Monday, April 12, 2021

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BPP asks to probe fire mishaps; appeals to support fire victims

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The Bhutan People’s Party (BPP) has asked the Government of Nepal to form a probe team comprising of the UN Refugee Agency for investigating into the fire mishaps of Goldhap and Sanischare camps.

Stating that the party was saddened by such devastating fire incidents in two UN monitored camps, BPP President Balaram Paudyal demanded independent investigation into the cause of occasional fire breakouts in the camps.

“Reports of such fire hazards in camps are very common. Therefore, the Government of Nepal and UNHCR should form an investigation team and publicize the factors behind such disasters,” the statement said.

Issuing a press statement from Kathmandu on Tuesday, Paudyal also appealed everyone and concerned aid agencies to assist the fire victims as in the past cases.


  1. Balaram wants cheap netagiri and publicity. He should work for political change inside Bhutan if he is a political leader. Camp secretary is the right person to ask Nepali government for a probe. Tell Balaram organize BPP people if any inside Bhutan for changes not to interfere in camp business for netagiri.

  2. Whenever I hear or see BBP or its so-called Netas even on papers I get nauseated. It is high time they leave things for others.

  3. I do agree with laxmiji above that balaramji needs to work inside bhutan .But I think he is worried about his people in the camps as well .

  4. Great Job Balaram Poudyel Ji , we all need to exert the pressure from all walks of people to know how and why this kind of frequent fire is breaking out in the camps. Camp secretaries, human rights leaders , political leaders need to work hand in hand to ensure the safety of all vulnerable people in the camps. Kudos for raising the issue.

  5. Harka seems to be a BPP member, a blind supporter of Balaram. But he should realise that Balaram will be credited for doing a good job if he raises the Bhutanese issue at UN meetings and forums, with world leaders and global players, Indian politicians and masses and not in this web site. He should know what it means being the head of a political party and if Balaram fits the role?

  6. I only want to advice Laxi ji that only single hand never bit a clap. Before to blame others need to see our falt also. Our falt is we never try to be unite. If we had unite before and in-force our great leader what we wish then we may not have to balme others now. If you do not believe me then see the latest example of Egypt.

  7. If you cannot perform the role of a head of political party and raise the issue at global level simply then be a refugee and either live in camps or go for resettement.Why this netagiri when you cannot do anything.


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