owe TD to go to Bhutan.
    How narrow is the vision or thinking of our honored candidates to shape the healthy camp environment. Better equip the folks with resources that make them self-sustainable and productive Bhutanese. Manipulate them clearly with actions and there you are.

  2. this is a good time pass in the camp these days but the elected camp secretary should be able to run these camps within the year. sathi ho do not elect to those who will leave in the middle of his time of service.

  3. Dear Bhutanese Nepali countrymen, do not waste your PRECIOUS time in life fighting for POSITION and MONEY. Better look at the opportunity that can SHAPE YOUR FUTURE or FUTURE OF YOUR CHILDREN or FUTURE OF YOUR COUNTRY.


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